Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.10

Miss Patty is celebrating her anniversary with her favorite lover, Luke has his dark day coming up, and Rory gets to show a prospective Yalie around, with unexpected results. Paris decides to “put herself out there”, whatever that means.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Miss Patty is celebrating a 40th anniversary
Of her existence in the Business We Call Show. Miss Patty is so so great.
Patty: Forty years ago today, I did my first play. Off-Broadway.
Lorelai: Off-Broadway!
Patty: Cleveland.
Lorelai: That, uh, *is* off Broadway. 

Miss Patty informs Lorelai of Luke’s dark day, about which Lor had no idea. Oooh. Intrigue. It happens once a year, November 30th. I can’t tell if this is Amy Sherman-Palladino lampshading the whole brooding-heart-of-gold trope but I don’t think it is.

A Chilton student visits Yale
I am sad that Paris thinks every girl under 17 is the enemy. I would think her feminist ideals would have her encourage a next generation of badass ladies. But internalized misogyny is a thing, and her feminism is weak (I love her, don’t get me wrong, but it’s true.). And Paris is too competitive for any of that anyway.
Anne Fairchild is such a rich girl name. I know there isn’t really such a thing, but it sounds like a rich girl name. Anyway. She is a Chilton student, 16, who wanted to visit Yale, and so Headmaster Charleston (remember him? oh it feels so long ago!) asks Rory if she can show Anna around.

Rory is such a nerdy person that I think she forgets that most people are not so so so much like that. Rory shows Anna the monuments, the library, the classes, the famous-person benches, but no fun activities whatsoever. She has to know most high school kids dream of college in large part, yes, because of the learning and the history of the place and all that, but in great part because it means being away from their parents, not wearing uniforms, having no bed time, etc. It doesn’t make them superficial to look at cute university boys in awe. In fact, that’s the only time in which I consider it acceptable to find college boys awe-inspiring. (Half)Kidding.

At the end of the day, the campus police get to Anna because she was drinking or something like that, and she is 16. That is a memorable college visit. I am proud of her, kind of.

Luke’s dark day
So, Luke’s dark day is a thing because it’s the anniversary of his father’s death. Now, I get it, that death makes us gloomy, it makes us have dark moments and days and sometimes they don’t really go away ever. But Luke has serious anger issues, not just on his dark day. Anyway. He loses it with this lady who used to store Luke’s dad’s boat for years and now she needs to move away because she is going to a nursing home. Poor lady. Luke tells the lady, in a huff, to just get rid of the boat and crash it or smash it or do whatever she wants.
Lorelai decides to take it upon herself to decide what’s best for Luke and take the boat and hide it. Oh Lor. I would be a bit upset at her too, if I was Luke. She did do a good thing for him, though. I am glad they quickly make up.

Logan is a douchecanoe.
Logan runs into Anne and Rory at the library, and mocks Rory for sniffing books. The next day, at a philosophy class and with Anna about to fall asleep, Logan and his friends, Colin and Finn, interrupt class to do a skit about a fake love triangle.


His stunt made me laugh as a series viewer, but I would have rolled my eyes all the way to infinity if I had witnessed it. And to Rory, shy, studious, overly-responsible Rory, that is the idea of hell: all the attention drawn to her, a class interrupted (and therefore precious time wasted), setting a “bad example” (or whatever) for Anna. And I mean, they didn’t have her consent to pull her into their shenanigans.

Rory: I have no words.
Logan: It was just a joke.
Rory: Wait, I thought of some. Jerk, ass, arrogant, inconsiderate, mindless, fratboy, low-life, butt-faced miscreant.

I am glad Rory explains her feelings to Logan, and that he apologizes. They are definitely very different people, at least at this point in time. They do kind of go well together, though. That’s my opinion and many of you disagree. Which is okay.
Still upset about the prank Logan pulled on her, Rory decides to team up with Richard, and I am 100% here for it. Richard walks up to Logan, at Yale, in front of his friends, to congratulate him on his professed feelings for Rory, and to tell him that the families have talked and they’re happy about the engagement. I love Richard and Rory’s friendship.

I wonder if Logan and Rory ever talk about this day later on in their relationship.

Marty and the friendzone-y vibe
Rory is talking about her annoyance at Logan – who yes, clearly likes her, no doubt – and Marty gets mad at her for not noticing that Logan likes her. Or not noticing that he himself likes her too. Like it’s her fault that neither of the guys can use their fucking words. Every instance in which Rory makes it clear (to the audience, and to Marty) that she likes him as a friend, the camera goes to his sad pouty face. I get it, it’s sad when our friend who we have a crush on does not like us back, but they don’t owe us anything. And focusing on Marty’s moping is boring.

Paris stumbles to get back in the game
I don’t like how Terrance (her life coach) pressures her to go back to dating or putting herself out there. Her boyfriend literally died like 3 seconds ago. And, regardless of how much time has passed, she is the one to say when she is done grieving, not him. Anyway, the life coach apparently convinces her, and she decides to go out.

Rory: It’s 11 o’clock at night. Who are you hoping to hook up with now — Spike and Drusilla?
My favorite worlds collide, even if it is just for that one line.

She goes on a speed dating thing. Do people still do that? I mean, especially for college-aged kids, it seems weird to me that they would do that. Anyway. Paris runs into Doyle there, and they hit it off, apparently. They hit it off HARD, ifyouknowwhatImean.

repulsed sex life
Next up, Lor has some relationship issues.


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