Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.19

Lorelai confronts her dad about kicking Jason out of the business. Lane thinks she is being replaced at the Kim’s house. More than one relationship ends, in ONE EPISODE. *sobs*

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT


Richard is ruining Jason’s career
I am very upset at Richard every time I watch this. Yes, there weren’t a lot of alternatives, but I think loyalty should matter at least a little bit? And Floyd is a fucking jerk, to be honest. He treated Richard like crap at some point, and now Richard is coming back to that? Without even waiting for Jason to try to fix the lawsuit thing.

Lorelai confronts him, which I would’ve as well, and he dismisses her. Richard dismisses Lorelai’s worry about her boyfriend because he would rather be mad that he wasn’t notified. He also doesn’t listen and refuses to even have a conversation with Emily about it. Because it is business, and he is a business man. FUCK THAT.

Asher Flemming is a womanizing jerk
This is the episode to raise all the red flags about Asher’s behavior. Rory, Paris and Doyle are at a reading for Asher’s newest novel, and Doyle points out to Rory how most available women at Yale are there to see him. He also points out that he dates a new young, college-aged girl every year. This is his pattern. I mean, he is supposed to be super smart, but he must not be so smart that the only women he is able to impress and garner respect from are his college-aged students.
This story uses the cliche of the very special, mature girl who changes a guys’ ways, and that would be Paris. Let’s not kid ourselves. Paris is very book-smart, and intuitive and educated. That doesn’t make her mature. We see this multiple times. And I mean, Paris is once again, in typical Gilmore girls fashion, made out to be so much better and special because all the other girls are made out to be stupid, superficial, conventionally gorgeous, whatever. I am sorry but first of all they’re at Yale, they can’t be that stupid. And Paris IS conventionally attractive too. The relationship ends with Asher (SPOILER) dying, which doesn’t mean she was the love of his life. It just means (again, SPOILER) time ran out before maybe he dumped her to get a younger girlfriend.

A replacement for Lane
There is an exchange student from Seoul staying with Mrs Kim, which drives Lane crazy, because she feels replaced. She misses her mom, which I get. I guess. She sneaks into her mom’s house after a gig, because she feels lonely and unsupported. She looks around the house nostalgically, and kisses her mom while she is asleep. Creepy, but sweet?

A wacky Friday night dinner

Lorelai: College is loud!
Rory: It’s part of our training. It’s right up there with the bad food, the sleep deprivation, and how to hold your own hair while throwing up.

I always feel bad for Rory for being stuck in the middle of things with her grandparents and her mom. Imagine growing up with that tension. I guess a lot of us don’t have to imagine to know. After Rory convinces Lorelai to go to dinner with the grandparents, they get there and it’s… weird. They ask about the traffic 3 times, about school twice, they mix up their names, give them dessert to go.

Lorelai: Ohhhkay, so everytime they ask you about traffic or school, you do a shot.

What seemed wacky at first turns into kind of depressing when Lorelai and Rory are leaving and hear Emily heading out too. Is she not staying at her own house anymore?

And then for more depressing things, Lorelai and Jason meet up and Jason tells her he is suing her father, and she tells him she cannot be with someone who is suing her family. This is so hard for me to take a side on. I understand Jason kind of has to sue, because if not he would be left with nothing, and it is not fair and it should not be legal to do what Richard did. I understand Lorelai asking him not to, but it is not fair, because she is asking him to just let his career, livelihood and reputation go up in flames, and then what? I also understand Lorelai feeling like she can’t be with someone who is suing her father, because that would permanently cut ties with them. And they’ve been dating for not that long, either. Uh. Damn.


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