Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.16

Richard and Emily are back from their second honeymoon. Luke is at his worst, grumpypuss-wise. And Lane has a romantic dinner with Zack, with unexpected outcomes. This one has a happy ending, yay!

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Luke is the worst diner owner
He kicks people out, literally. He burns the food, yells at everyone, challenges them to go to Weston’s if they are going to complain about the shitty food. I don’t think this is charming. He has serious anger management issues. He did the same things when he suspected Nicole was having an affair. Being unable to control your feelings is not a great sign of anything.

Zack: His eyes, red, like the fires of Mordor.
Poor Zack. He only wanted some fries.

Lorelai is mad at Emily, not Richard
Because the scheme to get Lorelai and Luke to break up was all coming from Emily, Lor is still talking to Richard. She has some problems with her insurance company so she calls him up to get his opinion. Meanwhile, Lorelai hangs up at Emily every time Emily calls her. I would do the same, to be honest.
Lorelai makes it clear that she is still okay with Richard, and they have a nice meeting at the Dragonfly Inn. Emily gets mad about this, obviously, accusing Richard of not standing by her.

Lor is not going to Friday Night Dinners
Sookie is worried that now that Lorelai doesn’t have that, and Rory’s away, and Luke is no longer in the picture, she’ll become couch-potato girl, alone every day at home, so she plans a girls night out with her. Sookie is such a good friend. Such a great character, to be honest. She is professional and super on top of her shit as a chef, a good and caring mother, and an excellent best friend.

No context is best.

Lorelai: But remember, I don’t put out unless I get dinner.
Sookie: I know, I saw your bumper sticker.

Of course, because Sookie is super pregnant, she doesn’t really feel like dancing, or going to a bar, or to the movies, so they stay home to watch stuff, and then they go to Weston’s to eat pie. Together, though, so it’s not *pathetic* (she writes as she sits at home, watching TV all day.)

Friday Night Dinner is loud
I like when Rory expresses her feelings. It is not super often that she gets mad, but when she does, I adore her. She goes to dinner because she has an agreement with her grandparents, but that doesn’t means she is happy with Emily or what she did to her mom. So she makes it clear that she is happy to see Richard, and is cold around Emily. Finally Emily confronts her granddaughter, and Rory tells her exactly what is going on. As if Emily didn’t know? What could a person doing what Emily did expect?
I get happy feelings because Rory stood up to Emily for her mom.

Later that night, Rory tells Lorelai about Logan, because she wants to go back to talking to her mom about all the things, like before Dean (the second time around). Lorelai is looking very awkward, but trying not to be. The way Rory talks about Logan, she makes it sound like a serious relationship, even when it is not, as it will become apparent in the next couple of episodes. Logan comes back from a trip with his friends early, so he invites Rory to join him at Yale, since they would have the place to themselves. And of course, Rory abandons everything, including her “spinster” mother, to join him there.

Zack cooks for Lane
Zack and Lane are hilariously relatable. The way Zack awkwardly sets up clues that he wants them to have sex, how Lane is generally clueless about it because she isn’t thinking about sex in that way. Of course, clear communication is best, but the awkward non-verbal thing is common to us all, when we are starting off having sex. When it comes down to it, though, Lane says she has to wait until she gets married, which Zack didn’t expect. And neither did Lane. They both look very confused at this new revelation. Mrs Kim’s thoughts and teachings did stick, apparently.


Rory: Wow, you’re making me sound a little slutty (2 guys in a year isn’t slutty, silly.)
Lane: Well, why wouldn’t you be slutty?


The episode ends with Emily visiting Luke at his diner. She tells him that Lorelai won’t speak to her, and that Lorelai has clearly chosen Luke. Then Emily *tells* him to go back to her. The way Emily views the world as something she can command is hilarious and terrifying to me.
In any case, he listens. He goes to Lorelai’s house and they make out. HUZZAH!


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