Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.10

Lane starts working with Luke, while Rory is trying her best to ignore that Paris has a thing with Asher. Lorelai continues dating Jason, and continues not telling her mother. Michel offers to babysit for Sookie’s kid, and it’s hilarious.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

The opening scene where Lorelai cannot get over the plural for cul-de-sac being culs-the-sac, and starts putting the “plural ‘s'” in the middle of words is a classic. “Recyclables” “You mean recycsable?”

Babies hate Michel
The three were having a meeting for the Dragonfly at Sookie’s, and it turns out Tobin (remember Tobin? former employee of the Independence Inn, who is Michel’s rival of sorts?) is baby Davie’s nanny. He is also shopping and making inside jokes with Sookie, which makes Michel jealous. So he offers to babysit Davie while Sookie goes to the movies with her new bff.
Michel makes up this game that involves rolling the baby on the floor and then the baby gets stuck under the bed. How hilarious is that?! Of course the baby gets stuck beneath the bed, Michel freaks out, and Lorelai comes help him. Ah, Michel. You loveable idiot.

Paris is double-dipping
Rory comes back from break early and sees Paris making out with Asher. Asher creeps me out so so much. It’s not even that much that he is older, but just how much younger Paris is. She is 19 or 20. And no one ever give me the “but she is mature for her age” crap. The point is what the fuck is he doing with her that he cannot do with a woman more his age? I will tell you what: impress her and control her in a way that an older woman would have no time or fucks to give about. He is so creepy. And I mean, poor Jamie. He was so nice and pleasant and smart and committed to Paris, from all that we know. It is not cool. Ugh. Asher is such a creeper and it freaks me out. (I remember reading on tumblr a thing about thinking of age gaps more as percentages: and Paris has been alive for 33% of Asher’s life. That’s not a great percentage.)
I don’t like Rory’s comment, when she says that Paris was looking for an interview “and apparently she got one.” I had not thought about this, but it makes it sound like Paris is the young temptress and Asher was just… there. We later learn that Asher has done this before, which makes it even more blatantly obvious that the predator was him – which, we knew already, but it confirms it.
“Yes, well, he’ll always have Paris.” I adore Lorelai’s timing.

Rory: Maybe it’s a phase. Maybe it’ll pass.
Lorelai: Or he will.

SPOILER: Lorelai predicted the future!

Paris and Rory are officially part of the Yale Daily News
They have a funny tradition involving newspaper hats.

x x
x x

Lorelai meets Cyrus
I have to say, while I don’t dislike Jason, I don’t find him fun enough to watch. But his weirdness in this episode kinda wins me over a little.

x x
x x

Jason needs to sleep alone because he is a very light sleeper and cannot handle distractions. I respect that. I also respect his way of bringing up his boundaries. I am glad he does, and glad he has the money to accomodate guests if said guests choose to stay. I would. I relate to the conversation he has with Lor about intimacy-related boundaries, even though I don’t relate to his particular case. It is difficult to bring these things up with partners sometimes, especially if they might come off as “I don’t want you here”. I have a greater appreciation for Jason, I think.

Lorelai doesn’t want to tell her parents about her relationship with Jason. I know it’s not their business and that she doesn’t owe them anything but, like, she should have known that wouldn’t end well. I don’t know though, because I understand her logic, and not wanting the parents to meddle, since she was happy and they would likely ruin it.
Did they talk about being exclusive or not, Jason and Lorelai? Anyhoo. Jason took his friend Crystal to a function and Jason talked to Lor about it and she still doesn’t want to tell their parents. Here we see, yet again, a woman being described as dull, “cheap”, wearing no underwear (whatever that is supposed to mean about a person’s character..), and dumb. Just so a Gilmore girl sounds even better, worthier than them. I seriously hate this trend the writers seem to love so much.

Oooh. Asher Flemming’s course, Contemporary Political Fiction, sounds really really cool. I want to take it.

Aaaaandd curtains.


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