Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.15

Rory and Marty haven’t been as close lately, so she plans an evening with Marty, which gets interrupted by Logan. There is a production of Fiddler on the Roof happening at Stars Hollow, for which Luke and Lorelai signed up to help.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Post-breakup Lorelai
I appreciate how Lorelai deals with breaking up. First, some serious crying and moping. Then, a new routine, maybe a haircut change. But especially how she knows that pretending it’s fine comes before being fine, and that that’s okay. “It’s getting easier to pretend that it’s easier, so ‘easier’ should be right around the corner.” She could probably talk a bit more about it, and her feelings. She is an independent person, and we all get that, but we all need people and expressing ourselves to others sometimes.

She also decides to decorate. I can relate to that. When a relationship ends, I always rearrange either my room, or my kitchen, or get rid of stuff. It’s a thing.

The place she decides to redecorate, though, is her garage. Why? Because Luke got into it and took out his boat without telling Lor about it. I know it’s his boat, but that’s kind of mean still.
So, Sookie is helping Lorelai redecorate and organize that space, so that it can be a magical place. Michel feels left out, and calls Sookie about noises and smells coming from the kitchen.

Michel (on the phone): I heard a noise coming from the kitchen.
Sookie: What kind of noise?
Michel: A bang or a clang or possibly a crash. It might have been a wham or a ka-pow.
[…] Sookie: Michel, did you actually hear a noise?
Michel: Of course I heard a noise. It was a thwap or a boom.
Lorelai: What’s the matter?
Sookie: Apparently Batman is attacking the inn.

After his fit, Michel is invited to decorate. Who is working at the inn, then, though?

Post-breakup Luke
He is usually a grumpy person, but post-breakup Luke is probably the grumpiest.
He decides to help the elementary school production of Fiddler on the Roof anyway, since Lorelai signed them both up weeks prior. He keeps wondering where Lorelai is, and at first it is unclear whether he asks because he doesn’t want to see her or because he really, really does.
There is a kid who is super eager to let everyone know that his moms are lesbians. Which is great.

At some point, a kid trips because her skirt was long, and Luke loses it. Because Lorelai isn’t there, and he wanted her to be there. So he goes up to Lor’s house and screams at her. Oh, Luke. You and your anger issues. By the time the play happens, they are both watching from backstage, and Lorelai looks like she is about to cry the entire time.

This breakup is really really uncomfortable.
And so is Kirk playing a major part in an elementary school play, to be honest. He is like 30-something.

Rory and Marty are going through a thing
Marty has a thing for Rory, Rory isn’t clear on that. Or doesn’t think that should mean the friendship is over, anyway. They don’t communicate clearly about this. Rory invites Marty to hang out and watch movies together, and while Marty seems hesitant, he agrees.
As they are watching, Logan shows up – back from a trip somewhere – and invites Rory to hang out that same night. Or, to be more precise, he tells Rory that his friends are going somewhere, so she should grab a coat. It bothers me a bit that he just expected her to be in her room, with no plans, or willing to drop everything because he is there. Rory explains that Marty is there, so Logan tells him to join to. Which, I mean, is still feeling entitled to their time, y’know?
In any case, they both go with Logan, to a really expensive place apparently, because the bill turns out to be 75 dollars each. What the hell did they even eat/drink? Marty doesn’t have enough money, so Rory insists that he borrow some from her. Marty feels horrible about this, which I mean, I get, but I also don’t? Logan was the one to insist in such an expensive place, and it doesn’t make you better to be able to pay that, or worse if you’re broke. But I get it. Rory is kind of part of that world and that clique now, and Marty had been feeling left out the entire night, and the bill was just the cherry on top. Marty finally expresses his feelings for Rory and Rory expresses her feelings for, uh, Logan. Poor Marty. I’ve been that person. It’s not fun.

The episode ends with Logan tapping on Rory’s window that same night, to give her a “proper good-night” (insert awkward winks here). Something I had not noticed before but, Logan is much better at sexual consent than previous boyfriends, I find. Which would make sense, given that people learn to be better at that as they get older. He asks Rory multiple times if she wants him to go. He asks in a very sexy, teasing way. But asks. Is my standard low? My standard is probably low. Regardless, it is sexy, and consensual, and that is great.

Logan: Do you want me to go?
Rory: No.
Logan: Good, ’cause if you thought climbing through that window was *hard*…


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