Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.21

It’s wedding time! TJ and Liz are getting married, and it is Renaissance-themed! Dean tells Rory about his marriage troubles (someone get me the world’s tiniest violin please!). Jess reads Luke’s self-help books, and Mrs Kim visits Lane’s shared apartment.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Tanna has her boyfriend speak only in cliches as part of a dare. That does sound like a lot of fun. To me, anyway.

Mrs Kim: It was commonly known that James Madison liked big (door) knockers.
Lorelai: *giggles* I bet a lot of the founding fathers liked big knockers.
Lorelai: *keeps giggling* I’m sorry for laughing. I’d explain if I could.
Mrs Kim: It’s double entendre. I’ve been in this country 20 years. I get things.

You tell her, Mrs Kim. I feel like a lot of the jokes surrounding Mrs Kim have an air of racism. Like she is an immigrant and that’s why she doesn’t get things? Fuck that shit.

TJ and Liz, sittin’ in a tree…

x x
x x

Luke is nervous about the wedding because he is meeting Lorelai theeeeere. I am such a dork for him.

I don’t like TJ’s (or anyone’s, because this is very very common) joke about “being shackled” or “the old ball and chain” when people refer to their own spouses. If you didn’t want to get married, you didn’t have to; if you don’t like being married, get divorced. But don’t be a disrespectful dickweasel to your spouse.


x x

Liz: You’re gonna make a great wife some day. And a great sister-in-law to some very lucky girl.
I don’t even think marriage is cute or romantic or whatever, and yet here I am melting every time something Luke/Lorelai-y happens.

TJ: Hey, still dry. Thanks, buddy.
Lorelai: You dried his armpits?
Luke: I don’t wanna talk about it.

Lor sees the self-help book that Jess is carrying, which is the one Luke was reading, and proceeds to mock him for reading it. I am glad Luke called her out on that, because as goofy as those books may sound, it’s great if they help people. And it is beyond great that Jess is trying.

Luke and Lorelai waltz! And they have a moment! And they plan a possible future date!

And then Luke and Jess have a moment. Jess tells Luke that he appreciates him and all Luke has done for him.

x x

I am melting away in feelings.

Mrs Kim visits Lane’s place
I really appreciate how Zack and Brian try to clean up and look respectable for Mrs Kim. It’s funny, and also cute. Mrs Kim sees that there are boys, so she runs out of the house. Lor tells her, though, to imagine the boys as two girls who care very much for Lane, so she goes back. She is at peace with her daughter’s living arrangement, at least it seems that way.

Emily tries setting up Rory with a dude
The dude seems like a dudebro. He turns out to be a dudebro. No surprise there. College boys are very predictable. I mean, there is nothing quite wrong about anything he did, I think (?) but he is just not Rory’s scene at all. Which is okay too.
Okay, how come Dean is the first person Rory thinks to call? It doesn’t seem realistic to me. How come she didn’t call Lorelai? Or Lane (Zack has a car)? Ugh. Whatever.
Apparently Lindsey doesn’t care where Dean goes. So there is trouble in their marriage. They’re setting up the worst thing to ever happen to my feelings on this series and I am upset.

But then, THEN, Jess shows up. He asks Rory to go away with him. Now, this may seem like a romantic gesture, and I am sure he would see it that way, but it is incredibly short-sighted, and ridiculous, and selfish. He is asking her to leave everything she has, everything she has worked for, to be with him. And do what? I understand how Jess feels now that he has thought about his feelings, his priorities, his life, and how he would feel trapped going back to Stars Hollow, and how he doesn’t want that, but he can’t expect to just show up unannounced, ask Rory to flee with him, and work on it from there. That’s ridiculous. And showing up and being all like “I know what you want, let me tell you what you want” is annoying, and not conducive to any type of meaningful dialogue or relationship.

AGHH. SO MANY EMOTIONS. Next up, the season finale. Wooo.


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