Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.17

Lorelai and Luke are back together! Lorelai is still not speaking to Emily, though. Rory and Logan are seeing other people, but neither of them seem to be doing great at it. Michel is back from vacationing in California, where he won an RV.


SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Michel has an RV
Michel is such a treasure. I need to meet Yanic Truesdale in person and tell him how much of a treasure he is. Michel went to LA and loved everything, especially the pretty people and shopping. Of course.
He also signed up to compete in The Price is Right. The image of Michel at a game show is priceless, I wish they would’ve shown it. He walked away with 100,000$ in prizes, but they’re all in the form of an RV. So now he has to sell it, and it is parked right outside the inn. Lorelai had a fancy photoshoot happening for a magazine, and the RV is standing right there, so she gets super mad. Kind of exaggeratedly so. Lorelai snaps at Michel when, in general, he is a good employee and business partner. He couldn’t have prevented the RV coming to the inn the exact day of the magazine photoshoot. Fortunately, she apologizes afterwards and helps him sell the thing.

Kirk is looking for some intimacy and independence
Kirk wishes to have with Lulu what Luke and Lorelai have, meaning being able to sleep over, have some real intimacy and privacy, but he lives with his mother, and the mother is apparently allergic to Lulu. Luke suggests that he get some independence, and finally move out of his mother’s place. Which, I mean, is good advice, but can’t he stay over at Lulu’s too? Does she live with her parents too, or alone?

In any case, Kirk gets super excited about leaving his house, so he does. But he didn’t think to get a place to live first. That doesn’t make any sense, given that soon we find out that he is rich, and smart enough to save to buy a giant house. Anyhoo. Lorelai and Luke come home after their getting-back-together-date to find Kirk sleeping naked in the garage, inside the boat. So there’s that.

Logan and Rory are keeping things casual
Lor and Rory run into Logan while he is on a date, and so Rory clarifies to Lorelai that she’s fine with it, because they both agreed to have casual fun. She doesn’t seem like she is 100% fine when Logan asks her about that – which I am glad he does: checking in is important. Later on, Robert (insignificant friend of Logan’s) asks Rory out for a party, and she says yes. She looks super proud of herself for also seeing other people. My sweet darling.

Rory is Gogo Yubari! So cute.

They go to the party – which is Quentin Tarantino-themed! I want to go to a Tarantino party! – and Logan is there with a date as well. Logan doesn’t like seeing Rory with Robert, apparently. He gets jealous, which is ironic but not surprising to me. He may be used to sleeping around while the women swoon exclusively for him. Bleh.

Lorelai (on the phone): [The dress] is too slutty.
Rory: The dress is fine. The person in it, however–
Lorelai: *gasps* You’re breaking up. The house is going through a tunnel. *imitates static*

Luke and Lorelai discuss Rory’s dating situation a little, and Lor says that while she doesn’t think Rory is a casual dater, she feels like she cannot bring it up with Rory because Rory doesn’t have to come home if she doesn’t want to. Aw. I get that. Especially given the way the sex-with-Dean thing went. At the same time, asking “are you sure this is what you want?” could work. And in any case, if it is not Rory’s thing, Rory will arrive to that conclusion. I remember having a similar situation with a friend of mine, who was having tons of casual sex, but invariably she caught feelings, and got heartbroken. I knew she would arrive to that conclusion herself, so I let her do that, supporting her as well as I could along the way. Sometimes that’s kind of all you can do.

Lorelai doesn’t show for Friday Night Dinner
So Emily wonders why, if she specifically told Luke to get back together with Lorelai. Like the world revolves around her and awaits for her instructions! Emily is so silly sometimes. I’d like to think no one is *that* entitled. Being as confused as she is, Emily goes back to Luke’s diner and starts shouting at him, asking him why he didn’t follow her instructions. Luke uses his recently discovered speed-dial to call Lorelai, so Lor shows up at the diner, tells Emily that they’re back together but that, obviously, that doesn’t mean things are fixed between mother and daughter.

This was satisfying to watch. Not gonna lie.

In the next episode, Rory and company get drunk, Kirk is still staying at Lorelai’s, and Luke is looking into buying a house.


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