Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.20

I like the following episodes. This one in particular. There is Jess, and there is TJ, and there is a strip club. All I need in life.
Liz and TJ are getting married in Stars Hollow! Which means Jess comes back to town for a bit, and he does it for Luke, he says. Luke is listening to a self-help tape about love, and Luke Can See Her Face. Asher has a health scare, and Dean and Lindsey are going through a rough patch.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

xyoung desirable1 young desirable2

Clearly, Lor is dealing with her break-up really well.

If I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting-into-sentences doing.

Luke: You eat the oatmeal, I take the tour (of the inn).
Lorelai: Fine, I’ll eat it. But I’m making a face the entire time.

Luke buys a self-help book

Tape: I feel angry because…
Luke: I am listening to this tape.
Tape: I feel hopeful because…
Luke: This tape must end eventually.

He keeps at it, though, which I love. In an exercise about whose face you see when you think about the people you want to spend most time with, you want to comfort or to have them comfort you, etc., the tape asks, can you see her face? And he fucking can. Of course he can. We all see her face, Luke. SQWEEEE. (I am not even sorry.)

Dean and Lindsey are fighting
It’s such a cheap shot (and, again, lazy writing) to paint Lindsey as the needy, impossible-to-please wife. Whatever. WHATEVER, DEAN.

Liz and TJ are getting married
They make me so happy. They’re both goofy, messy dorks. Luke goes to NYC to try to get Jess to come, and apparently, he did a good job, because Jess is in Stars Hollow! Huzzah!

The guys go to a strip club for TJ’s bachelor party. Bachelor parties make very little sense to me. The logic behind them seems to be “this is the last time you’ll have fun, sexy times, BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS OVER.” If that is how you see marriage, why do you get married? Anyway…
I do, however, love TJ’s “revelation” about laps: The fact is, there is no such thing as a lap. Think about it – it’s there when you’re sitting, but it’s gone when you stand, so where does it go? It doesn’t go anywhere, meaning.. IT NEVER WAS! So a lap is just an illusion.

TJ asks Jess to walk Liz down the aisle. He refuses at first, and they get into a fight. After that fight, Jess tells Luke that he didn’t want to come back because of Rory, because Jess told her he loved her.


Glenn is a gross gross shithead: I know he is not important but I didn’t remember this scene and I said some reviews ago that I liked him. I don’t. He was stalking a woman at Yale and then blamed her for not closing her blinds at night. GROSS.

Asher is at the hospital, Paris has doubts
Paris realizes Asher is old. She thinks maybe they are not right for each other. But then he invites her to Oxford and all is well. Ugh. That whole “you’re special” conversation sounds so fabricated, so gross. She is 19! This relationship also reinforces the idea that when an older man goes for a much younger woman it’s because she is mature and special and whatever the fuck. While this might be the case, that the woman is mature, it often has more to do with him being immature, gross, predatory, and unable to pull the same abusive and/or shady shenanigans with an older, more experienced woman.
UGH. I’ve talked about his gross-ass self enough. Moving on.

Jackson is sleeping with the zucchini
Because Lor – and everyone – is super stressed about the opening of the inn, she pressures Sookie to make sure Jackson has the zucchini for the inn opening. So he sleeps on top of the zucchini patch to make sure they don’t get cold. Sweet darling Jackson.
Michel, Sookie and Lorelai meet him there to assure him that he doesn’t need to go that far, agree to all slow down, and fall asleep all together. With the zucchini.

Because Luke could see her face, he asks Lorelai out for Liz’ wedding. And he is absolutely dorky about it. I am trying to keep calm about this, but I get feelings everytime I rewatch. I can’t help it.

Luke then hands Jess the self-help books, since Jess could use them too. Sweathearts, they are.


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