Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.08

Emily and Richard temporarily come together to plot against Rory and Dean’s relationship, and throw Rory a meat market party, which kind of weirdly manages to succeed. Mrs Kim finds out Lane and Zack are dating, and Lane makes a new friend –ish. Liz and TJ are getting a house in Stars Hollow.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Emily isn’t happy that Dean is in the picture again
I mean, I have said it enough by now that I hate Dean, but they hate him for absolutely unacceptable reasons, namely that he is somehow “beneath” Rory. While, morally, they would have a point, they don’t mean that. They mean class-wise, and wealth-wise. He works three jobs instead of drunkenly sinking his father’s yacht in the name of Life and Death. How dare he.
Another thing I don’t get is… Rory is 20 here. Literally WHO CARES who she is dating. The grandparents get so invested in her dating life as if she was about to marry them or something. Not that it would be any of their business then, but at least they’d be spending their energies a bit more wisely if that was the case.
They decide to meddle, as always, and call Rory together. UGH I hate how manipulative they are. They know that imagining them possibly getting back together will get Rory to say yes to anything. They’re evil.

Kyon tries gateway food
You know the exchange student who is staying with Mrs Kim, who made Lane jealous that she was perhaps being replaced? Well, she is hungry and goes to Luke’s, where Lane is working. Here is another thing that smells fishy (and by fishy I mean vaguely racist) about the show’s treatment of Mrs. Kim. While it is perfectly possible that she and her family are vegan or vegetarian or whatever, a flaxseed muffin month sounds excessive, unrealistic, and bordering on child abuse relating to malnutrition. It is probably played for comedic effect only, I know. It is a shame that this show has some amazing, fleshed-out, nuanced characters, and then the only women of color in the entire seven seasons are never really allowed full humanity, who are funny but not because of how flat they are.


While Kyon is in the diner, Zack shows up and so Kyon sees Zack and Lane are together. Next thing we know is Mrs Kim ambushes Zack in the middle of the street and tells him that he will burn in hell while hounds eat his flesh. She is very graphic, I love it. She calls him a wild pig of filth. I can only imagine how fun it was to film that scene! I can’t find a GIF of Zack’s reaction – when Mrs Kim accuses him of putting his hands on Lane, he shakes his head dramatically, with a worried look on his face, and flails his arms like saying “I would never” – but it is precious.

Lane goes to Kyon to ask her why she ratted Lane out about Zack. Kyon says that because if she didn’t, Mrs Kim would have known because “she reads thoughts”. Apparently Mrs Kim also tells her – as she told Lane at some point – that Mrs Kim can smell fast food on her, know what she watched on TV, read her “dirty” thoughts, etc. WOW. Anyway, Lane sets things straight and lets Kyon know that all of that is fantasy. She also shows her new friend tricks to have more freedom without raising much suspicion from Mrs Kim. I am here for that mentor/friendship

Dean and Rory have a short date
This feels so weird. Rory and Dean keep missing each other because she has school and he has three jobs and so finally they get together at Doose’s and eat some 80% employee-discount food together. I feel like hugging him because even though I hate him with a passion, Rory does like him.  I mean, I am glad they break up this episode, but I would have liked it to have been because he is an enormous asshole, and not (partly, at least) because he can’t be wild and fun because he is too busy feeding himself.
At the same time, they *are* at very different places, in every way. This date they have makes it very apparent. Logan is sparkly and new and Dean is old news, and not shiny (or wealthy?) enough. Boops.

Luke and Lorelai have a date… and TJ joins them

I want to date Luke, if only so he will cook for me. His menu for the night: lamb and artichoke stew, penne with pesto and potatoes, roasted garlic with rosemary focaccia, tomatoes stuffed with breadcrumbs and goat cheese, and ricotta cheesecake with amaretto cookies.

But then TJ shows up, because he had a fight with Liz. They’re both super stressed out because they’ve bought a house and they’re trying to get their shit together. And he is in escrow, even though he doesn’t know what that means. He wants to share his feelings and calm down but Luke wants to be alone with Lorelai and wants to kick him out. Finally, TJ stays in a corner, trying to get his emotions in order. I know TJ is annoying but he needs emotional support and all Luke can think about is getting laid. TJ is super overdramatic and a tad manipulative though, as we see when he milked his convalescence to make Luke stay longer at the Renaissance Faire.

Luke: Stir the sauce? […]
Lorelai: I am not good with big spoons unless there’s ice-cream on the end. 
You and I both, Lor.

The Party’s Over
That’s the title of the episode, and it alludes to Dean breaking up with Rory. The way I see it, that’s when the party begins. Anyway.
Emily coerces Rory into wearing a tiara. What in the fuck. I think the writers just did that to drive the point home that Rory should play a live-action Disney princess.
Emily and Richard play it like the party is for Yale alumni in general, but really it is a parade of rich white bachelors around Rory’s age. That’s very very gross, and inappropriate. Not to mention beyond ridiculous.

While Rory was being cornered by an arranged “soulmate” at the meat market, Logan comes in pretending to be the boyfriend, saving Rory and leading her to a subparty at the pool house.

For some added nudging as to where the series is going, we have the contrast of Dean who clearly did not read Rory’s article on the Life and Death Brigade, and then Logan, who started a conversation about it with Rory himself. It works both ways, Rory is old news for Dean, she is not for Logan.

Rory is late to meet Dean out front, and Dean sees her with all her friends and decides to… break up with her. While I understand that things were not going great, and they’re at very different places, you don’t just break up with someone you allegedly love that easily, just because your girlfriend was 20 minutes late and dared to have fun with people who aren’t you. A voice inside me tells me that Dean is just hurt that he is not the center of Rory’s life, like he was of Lindsey’s. I have conflicted feelings. And on the other side of the equation, there is Rory. Dean basically breaks up with her in a very vague, broody way, and she says nothing. If I loved my boyfriend, I would at least try. If I didn’t actually love him, then why the fuck did I sleep with him while he was married? But also, she is very passive every time someone breaks up with her and I don’t say this as a “be more aggressive!” or as a way of blaming her. It just makes me think of times I have been passive when I shouldn’t have and it breaks my heart.

This relationship was a mediocre mess. Let’s please move on.

After the party, Lor calls the grandparents to call them out on the manipulative mating ritual they threw for Rory. What breaks my heart is that from here on out, Emily kind of does get away with what she wanted, bringing Rory into her privileged, entitled, bratty way of life. Not to say the choices weren’t Rory’s, but it makes me sad that they were. Lor and I both wanted better for Rory. Oh well. At least Dean is out. Phew.


2 thoughts on “Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.08

  1. You can really sense and see the hatred you have towards Dean in this plot review quite clearly.
    Let’s be honest here – Dean and Rory were never going to end up together. The way I see her relationship with Dean over the past few seas0ns up until this point goes like this:

    Rory falls for very cute boy and uses that as leverage to try and get out of going to Chilton. No such luck. The way I see it, their relationship was doomed from the start. I must admit, I did giggle at Lorelai’s “She’s not going on your motorcycle” quote. Relationship seems pretty perfect. Ahh no!
    Season 2 rolls around and Dean becomes obsessive and possessive as well as jealous as Jess enters the picture. I’m sorry Dean, you lost a lot of points from me. There was no trust from you whatsoever.
    Along comes season 3: Let’s face it, Rory is so confused and I don’t think Dean or Jess were helping matters.
    Dean publicly humiliates Rory at the dance saying “you’re into him, and he’s into you. So just stop.” While I admit I can side with Dean a little here, this is not the way a breakup should go. Did they ever have a discussion about their relationship where Jess was concerned? I don’t think so.
    Season 4 and Dean has rushed into marriage with new girlfriend Lindsay. Luke tells Rory not to go but she witnesses the events from afar. Old feelings for him resurface. She realises what a mistake she made by choosing Jess. Oh well, you had your chance. As the series progresses, Dean doesn’t want to be married to Lindsay anymore and blames their marriage breakdown on her (it seems like that anyway) and Rory ends up in bed with him. Whoops!
    Season 5 – well, Rory and Dean gave it another shot but as I said it was never going to work out. Dean did the same thing he did in Season 3 – broke up with her in front of others. This can’t be good for her self-esteem. Does Dean not know how to have these conversations in private? I guess it wouldn’t be a show otherwise.

    Well done! Bogui

    • Huh! I hadnt thought about that connection, but its true. Dean is big on public, overdramatic breakups. Not very nice, or mature.

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