Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.13

This episode ends a lot of small storyarcs that began last episode. Jess is in town getting his car fixed, and keeps bumping into Rory and running away. Jason and Lor attend a function and Emily asks them to “pretend” to be together. Liz introduces Luke and Jess to her new boyfriend, TJ.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

I don’t like that this show uses the c* word so much.


Jess is in Stars Hollow
I have figured out why I defend Jess using the “he is young” line and I don’t do that with Dean. Besides my obvious bias for the dark hair and dreamy eyes. He sucks at things that are typical of boys his age, but they’re easier to grow out of, like being inconsistent and flaky and bad with using his words. Dean’s flaws are mostly based on misogyny and sexist gender role indoctrination, which he does not grow out of. That’s another thing, we see Jess grow and change and mature as a person. Dean is the same fucknugget from his first to his last appearance on the show. Anyway…
Rory runs into him at the coffee shop and he gets up from his table and leaves, saying “I’m leaving”. I don’t understand why he says that? From his tone, he is not apologizing (in an, “I don’t want to bother/inconvenience you, so I will go away because I was a dick to you when I left”). He is very matter-of-fact about it, even a bit bitter? Like he is too cool to show that he feels bad about something so he reinforces his jerkness instead? Kind of like Alex Karev in 80% of Grey’s Anatomy.
Same thing happens at the library. Then finally they meet at the Firelight festival and Rory is the one to run. After chasing her around the street, he tells her he loves her and then runs away. WHAT THE HELL, JESS.
I know this flies because it is a tv show and they’re being dramatic but WHO DOES THAT.

The Rare Manuscript Acquisition Fundraiser event (try saying that 10 times fast)

x x

Emily tells Jason and Lorelai to pretend to be together to fill up a few chairs and keep appearances, apparently. That’s not a thing, is it? Having to have everyone coupled at functions? I hope it isn’t. Anyway, Jason and Lorelai are quite pleased with the idea of it.

Lorelai: I’m gonna go make-out in the coatroom. Don’t eat my chicken.
Rory: That’s going on your tombstone.

Liz is in Stars Hollow, with TJ
I know Luke’s concern comes from a good place but he is so condescending and paternalistic to Liz. Using her past depression and substance use as a reason for her not to keep trying to make a living the best way she can is bullshit. That is NOT how you support others. I hope he breaks a hip on his way down from that high horse. UGH.
Like I said in the past review, Liz has clearly changed, IS clearly in the process, trying to be better. I understand Jess being skeptical and distant because he has probably suffered the most from Liz’ past substance (ab)use, flakiness, poor decisions, mood swings, etc. Liz does not sound like she was a great mom to him. Luke is judging based on nothing and in a way blaming Liz for the guys she dated before turning out to be absolute assholes..?
Being grumpy does not make Jess and Luke superior to Liz and TJ. They’re more woo-woo type people, and I would probably also not get along great with them, but they’re okay, and they like eachother, and they are happy. “If I could pick anyone in the world for my sister to be with, that guy would probably be his cab driver” WOAH. I did not recall this line?? Classist as fuck, not to mention Luke does not and will never “pick” anything FOR his sister? I understand Luke – or anyone – wanting the best for their loved ones, but “best” is relative, and as long as he is not an abusive shithead or anything like that, it is very subjective. Luke had a 30 second interaction with the guy and he has already decided he is a loser. I bet I know many people who would think the same upon having a 30 second interaction with Luke. UGH.
Jess was being extremely unfair when he said that Luke makes everyone’s life worse (also, coming from him, EXTREMELY UNFAIR), but he was correct in saying that Luke gets into fixing mode in a very condescending way sometimes, and that not everyone wants his help. Luke then gets drunk and complains to Lorelai about this and I am just sitting here like… but… Jess… ummm… not.. wrong. Liz is an adult doing the best she can.

I really like that Liz and Luke talk a bit in the end and he realizes (finally!) that she is making things better and she is actually right when she says that things sometimes take a while to sink in, with her and with Jess, and that Jess will be okay.
I also really like the small interaction between Luke and TJ:
Luke: I just wanted you to know… it’s (their relationship, moving to SH) okay by me.
TJ: Okay. I didn’t realize we needed your permission.
Luke: You don’t. Maybe you misunderstood me here. I just assumed, because Liz has a history with guys, that you were like the others. Well, you seem like a pretty good guy.
TJ: Thanks. You’re a dick.

You tell him, TJ.

Liz gives Luke some earrings to give “to the wife, or Lorelai, whomever” and he gives them to Lorelai. Liz knew. Liz is wise and magical and I want to protect her at all costs.


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