Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls 5.12

Richard and Emily are getting back together! Meanwhile, Lane tries a new look, and attends a family thing with Zack. There is a Toblerone thief at the Dragonfly Inn, and Rory helps Logan write an article for the Yale Daily News.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Rory wants to save Doyle from dying
Mitchum Huntzberger – Logan’s dad – visits Doyle and the newspaper to demand that his son get bylines. But his son never shows up, so Rory offers to share her notes on a related story with Logan and meet with him to get him started. Here we learn a bit more about how Mitchum is a bully who has plans for Logan but Logan has never been consulted on said plans. Rory tells Logan how lucky he is to meet all these great, interesting people, and Logan tells her that when these fancy writer people are at parties they just talk about market shares and cars and get belligerently drunk. Which I imagine is probably true.
They flirt and talk and get along well, but they get their signals crossed and Rory thinks Logan was going to invite her to a fancy party and then he doesn’t. Oops.

Inner workings at the Inn
I really don’t like how Lor minimizes the importance of sexual harassment training, and Michel’s experience feeling uncomfortable and objectified.
Michel is good at his job. He notices Toblerones are missing from empty rooms, and sheets are being messed with as well. What does Lorelai do? Mock him and dismiss him. Poor Michel.

Turns out Sookie was joking about Michel’s legit concerns because she was the one stealing the Toblerones and mushing the bed. She just wanted alone time to watch TV. Sookie, my sweet darling.

Lane tries going without glasses
She sees a band picture of hers and dislikes her look with glasses, so she gets contacts. Honestly she looks amazing no matter what she does. Zack doesn’t like glasses-free Lane. Honestly who cares about what boys think, though. Lane blows him off and tells him to deal with it. Good. And I mean, the association of glasses=smart is ridiculous, and yet consistent across movies and TV.
It’s Korean New Year! Mrs Kim tells Lane she has to come, and Lane agrees as long as she can bring her whole band. So she does. Zack is scared because last time he saw Mrs Kim she told him how the hounds of hell would eat his guts, which is understandable. Brian apparently researched Korean New Year and now explains what things mean, instead of having Lane explain? Uh. And Gil is, well, Gil. With his AC/DC ring and all. There is a kid giving Zack a hard time the entire time they’re eating.
Mrs Kim asks Lane to clean dishes with her, and Lane says she wont because she is a guest and she doesn’t like Mrs Kim demanding her to do whatever anymore. I have mixed feelings about this. I have been Lane. In my family there is a very gendered expectation around hosting parties, kitchen duties, etc. I always hated it because it was *expected* of me. I get Mrs Kim being sad Lane never offers, but I remember having this conversation with my parents. I never got a chance to learn to offer because it was always demanded of me, so of course the few times I didn’t have to, I also didn’t want to do it.
But Mrs Kim is sad and I get it, because she has her values and Lane doesn’t share them. What I hate is Zack wanting to jump in in something he does not understand. First he complains he has to go and be traditional and not rock n roll and now he wants to side with Mrs Kim? I also hate that they both team up to criticize Lane for not wearing her glasses. It is her appearance, and her body, and they both can fuck off. I don’t care if she looks better with or without glasses. Their comments are not welcome.

Richard and Emily are getting closer
At the beginning of the episode we see them being gentler, softer, agreeing on stuff. They even agree to go to a function together. But then Richard finds out – in the worst, most awkward way, during a business meeting – that Emily and Simon (the dude she went on a date with) had a thing. He doesn’t know what the “thing” was, but he knows there was a thing.
And he acts like an absolute jackass about it. Having your feelings hurt? Fine. But he hits Emily’s car, acts super inappropriate and rude to Simon, and behaves super possessively and condescending about Emily. She is not his property. It is not her fault that Richard found out the way he did, or that he hit her car. And he just grabs her and pushes her into his car! He is a misogynistic asshole sometimes.
Anyway. Apparently it worked well with Emily because she asks him to come home. The next day they announce to Rory and Lorelai that they are doing a vow renewal party. Lorelai will be their maid of honor, and Rory their best man. Squeee!
Luke is hesitant about going, since the parents don’t like him at all.

Lor: As maid of honor, if you’re not there, I’m gonna have to get drunk and make out with the best man, who’s Rory, so you can see all the creepy ramifications of your absence here.


Oh no. OH NO. Emily sees Lor looking at wedding dresses and gets the evil, horrible idea to visit Chris. I did not remember this speech, OH MY GOD. She tells him she doesn’t think much of him but that he is of good breeding and Lorelai deserves good breeding and not a diner-owner divorcé, and that Chris should interfere in that relationship. What the fuck.
It doesn’t really surprise me that Emily would do this. What did surprise me was that Chris went along with it. UGH.


The next episode is #100! Woah. It is fun, it is also disastrous, and it is sexy. It is everything!


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