Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.01

This episode starts right where the season 4 finale left off. Lorelai and Rory aren’t speaking much because of the sex-with-Dean thing. Rory and Dean aren’t speaking much because they keep, uh, having sex instead of talking.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Post-sex Dean and Rory
I just want to get this part over with. It grosses me out.I want to understand but I don’t, how you can mentally block off that this is your first time (and to Rory, this was important, not to say that it should), and that he is married, and that you haven’t been together – or in love – for 2 years? And then pick a song? Especially since first times are famous for being awkward, not THE most pleasurable, etc. I mean, I am glad if it was nice and pleasant for people. I just don’t know how you block that out of your brain, especially being an overthinker like Rory. Maybe it is because I am super cerebral to a point where it fucks up my sex life. Anyway. I do understand Rory closing off and not wanting to talk to Lorelai. I wouldn’t talk to her either.

Dean and Rory agree to meet and Miss Patty’s to… have sex. AGAIN. I mean, they meant to talk but then apparently Dean is too hot for Rory to resist (eeeek, sorry, I can’t). I mean, I understand sometimes (esp when you’re younger) it’s harder to control impulses and stuff. It is also a hard conversation that they may be wanting to avoid. But, dude(s), YOU NEED TO TALK THAT SHIT OUT.

Emily and Richard continue separated

x x

But like, what does that mean, that sex workers supposedly have two glasses of wine at lunch? That they’re classless? Alcoholics? It can’t be anything kind or good about sex workers. I would also love for people to stop using the p word for sex workers. *sigh*

Emily is in the attic, and the door gets stuck, and so she climbs out the window as a, uh, challenge? I know it’s not great but Emily and Richard get especially funny when they’re bickering.
“I knew the mental illness in your family would catch up with you eventually.” Richard is making me very upset right now. Taking a stab/joke about possible mental illness is terrible. Well, the writers are. They keep making casual jokes about Kirk’s night terrors, anxiety, mental illness in general.

Richard: If nothing else, this display tonight demonstrates clearly that you are no longer the woman I married.
Emily: The woman you married was your partner. You listened to her, you consulted with her, you respected her. So you are right, Richard, I am definitely not the woman you married.

You tell him, Emily.

Emily: Fine. You go to bed. I’ll go to France.

Kirk has a pain in the butt
As a result of his night terrors, he runs into a rose bush and gets a lot of spines on his butt. Ouch. As he explains what happened, he accidentally tells Sookie that Luke and Lorelai were kissing.
Sookie’s reaction is basically our collective reaction to the kiss. Which is squealing and jumping little jumps of joy. She ships them hard.

Dean continues being the fucking worst
Lindsey is trying to connect with Dean, offering brownies, to cook, etc. What does he do? Shout at Lindsey for answering his phone because it woke her up and she wasn’t paying attention. The way she pacifies him at the end just so he will stop yelling? ugh. UGHHH.

We then see Rory running into Lindsey as she tells a butcher that she wants that night’s dinner to be perfect, and to teach her again how to make roast beef.
Oh man. I feel for Lindsey. But also I feel for Rory. She must feel like a dick.

I like how Lane reacts when Rory tells her about the Dean sex. 


Mostly because she doesn’t jump to judging, or making Rory feel bad, but to ask her how she felt and how she feels. It is the easiest and most common thing, to react in judgment – especially given these circumstances (look at me! I judged a million times before I wondered how I would have felt in Rory’s position, with Rory’s feelings and context) – but it is not the most supportive, loving response. It is also a response that will get you nowhere. (Not to say I don’t understand where Lor is coming from. I do. It’s hard not to jump to *concerned* when something like this happens, especially if it is your daughter. Especially if you’re not used to her doing anything remotely outside the goody-goody box.)

Lane *to the bandmates*: Hey! Shut up, all of you. That is my friend. And she is here in desperate need of some girl talk and in case you haven’t noticed, I am a girl, and this right here is what it is like to have a girl in the band. So all of you — DEAL!

Emily and Rory go to Europe
As a result of her now official separation, Emily decides to go to Europe. Since she had invited Rory, and Lorelai urged her daughter to go, they are off together. Uhhh. I really hate it when the Gilmore girls fight. I can feel Rory’s feels and I can feel Lorelai’s and it just breaks my heart.

Luke and Lorelai sittin’ in a tree..!
So, last time we saw them, they kissed. Then they were awkward with each other. But then Lorelai calls Luke (good going! communication!) to let him know she liked the kiss and is looking forward to more happenings in the same direction. And they’re going on a date. Although then it happens that Liz needs Luke’s help so he has to leave town right away. He leaves her like 5 cute, clumsy messages. Then Lor calls Luke, on his new cellphone. Which I am pretty sure he got almost exclusively because he was leaving and he wanted to be able to communicate with her.

Luke: That was a hell of a test-run.
Lorelai: You mean for the inn, of course.
Luke: Of course.
Lorelai: Yes, it was.

I am beyond biased. Sorry, readers.

PS: Here is an awesome piece in defense of Rory’s bad decisions.


2 thoughts on “Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.01

  1. Hi there,
    Can I just start by saying that your writing has made me laugh quite a few times in your posts of the Gilmore Girls episodes recaps that you do. (I mean that in a good way of course.)
    I, myself, am a big fan of the show and would recommend that people watch it. Now, having gotten that out of the way, here is my take from this point on.

    This is where I really started to dislike Rory. As you mentioned in your previous post on the season 4 finale, Rory and Dean had slept together. I have to side with Lorelai and say “What?” This is the girl who thinks everything through. Very out of character for her. What got me was, I am not even 100% sure if Rory is sorry for what she had done. I know that it is impossible to undo what happened but still….from this season on she became more of a princess.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you about Dean he really was a complete jerk! I know you haven’t gotten this far into it but when Rory calls Dean out on whether he would have left Lindsey and he hesitated, that surely should have been the biggest signal to Rory for her to run!
    The series didn’t have the same edge that it had when it first began but I guess that’s to be expected. Season 6 was a let down for me. I still enjoy the series though.

    A fun read. I look forward to the next one!

    • I am glad you enjoy my reviews! I enjoy writing them!

      I see what you’re saying. I have been rethinking a lot of my opinions and feelings towards Rory, more than any other character I think. I do think it was slightly out of character, but not tons. I see myself in her a lot – when I have hated her, mostly it is because I see things I don’t like about myself in her – and as much as I am an overthinker, I have fucked up big sometimes.

      I do see that she was sorry for her actions. The writers could have explored/shown this a bit more, but for example when she apologizes to Lorelai (in 5×03 I believe?), and says she screwed up, she means about Lor but also about Dean being married. Rory is not one to talk all that much about her feelings, but we see a couple of scenes – like her seeing Lindsey at the butcher – of her rethinking things.
      Of course, because the series turned that night into a relationship, we get the feeling that it was smooth. She did flee to Europe the entire summer. That to me IS feeling like you screwed up and want to run away from it – not the healthiest response, but a response.

      That said, and I do think Rory should and does feel bad – Dean is the one who vowed to be faithful and respectful to someone, not Rory. Dean made no effort at any point to stop what they were doing. I do address it a bit in the following reviews, that I don’t think Dean would have left Lindsey if it weren’t for her finding the letter. To be honest, Rory’s first sign to run from Dean happened in the first season of the show, hahah, so at this point, what the hell, right? 😉

      I guess I will continue exploring Rory as I continue these reviews. I have found that this time around, my attitude and feelings towards her have changed a lot. Let me know what you think as you continue reading! (I do agree Season 6 and 7 are the weakest. In my opinion, anyway.)

      Looking forward to more of your feedback!

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