Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.09

Emily decides she is ready to date, stomping on Rory’s hopes and dreams for a reunion. Lor finds out Rory told Chris to stay away, and Jackson is hiding from the entire town.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

I want to briefly talk about how much of a treasure TJ is. He is such a mediocre dork, but since his character is mostly for comedic relief, I take him as such. His humor is super excellent and right up my alley in a way. 

Sookie is still pregnant
I love pregnant Sookie. I have a feeling that that’s how I would be if I ever become pregnant: indecisive, emotional, hungry (more so than I am already, I mean). And hey, I just read this article that perfectly sums up my admiration for Melissa McCarthy’s treasure of a character: The lasting importance of Sookie St James.
She cries about celebrity couples that broke up ages ago. My sweet darling.
Jackson: Tons of people have broken up since then.
Oh Jackson. So helpful.

Speaking of Jackson, he is still running away from his town selectman responsibilities. He refuses to cut ribbons for inaugurations, and so someone leaves fucking gigantic scissors on his home doorsteps. That is mildly terrifying. They also ambush him into a town meeting. Poor Jackson.

Rory wants to get the grandparents back together
Rory: I have an idea.
Lorelai: Finally this Yale thing is kicking in.

Rory wants to “divide and conquer”, get to the two grandparents separately to get them back together. Now, I understand the “wanting your grandparents to be together” thing, but, it’s not for her to decide if it is right for them. I feel for her. When it comes to her family relations, sometimes she is still a little kid. She believes she can change their mind, and that the baggage between different people in her family can go away. I don’t relate to that on a personal level, but I can see how this can be true for many.


Rory tries to talk “sense” into Richard, while Lorelai sort of, uh, tries? But Emily quickly brings up the fact that she wants to start dating, and enlists Lorelai’s help on the men department. The evidence Emily has that Richard has moved on? He did not pass her the butter at a dinner party. It sounds ridiculous but it is extremely true, that often when we are heartbroken and hurt, we see signs of not caring, disrespect, etc from the other everywhere, even in really small, probably unimportant acts.

So, at the end-ish of the episode, Emily asks for Lor’s help dressing up for a date, and goes ahead with said date. They seem to be having a good, interesting time – Kelly Bishop is amazing and gorgeous and honestly a goddess. But when the dude in question – Simon Whateverthehell – drives her home, she shuts the door behind her, her smile fades and she starts to cry. It is fucking heartbreaking. She feels alone but also does not feel like connecting again. I get that.

Lor hasn’t heard from Christopher
… and we know why, but she doesn’t. She calls him to ask what’s up, and Chris avoids most questions, so Lor invites him to lunch at the Dragonfly Inn, and without telling either of them, and without knowing why this is a big deal, Lor invites Rory too. Rory arrives to lunch and sees Chris there, believes it was his idea to meet with her mom, and gets mad at him. After making everyone uncomfortable, Chris decides to leave lunch early. Rory asks Lor if she initiated contact and, since she did, Lor asks Rory what’s going on.
As I was saying before, I get Rory’s concerns very much. I get her wanting to protect her mom, even if it wasn’t her call, and even if her approach wasn’t ideal. Chris does ruin things, every single time, throughout the entire show. And Rory is tired of being caught in the middle, of having her hopes for her dad and for her family crushed time and time again. She is also at the moment dealing with her grandparents separation. I also want to remind everyone of the contrast between this Rory and season 1 Rory, who insisted her dad had changed and that Lorelai should marry him. Rory has grown up so much, and so has her disappointment, and her lack of spoons for mediocre father figures. I get it.
Rory also asks Lor what Luke thought about the lunch, to which Lor lied and said Luke was fine. Lor later wonders why she didn’t tell Luke – was it fear of him getting jealous and beat up a car? was it because there is some truth to Lor’s forever feelings for Chris? was it because it really is no big deal? – so she tells him. Luke acts like he is fine with it, but then brings it up with TJ, meaning he has doubts. I hate Luke’s jealousy. It is violent and he doesn’t talk about it and it’s also kind of entitled? Ugh. Gross.This will also become a thing in a few episodes, and throughout the series, really. Although I can see that here he is trying not to be the jealous jerk that kicks cars. He tries, I guess.
I like (I mean, I don’t like it, but I can relate to) how Lorelai works the “I saw Christopher” thing into a funny story about something else. I have done that sometimes, with tricky subjects. Like “oh yeah I went grocery shopping, did laundry, threw your computer in a pool, I also rode my bike to school.” Y’know? Not the best, healthiest communication technique, but I can’t say I haven’t done it.

Paris fasts for Ramadan
I don’t know how I feel about this? On the one hand, that would give her a closer idea about the physical aspect of fasting but not really about the entire spiritual process, or the tradition behind it, or growing up within these traditions and beliefs and culture. So, to me, it is kind of useless. And it leads to the sort of white reasoning that goes, “oh I know exactly what you mean, I did this social experiment where I *was you* for one day” which is ridiculous, ignorant, and insulting. She might have gained a lot more interviewing people that do Ramadan before, during and after, read their experiences, etc. White people thinking the only way an experience is real is if they experience it themselves is what evil and white supremacy are all about.
She also ends up trivializing it by ordering tons and tons of American food, without further reflection on her part, or any follow-up to the reasons why she did Ramadan in the first place.

Marty wants Rory
Not a lot of people care, but in case you do, this is further demonstrated in this episode. I like their friendship more without the friendzone-y vibe going on for him. I like him okay, I just don’t see why everyone has to be a potential love interest.


The next episode is pretty fantastic. Rory gets to babysit, Luke establishes himself as (an even more solid) Brooding Dude Extraordinaire, Logan pulls yet another one of his shenanigans.


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