Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.02

I like this one, because Rory and Lorelai make up. Rory apologizes to Lorelai and asks Lorelai to deliver a letter to Dean – in which she explains they can’t do what they were doing – and Lindsey finds it. Uh oh. Lor and Sookie take a night off from the busy, busy inn and Luke comes back to Stars Hollow after helping Liz and TJ at the Renaissance Faire. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Luke is heading home
After seeing that TJ was milking his “convalescence” and him by extension, Luke decides to leave Liz and TJ and get back to Stars Hollow. I kind of wanted to see more of the Renaissance Faire, though. It seemed like such a fun place, especially with Luke being the grump that he is. I also love Liz. She is an angel. And she also ships Luke and Lorelai and that makes me happy.

xhalescotts:  requested by wafflegilmore   you’re not gonna be alone!   halescotts:  requested by wafflegilmore   you’re not gonna be alone!  x

Lane doesn’t like Zack’s friends
Zack has a lot of girls after him (apparently? why?) and he likes to play it like he is a womanizer (which is cool apparently? why?) or something. Lane acts hostile around his fans which is the start of… a thing.

But like, Zack treats Lane like an absolute asshole when he is at the diner with his girl friends. He snaps his fingers and behaves like a jerk. Which, by the way, he should never do with any service worker ever, but it is especially unpleasant that he does this to Lane. And then he behaves super unnaturally, being all like, “allow me to order for you, ladies”. Get the fuck out, Zack, your balls haven’t even dropped yet.

Oh Lane. She is being super ridiculous about the free fries *for friends and family only*. But whatever. Serves him right for being an entitled little twat.

One of the girls Zack was with comes back in the diner (after Zack declares he will just go somewhere else if he can’t share his fries), and apologizes to Lane. “Sorry. We didn’t know.”
Know what? That she has feelings for a mediocre boy who goes by the name of Zack. That’s what.

Lorelai is being scary like her mother
The townspeople call her The Blur, because she is always fidgety and swooshing from place to place, thing to thing. Sookie calls her out on doing other people’s jobs, not delegating, rearranging her fridge, and frightening the staff. They agree they will take a break together. Phew. Lorelai is fucking intense (which, I mean, if I had just opened my own business, I probably would be as well).

Dean is a baby!
Like, I just noticed because he cut his ridiculous hair but, oh my god, Jared was such a baby back then. Lorelai delivers Rory’s letter to Dean (does he not have an email? Is that not a thing that they could have done?!) and he goes off asking all these questions about who Rory is with and what she is doing in Europe and why she went and I am sitting here like, is he seriously asking Lorelai, who last saw him getting out of her daughter’s room after having sex while being married, about the daughter’s whereabouts like he is entitled to SHIT? Anyhoo.

Only sensible thing to come out of his mouth. Possibly, ever.

Apparently Lindsey found the letter (but, like, she opened and read a letter that was addressed to Dean? uuhhhh) that Rory sent Dean and she got super mad and they had a fight that the whole town hears, with Lindsey throwing Dean’s stuff out of the window. I am kind of okay with this?

But Rory comes back and Sookie blurts out (oh Sookie, she is always the one) that this happened and while Rory and Lor are walking to the diner, they run into Lindsey and her mom, Theresa. The danger of small towns, I tell ya. Lindsey’s mom immediately starts attacking Rory, calling her a monster and a homewrecker. Why is no one calling Dean a monster and a homewrecker?! Why is no one slut shaming him? Rory did not make vows to always love, protect and whatever-else-you-vow-when-you-get-married, Dean did. I hate when people blame and attack the *other person* more than they do the actually cheating person. It makes no fucking sense.

I know, I know: “But what was in the letter?!”. Rory tells Dean that while that night was special and she does not regret it, he is married so she is extracting herself out of that mess. That was possibly a good letter. Damn.

Luke and Lorelai “run an errand”
You know how Jess and Rory do that too (telling others they are going to run and errand and then meeting somewhere on the way to make out and be secretive and stuff) when they were just starting to date? And now Lorelai and Luke do it. I have feelings. They’re very hetero feels, and cheesy too. This is getting weird.


I leave you with this bit of absolute truth, folks:

To wash away the cheesy. Ciao.


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