Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.05

Ooooh. DRAMA. Lor and Luke and Rory and Dean go on a double date. That goes super not great. Zack is working out how to interact with Lane after her declaration of love. Emily and Richard are working out how to be apart.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

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I’m a very awkward winker.

The grandparents are still not together
Rory has lunch with Richard at Yale, since Richard has to miss Friday night dinner for a business trip. Rory senses some loneliness and sadness in her grandpa, but he changes the subject.
The relationship between Rory and Richard is so so cute and so important to me. I love them. I think it is also because I never met any grandfather of mine, so I don’t know how that looks like or could look like. I live vicariously through Rory sometimes.

Rory: Hey, grandma, how’s… woah, what’s that?
Emily: It’s a panic room.
Rory: Like Jodie Foster?
Emily: What does Jodie Foster have to do with this?!

While Richard is reading the six volumes of the rise and fall of the Roman empire, Emily gets herself a panic room. People deal differently with break-ups, I guess.
It breaks my heart how Emily and Richard both miss each other but genuinely think the other does not care about them.

Determined to get some gin for Lorelai, Emily decides to go snooping around the pool house, where Richard is living. She finds a glitter vest.
Lorelai: Maybe it’s a vest of his from the old days.
Emily: Our days never included Richard dressing up like that gay fellow whose tiger tried to eat him.

It turns out it is from an acapella singing group that Richard joined, where they wear outfits. AMAZING.


Continuity bonus! Richard asks Lor if she’s read Proust. She replies that she tried once and struck out. This was when she was dating Max. I love little continuity things like this.

Lorelai: Woah, that’s a lot of Certs.
Richard: You know how that is. You pick one up, you forget you have it, you pick up another. The cycle continues.
Lorelai: Kind of like me and men.

At the end of the episode, and thanks to both Rory and Lorelai encouraging them to do so, Richard shares a bit of his latest life events with Emily, and Emily tells him she got the panic room. And he doesn’t relate it to Jodie Foster.

Zack is a slow processor of feelings
I word it like this because it is totally fair to take your time processing what your feelings are or might be, and what it is that you want. It is also totally understandable to be impatient and to be bad at dealing with uncertainty, like Lane. Or like I am.
I am also the person who, if you let your feelings be unclear for too long, I will want to take it back and just forget everything and possibly throw myself off a cliff. No biggie.

The double date with the Pippi virgin

Ooooh man. Everyone is so weirded out by Dean. Lorelai is trying, though, which I appreciate. I can also tell when my mom is trying, but I am thankful for the effort anyway.

Kyle: I listened to a lot of (Bob) Dylan out at sea. He really spoke to me.
Rory: And you understood him?

So anyway, they do the date thing and they go to the Black White and Red movie theatre to watch The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. Everything is so awkward, because Luke is being weird. It is entertaining, but also painful.
I mean, I don’t have to say it at this point, how much I am with Luke on the Dean-hating. But, Luke is behaving like a douchecanoe. Rory is not his daughter, and even if she was. Dean and Rory are dating, and they’re adults. They weren’t even making out, and Luke treats – before this, and after – Rory like she is a virgin child whose eyes must never see sin or something. It is not his place, or anyone’s really, but especially not his. He acts like he owns Rory, to be honest.

So they take out the Bop It so Luke will stop barking. Which is, yes, hilarious. But also, a competition. Why would you put two already tense testosterone-driven white boys in competition against each other??!! Even if it is a silly game. Charades would have probably worked better. Or, like, yoga.
The Bop It routine they had going on exquisitely illustrates how ridiculous masculinity can be, though. A+ for that.

I am glad Rory calls Luke out on his hostile and absolutely ridiculous behaviour. The show tries to make Luke’s behaviour into a cute fatherly love thing – like, when Luke compares Rory to Pippi Longstocking, which is adorable but also, uh, weird. While his heart may be in the right place, his head is still up his ass. This carries on for the rest of the series, by the way.

Lorelai: Maybe if I had brought out the Twister. 


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