Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.06

Rory discovers a secret society at Yale, which leads her to a familiar face. Norman Mailer frequents the Dragonfly Inn, which gets mixed reactions from the staff. Sookie discovers something about herself. Lorelai helps Chris with something big.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Adventures at the Yale Daily News
I haven’t really mentioned Doyle. He is the editor at the Yale Daily News. He is kind of bitter, very snarky, sometimes obnoxious and self-absorbed, but generally funny. Most importantly, though, he is also Jonathan Levinson. I mean, the actor is the same. Now, he was Jonathan before he was Doyle, but I watched Gilmore girls at least 10 times before I ever watched Buffy. Now the two characters kind of melted in my brain. They’re both such treasures, though. Anyway.

In this episode we learn that Logan is Mitchum Huntzberger’s son. Mitchum owns at least 12 newspapers, and his son is a charming-but-also-a-dick trustfund kid who sank his daddy’s yacht, and goes out with a lot of women. And does no work at the paper.

Well, he’s more privileged. And way more whiter.

The newspaper gives the beats: Paris gets Religion, and Rory gets Features, like they both wanted.
I really don’t like Glenn, now that I am rewatching. Not only did he do and say the creepy thing about stalking that woman, but he seems insufferable and unnecessarily-negative and whiny and annoying this time around.
I appreciate Paris’ honesty, when she tells Rory that stories about downloading music are everywhere, and unless she has a new angle, it is a waste of time. Which it is.

Within like, two days, of starting work on the religion beat, Paris has made a rabbi change his number twice, a dozen people calling to complain, another minister who says his flip flops were stolen. Paris is such a scary, beautiful creature.

Norman Mailer is in Stars Hollow, and Sookie is pregnant
I really don’t like that guy. I like some of his writing. But he is as arrogant in life as he is playing himself in this episode. He may be good at writing, but GOD is he insufferable. And he only orders iced tea from Sookie, so I take her side.

Sookie: So he was married to Marilyn Monroe. Who wasn’t?
Lorelai: That was, uh, Arthur Miller.
I love this show, and Sookie, to no end.

The inn must cut certain things, and Ann (their financial person, I suppose) suggests dropping lunch.
Sookie: Why can’t we get rid of one of Michel’s things? (…) The desk. [He can] put the phone on the wall and write on [his] shoe. ‘Cause he goes through a lot of paper.

HAHA. This lady.

I will just put this here without any context. Yup.

Sookie keeps getting more and more unreasonable and starts crying and then, she pauses and realizes, SHE’S PREGNANT. Hurray! I mean, if you’re into babies. Which she is. Hurray!

Chris is in trouble
Sherry left Chris and Gigi for a job in Paris. My first reaction was “how could she leave her daughter?!” but then, men leave their kids all the time and I don’t get this outraged. Somewhere in the back of my head maternity is more “natural” or “embedded”. Fuck that. But still, of anyone who leaves their kids, fuck that. Especially the way Sherry left. A note? Really?!! How bad were things that she felt okay just leaving a note and leaving Gigi with a nanny?
On the other hand, Chris had been gone for most of the past two years, travelling for work. He didn’t need to do that, though? He didn’t need to skip most of his daughter’s early steps, AGAIN.

I love, love, love Lorelai’s reaction to Chris’ doubts. He will raise Gigi by himself because he has to, just like Lor did with Rory. He will learn because it is his daughter, and that’s it. Welcome home, babe.
Chris: You ever get tired of being my cheerleader?
Lorelai: Hey, as long as I look cute in the skirt, I’m good to go.

She is so wonderful. Lor gives me life.

Lor tells Rory about all this and Rory gets worried about her mom’s history of fucking everything up and dropping everything to be with Chris. Which is like, a fair assessment. Also fair, that Rory feels unstable about anything involving Chris, and that she would want her mom to be happy.
That said, it was probably not her place to tell Chris not to talk or seek Lorelai about anything. Talking to Lor about her concerns, or even to Chris, is one thing; asking him to get the fuck away is another. He is not just deciding over Chris’ life – which, let’s face it, who cares – but it is also deciding over Lorelai’s. I mean, I get it. But also, that’s probably not the best way to go. Although I mean… she was right. Chris was going to mess everything up.

The Life and Death Brigade
What a pretentious name for a club. Anyway. While taking a break from interviewing this absolutely uninteresting person about music downloading, Rory runs into a woman who is dressed super fancy and is wearing a gorilla mask, kind of drunk. She gets in a black van and cheers, “In Omnia Paratus!”
So, Rory drops the downloading story. She decides to research some about this incidence. She runs across the Life and Death Brigade, a may-or-may-not-exist secret society at Yale. She decides to dig into that.

Doyle: Oh yeah. I’ve heard of them. They’re apparently more elusive than the skull-and-bones crowd. Of course, they’ve never been linked to masturbating in a coffin, so I automatically like these guys better.

Rory’s research leads her to Logan’s grandfather’s name. Because it is a membership that gets passed down families, this means Logan is in it. He makes this deal with Rory, who he now calls Ace, to get her an inside look at the club. She must agree to the conditions before knowing what the conditions are. And she’s in.

Which leads to the next episode. I love the following episode.


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