Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.11

We are literally halfway through the series! Cheers to that.
Luke moves in with Nicole, and Lorelai gets upset about that. There is a guy at Yale telling a story of a girl obsessed with him. The bells at the Stars Hollow church are fixed in memory of a dead townsperson. Lane has a gig that changes her life, although not in the best way.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Lane has a gig at CBGB’s!
I heard it closed some years ago. That’s sad. Anyway, Lane’s band gets a gig there. Now she must come up with an excuse/alibi to tell her mom, especially since the gig is at 1am on a Tuesday. She decides to just sneak out, and when they get to the venue, the booker tells them that since there is no one there, they’re not playing, and they will reschedule. Poor Lane.
She goes to Rory’s dorm to ask for advice, Rory calls Lorelai, Lorelai calls Mrs Kim. I understand Lane wanting to go to that gig, and at that age, with those parents, I would have probably done the same or a similar thing. I also feel for Mrs Kim, though. She believes she does the right thing.
A question that had, embarassingly, never occurred to me is, how did Lane afford all the CD’s and the “illegal” stuff she had in her room? I admire her intricate hiding system, though. Very elaborate, very cool. Also kind of not realistic, but very cool.

Luke moves to Litchfield
Litchfield is another county. He still works at Luke’s. He still owns the space upstairs. Not much has changed, really, and it’s not like Lor comes over to Luke’s place often or sends him stuff there. I know the “big” reveal is that Lor has feelings for the guy and that’s why she is upset they are making a life together, but c’mon. She is over-reacting. A LOT.

x x

Although on the other hand, I would be thrown off if my friend moved out of town and didn’t tell me. I don’t think it is fair for Luke to yell at Lor.
To make up, they decide to go break the bells that had been reinstalled in memory of Stan (no one knows who that is). Those bells were annoying as hell!

Luke: Why would I have two toolboxes?
Lorelai: ‘Cause then you’d have a big one and a small one.
Luke: Well if you have a big one, you don’t need a small one. 
Lorelai: Ohh…
Luke: Don’t say ‘dirty’, it’s too easy.

But then Lorelai grills Luke with questions and judges every answer. It is none of her damn business!! For fucks sake.

x x

Someone is talking about Rory’s failed ask-out
… or not. I remember my first year of university, and how much of a dork I was. I would have thought William, the dude at the laundry room, was talking about me too. And, I mean, am I the only one who thinks William – remember the laundry room guy that Rory asked out at the end of The Fundamental Things Apply (4.05)? –  that guy, is a dickweasel for using an unfortunate crush on him as a story to impress others, as a cocktail story? Doing an impression of her and stuff? Whether it is Rory or not is irrelevant. A guy who does that is a guy that deserves zero attention from anyone ever. Like, we know you’re cute. but if you have to use a story of a girl who is, yes, a little obsessive, to say that you are cute, maybe you don’t know you’re cute.
But, ugh, in class, the way Rory loses it, shows a lack of self-confidence that doesn’t feel right for Rory. Being completely petty and rude in class, and arguing something silly. I actually agree with him, that the Arab-Israeli conflicts are mostly about power, and about the interests of the powerful. I am more sure everyday that I disagree with Rory on most things political. She is too much of a single-issue white feminist. “Israeli population is filled with thousands with a unique point of view of the situation” UGH SAVE IT.
Anyway, of course the rumor was not about her. It still holds that he is a dick for using a girl’s misguided feelings and attempts as a funny little story about how much of a stud he is, or whatever.

At the end of the episode, someone knocks on Rory’s dorm. It’s Lane. She got kicked out of her house after her mom discovered all her hidden stuff. Booops.


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