Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.04

Taylor is being impossible, as always, so Jackson decides to run against him for town selectman. Rory and Dean meet up to talk about what the hell is up. Or something. Paris inherits a printing press from Asher. Lane is working out her recently-discovered feelings for Zack.

(But also, I love parallels. Check it!)

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Rory and Dean are looking for places to be
This is so painful for me. So painful. That they’re a thing.
I appreciate Paris’ honesty in asking Rory to set up a roommate system in relation to bringing boys to their suite. It’s important.
They go to Dean’s house and her mom is being “weird” (although to be honest it’s not weird to me that she would feel iffy about that relationship, or about Dean having sex in their house… I don’t necessarily approve, but it’s not weird). They can’t seem to find a good place or a good time to be together, especially to have sex.
Their attempt at having sex in a car is the most relatable thing, though. Having sex in a car is so so uncomfortable, most of the times. So uncomfortable.
But like, ugh. Fucking hell. They can’t have sex because the car is uncomfortable but like, that’s no one’s fault. Rory did drive all the way to SH just to hang out with him. She says ‘sorry’ and he says ‘yeah’. I know it is a small thing but it sounds like he is accepting her apology, like he thinks she does have to apologize for not being able to fuck?
Then he goes into broody, pissy mood and asks her to just take him home, and gets mad at Rory and puts his cheating-ass guilt on her. Like it is her fault that he decided to break Lindsey’s heart. He is the fucking worst.
And, Lorelai is right. She does have a car. But she also has school. And he acts like the ungrateful little shit that he is.

Anyhoo. He apologizes which like, whatevs. After so many times of pulling the same shit, I don’t care about his apologies. Then Rory asks the question I referred to, a couple of episodes earlier: would Dean have left Lindsey if she (Lindsey) hadn’t found the letter? Dean obviously says yes – although he hesitates. I don’t think he would have. Not anytime soon, anyway. He has zero spine.

Lane and her feels
I find Zack mediocre at best. But oooh well. Boys that age are usually mediocre at best anyway. Lane keeps getting jealous of Zack for wanting to have girls over at their apartment. Oh Lane, you beautiful baby. My favorite part is when she is explaining to Rory that bands with members that break up usually go downhill from there, and she plays Rory two Rilo Kiley songs – one pre- member break-up, one post-member break up – to see if Rory can hear a difference. Over the phone. Lane is so so precious.

x x
x x
Empty promises! I demand to see this.

At the end of Jackson’s rally, back at their place, Lane decides to finally tell Zack about her feelings.

Jackson is running for office
It seems kind of weird that no one ever runs against Taylor. Taylor talks at some point about how lazy everyone in town is, politically speaking. I guess that must be true. But yay Jackson for running. Jackson is also very precious.
Kirk offers to interview people to know who they’ll vote for, and apparently everyone wants Taylor out. Except Taylor. Who seats alone at his shop eating whipped cream out of the canister.
I would feel bad if he wasn’t such a douchecanoe so much of the time…

I adore how Hep Alien made The Greatest American Hero theme song sound cool.


So anyway. Jackson wins, even though he regrets having run in the first place. Rory and Dean are now officially a thing. Paris has a printing press in the common room.
‘Till next time. Where Luke and Dean try to play Bop It, and fail at the spirit of the game.


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