Today I recap: Gilmore girls, season 4

This is a pretty good season as well. Probably my second favorite? Not sure. I like it a lot, though.

Starting with my least favorite episodes is hard, because there are rarely any episodes I actively dislike. Some might make me sad and that’s why I choose them, or because not much happens. Or because Dean happens. At #5, I would go for Chicken or Beef (4.04) because Dean is on it. Then at #4, The Incredible Sinking Lorelais (4.14), because it has Dean on it, and because it is depressing and makes me nervous. At #3, In The Clamor and The Clangor (4.11), it is not super interesting and it brings anxiety too. At #2, Tick Tick Tick Boom (4.18) and then #1 Afterboom (4.19) ’cause they are, uh, heartless.

Favorites are easier but also not because all of the episodes are always my favorites. At #5 there is Raincoats and Recipes (4.22) which would be higher on the list but Dean happens in a significant and disturbing way. Then (#4) I would say Festival of Living Art (4.07), because, well, Kirk is Jesus. After that (#3), Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ The Twist (4.17), then at #2, Last Week Fights, This Week Tights (4.21) because of all the reasons. Finally at #1, The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale (4.02). It makes me so so happy every time I’ve watched it.

I am excited about future seasons, especially because I have watched them a lot less than the first four. Yay! See you on the other side. Like, uh, in 3 days or something.


2 thoughts on “Today I recap: Gilmore girls, season 4

  1. Good favourites ! Everyone who has watched Gilmore Girls seems to hate Dean – can you explain this ? I really don’t get it, he’s not that bad .. is he ? (I like him)

    • Hi! So, I am biased, as I hate Dean even when he is being generally okay. Also he is not my type of boyfriend at all.
      That aside, you can check out the reviews I have tagged with Dean is the fucking worst (haha sorry), for more detailed info.
      For me it boils down to his possessiveness and jealousy, him cheating on Lindsey and how he treats her, how he yells at Rory when Jess happens to be hanging out with her (There’s The Rub). How he breaks up with her both times by making a scene and humiliating her. Things like that. I don’t think he was an abusive boyfriend, but the red flags sure point that way, for me personally.

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