Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.18

Jason’s dad is suing Jason and Richard, and the grandparents find out about Lorelai and Jason’s relationship. Lindsey asks Dean not to see Rory. The whole town smells because Kirk lost some eggs.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Lorelai: This baby (Sookie’s) has not made a peep.
Luke: He will, and at the worst possible moment.
Lorelai: Like when you’re defusing a bomb or something?
Sookie: That would be awkward.


Michel is way hotter than Dean. I just need to make that super clear.

Lorelai’s endless curiosity about where all the anvils went makes me very happy. Did they fall into disuse and so people melted them? Are they in a secret anvil storage facility? Who knows.

Floyd wants dinner
Jason’s dad wants dinner with Jason, Emily, Richard and his wife. Richard and Jason see it as a sign of possible peace. Uh oh.
Since Lor and Rory are also going to said dinner (since it is on a Friday night), it is Lorelai’s turn to meet the parents. She is nervous and she dresses super super nice.
After dinner the guys go for a cigar (how ridiculous is that? the separation of guys and gals at parties?!) and Floyd announces he is suing Richard’s company. He also announces he knows about Jason and Lorelai. Ooops.

Jason: Well, you know, there was a bright side to this evening.
Lorelai: …The moon?

Dean is dropping out of school
I get Rory’s concern, and agree with her, but it’s not her life, it’s not her choice. Dean is not her boyfriend anymore. Giving a kind opinion is one thing, judging and getting upset is another. Rory thinks everyone has it as easy as she has, and I hate her for that sometimes. And I mean, mouthing off about someone in a town as small as SH?! Is she fucking serious. I am glad she feels shame for talking like that about someone she knows absolutely nothing about. Jeez. I also hate how the writers put Lindsey’s character in a hateable position, to set things up for Dean’s cheating to not be that big a deal. Fuck that. If he doesn’t like what his wife envisions for their life, he should talk to her, or divorce her, or whatever. Not cheat.

Then Dean stops Rory to talk at a dark alley. What the fuck. Lindsey doesn’t want Dean talking to Rory, which is kind of fucked up, too. I understand her being angry about Rory and her big-ass mouth, but Dean’s friends are Dean’s friends. If Lindsey doesn’t trust him – which, I mean, she has reason to – she should talk it out. Not forbid friendships like he is a 5-year-old. Dean tells Rory that they should remain friends anyway. Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

59 Rotten Eggs
Kirk hid the easter eggs for the easter egg hunt, but didn’t make a map of the eggs, and didn’t retrieve them right after, so now they are rotting, and they smell.
Oh, Kirk. He is so bad at every job he does. But he has a good heart, and Taylor treats him like crap. I am glad Luke found the eggs for Kirk and gave them to him.

The episode ends on a troublesome note. Richard is playing golf, says the same line he said to Jason earlier in the episode, but he is playing with.. Floyd? Floyd is dropping the lawsuit, Richard is coming back to Floyd’s firm, splitting clients equally, and they are kicking Jason out. How much of an asshole father do you have to be to do that?!! Although Jason did leave the dad and took a bunch of clients with him. UGH BUSINESSES STINK. More so than Kirk’s rotten eggs.


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