Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.14

This is kind of a dramatic episode, and very relatable. Rory and Lorelai keep going to each other’s voicemails and without being able to actually talk. Rory is overwhelmed by Yale coursework, plus roommate drama, and turns to Dean for support. Lorelai is overwhelmed by the expenses and commitments that go with opening an Inn, and turns to Luke for support. The Incredible Sinking Lorelais.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Hey I think I have nothing negative to say about Dean in this episode! That’s new.

Rory is sinking
Janet and Paris keep fighting over Janet’s boyfriend being there a lot, which turns into Janet mocking Paris for being single which (1) isn’t nice or relevant and, (2) she isn’t, but Paris is keeping her relationship with Asher secret, so she can’t say anything.
While complaining about this to Lane, Paris finds out that Lane knows about Asher – because Rory told her, before Lane moved into Yale – which turns Paris against Lane, who tells Rory that she (Lane) needs to move out. Paris is not wrong. I mean, I understand wanting to help, but I also understand that a dorm suite is a small space getting smaller with new people being there. It is unfortunate, but understandable. Also understandable that Rory found comfort in having Lane there, and wanted her to enroll at Yale or work there so she could stay.

Rory: Yale, janitor, in 100 years we’ll all be dead. It’s all the same. 

Dean calls to check in with Rory about working at the Dragonfly Inn – saying it could be weird, since Rory didn’t go to his wedding so he didn’t know where they stood.

Dean: It’s okay. I’ve got a five year plan.
Rory: Five years. Cool. I’ve got about the next two and a half hours planned. After that there’s darkness, and possibly some dragons.

You and I both, Rory. You and I both.

Rory goes to see a professor who tells her her paper is a D paper and that she is overstretching herself with a full course load. He is actually nice and not condescending about it, but it is still a tough thing to hear when you have aced everything and been good at everything like Rory has been. I can feel her feelings during that meeting.

She goes looking for her mom but finds Dean instead. She starts crying over being a failure, which she is not. She is obviously overreacting, but that is how it feels when a lot of bad stuff happen at once. She is overwhelmed. Dean tells her she is not a failure and comforts her.

Lorelai is sinking
Lorelai and Sookie are very broke and very busy. Sookie is trying to juggle motherhood and business-doing, which I greatly admire. They get into a fight over that, which is sad. I understand Lorelai wanting to be able to count on her business partner for things, but Sookie is doing what she can with her first kid and first business venture. It must be tough, and people make mistakes.
They owe Tom, the contractor, a lot of money so Lorelai sets up a meeting to ask Luke for a loan, although she really doesn’t want to do that.
At the friday night dinner, with Trix visiting and Jason there, Trix guesses correctly that Lorelai is hemorrhaging money. She is smart, but very inappropriate in her timing and company, especially for her own standards of appropriate behavior. Trix tells us and them about a time when she bailed Richard out of a bad investment when he was 27. It IS true that taking business risks is easier when you have your parents money to bail you out, but Richard gets defensive because Trix called him “an incompetent child”. Well, so what if he was? He clearly grew out of it. He is overreacting. Everyone is losing it. Except Emily. Emily is deeply entertained.

After basically being called a charity case by her grandmother, Lorelai meets up with Luke and starts crying because she is overwhelmed and everything is falling apart. Luke comforts her.

I like this episode. The parallels between the two when they are apart, it reminds me of times when I have it tough and my mom has it tough and we try to connect but can’t.


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