Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.12

A Family Matter. I like this one.
Enter Liz, Luke’s sister and Jess’ mom. We finally meet her and she makes Luke nervous, which is fun! Lor is still on the “let’s not tell my parents about my relationship with Jason” train. Paris finally breaks up with Jamie, and Lane is living with Rory for the moment.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Liz is in Stars Hollow
I love Liz. She is such a treasure.
I think Luke being skeptical about Liz’ boyfriend is kind of fair. But his dismissal of her new job is not. If she likes it, and she is making ends meet, and she feels good and confident about it, why is he being such a grumpypuss? Because he is too square to approve of anything Liz does. She is like that, though, and Luke should know that by now.

What I am not fond of at all and you can call me out on it probably but, Liz gave up on Jess pretty badly. Jess wrote a letter telling her that he was going off to live with the asshole who abandoned them both, though. I bet that must have been harsh, even if she was not too present or brilliant of a mother. Like I read on an ask at Our Little Corner in the World, the Liz we are introduced to here is not the same Liz that Jess and Luke have known for quite some time: the one that bails, that doesn’t care what her son thinks or feels, that gives up on him, that was never sober for her multiple weddings. She clearly has changed, but we have to remember that Jess and Luke don’t necessarily know this yet.

Then Luke slut-shames Carrie Duncan – a friend of Liz’. Great going, Luke. You make out with her and then you call her crazy. Psssht. Men.

Lane is living at Yale

x x
x x

Jason is also in Stars Hollow
I find it troubling that Lorelai wants to avoid Luke meeting Jason. If he is a friend, like he says he is, he will fucking behave. If not he is just a caveman doucheface. #SorryNotSorry
But then Jason tailgates Luke and so that’s not an excellent first impression. It makes me giggle, that Jason is such a big city boy.
Emily calls Jason and Lorelai starts yelling next to him and they talk again about telling the parents or not. Lor tells Jason she will that night, at the friday night dinner.

Paris is the fucking worst to Jamie
I am not sorry, I love Paris, but she treats Jamie like absolute damn trash. Paris should have broken up with him the minute she started banging the creepy professor. And when Jamie comes to visit for two days, moving a million things to do so, on his birthday, the least Paris could do is spend some time with him, if not for her or the relationship, for him. Would it kill her to spend some time with him, seriously?! ugh.
Rory calls Paris out on how she’s been an asshole and how creepy her relationship with Asher is. Although I don’t think Rory thinks it’s creepy for the same reason I do, which is that the power dynamics are way off. Rory is just like “ewwww old person” which is not cool.
After that conversation, Paris just calls Jamie – on HIS BIRTHDAY – and tells him that Rory showed Paris how there is no point in continuing that relationship. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL, PARIS?! I mean, I agree that Jamie would be an idiot to think that’s what Rory told Paris, but still.

However harsh and mean and horrible that break-up was, it was a good thing to do. Poor Jamie. I hope he is happy. And it is true that Paris doesn’t know how to do relationships and conflict well, because she is 20. No one knows what they’re doing when they’re 20, basically. And yet she is dating a grandpa.
Rory: I just want you to be happy. You know that, right?

Someone steals Jess’ car
I mean, besides Luke, who had stolen it from Jess some time ago, in season 3. Now someone appears to have stolen it from the garage where Luke kept it. And that someone is… *drumroll*…. JESS, of course. A family matter. Liz told Jess that Luke had his car and so Jess comes back to get it.
Jess is right, you know? That the car is wrecked because of Luke, and that it wasn’t okay for him to steal it.
Oh, man, they break my heart. I understand both their feelings. And they break my heart.

Friday Night Dinner comes a-knocking
This entire episode happens in one day, which is rare. I think.

Lorelai: Were you supposed to meet me here (at home)?
Rory: No. I’m a surprise.
Lorelai: As was your conception.
Rory: I’ll just be two minutes.
Lorelai: As was your conception.

Lorelai is planning on talking about her relationship over dinner with the parents.

Lorelai: I’m telling mom tonight, about us.
Rory: I think grandma knows you’re my mother.

Their humor never stops making me giggle. I also hate the word hocho for hot chocolate and froyo for frozen yogurt. So annoying.

Oh no. Lorelai makes a joke about Disney having all “prostitutes” killed around Times Square. Totally not okay. And then chickens out on telling Emily because she makes a joke about Lor and Jason dating and says it would be ridiculous.

I just noticed that this episode is basically a long set-up that resolves itself for the most part over the next episode, and that is not usually what Gilmore girls does. It’s interesting. The festival, Liz’ high school reunion, Jess’ car, the function that Emily invited both Jason and Lorelai (separately) to. It all goes on in the next episode.


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