Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.11

Richard takes in a stray dog, which brings him and Emily a little closer together. The Revolutionary War Reenactment is happening again, and there is a new part to be cast for it. Christopher is trying to fix stuff with Rory.


SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

I hate the title of this episode. The entire plot around the title is kind of a disaster. “Women of questionable morals” is used to refer to sex workers. Sex workers don’t have questionable morals, or I guess they do in the sense that people who know nothing about sex work or sex workers’ lives, keep questioning their morals. Sex workers have as much variety in their morals and ethics as any other person.
In fact, I don’t like most things about this plot point. The characters keep using ‘whore’ and ‘hooker’ and other generally dismissive and offensive words to talk about a woman that, if the history of Stars Hollow is true, basically saved the day, and the year, and the entire town. Not to mention the person doing what this lady allegedly did (lure a general into her room to distract him) could have been done by anyone, not necessarily a sex worker by profession. Although I have to say, it would not be the first or only time in history in which sex workers have saved lives and kicked major historic ass.

There is a dog on the patio!
Emily sees a dog on the patio and calls Richard to help her do something. Emily’s inability to deal with the dog is kind of adorable but also very strange to me, almost cartoon-ish. Richard takes the dog into the pool house, and Emily starts calling the neighbors to see if anyone is missing a dog.
During this episode we see Emily and Richard being softer and gentler and caring towards one another. It’s very lovely.
They finally find the owner, but they’re both kind of sad. The dog was a safe subject for them to cooperate on.

Snow is being a bad lover to Lorelai
So, we all know of Lorelai’s love of snow, my love of snow. But the Dragonfly has no door mats, no coffee, more cancellations, lost costumers, all due to snow. Snow also leaks through Lor’s house’s roof, buries her car, trips her over. Snow is being a major dickhead to Lorelai, is what I am saying.

Lorelai: I hate charging people for cancelling, it’s too corporate. We’re doing things differently here.
Michel: Oh yes. Bankrupcy will be fun and different. Be sure to file for it while it’s snowing, won’t you? We’ll go down to bankrupcy court in a horse-drawn sleigh.

I adore Lorelai’s love of snow, but I may love Michel’s hatred of it even more.

Luke does a rant on how snow and physics work, while Lorelai does a much more entertaining rant about how her and snow are over, she is breaking up with it, they are through.

Luke wants Lor to get back together with snow, so he builds Lor a skating rink so that they can patch things up. Aww.

Chris goes to Yale
I would have called before showing up, especially since the last time they saw each other it was way less than friendly, but it’s Christopher. He always does things in weird, inappropriate ways. He just bounces in and out of things, situations, relationships without taking into account that other people have their own needs, wants, schedules and boundaries. I am glad Rory sets hers. Chris just gets these bursts of caring but they die out and he leaves people stranded. I mean, sometimes I feel bad for him but I am also like, you don’t get to pick and choose when you feel like a dad and when you don’t.
I don’t mean to be insensitive to the fact that his dad dies. Dads dying is the worst. I just think he is an inconsistent, unreliable twat of a father most of the time. And his parenting doesn’t really change after this. Anyway. Rory being the angel that she is feels bad that she blew him off earlier and shows up with milk and cookies. After Rory, Lor shows up. With booze. And the next morning, Lor is all talked out and cried out and hungover.

Lorelai: Pancakes!
Rory: What about them?
Lor: Surefire thing to make my head feel less awkward for being attached to my neck.

If I was Lorelai, I would have told Luke before heading to Chris’ house with tequila. Not to ask permission, not ever, but just a heads up. Everything is better when you plan for it. I don’t like this whole “they didn’t need to know” mentality. It’s not because they need to know or they don’t. It is mostly prevention to keep good things from looking bad, and to keep things from snowballing and then hitting us in the ass.

More on the Revolutionary War Reenactment
Taylor says it himself, this ‘woman of questionable morals’ role is the first role a woman has played in a reenactment they do every single year: what’s up with that?! And the first – and as far as we know, only – role a woman plays is sexual: what’s up with that?! Taylor is playing the valiant and virile hero, and yet the woman in question has to be young (Lulu is easily half his age), thin, attractive, good at acting, etc.: what’s up with that?! Taylor asks the women at the casting call (who he continually refers to as ‘girls’) to disregard the cold and lose some clothing: what’s up with that?! MISOGYNY, that’s what.
I do have to say, having Kirk as a “pageant mom” to Lulu in the casting is funny. Until he says something about “putting Lulu in some hot outfit” like she is his property and he can pimp her up or something. That was gross. I like how non-slutshaming he is about the fact that the role is what it is, though. Low standard, I know, but I like to cling to things.
I would love to hear Lulu speak more, know more about her. Kirk is interesting but I would say that a woman who dates Kirk is also fascinating.
Anyhoo. The day of the reenactment, Lulu gets sick, and Kirk can’t find Taylor in time, so he decides that the best thing to do is to dress up as the lady himself. Sean Gunn looks kinda cute that way? I am here for Kirk doing drag more often. Also, I mean, obviously the makeup crew for the show did this, but I am here for the idea that Kirk is this good at make-up, even when he is in a rush like he was for this thing.

Oooh we’re two episodes away from Episode (and Review) #100!!! How did this happen?


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