Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.19

Sookie is very pregnant and needs bed rest, which does not sit well with her and her chef duties. Rory tells Logan she cannot do casual dating, and gets some unexpected results. Here we go. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Rory is a ‘girlfriend’ girl
Now, we pretty much knew this already. Plus, we learn here that that time period she was freaking out about not hearing from him for? A week. So, casual is definitely not in the books for her. I am glad she cleared that out with Logan. At first, Logan misconstrues that as an ultimatum but understands that it wasn’t and swears to Rory he can be a boyfriend, and he wants to.
Now, relatively unimportant detail here maybe, but, what kind of average-looking 23-year-old has so many girls on speed dial, and super interested in him? Seems unrealistic. C’mon ladies, you can all do better. Anyway.
Rory seems happy and he seems enthusiastic about trying a new thing.

And then they come back to Logan’s apartment to find a girl there waiting for him.
Not to worry, it is only Logan’s sister, Hope.


Hope invites Rory to have dinner with their family, since Hope is announcing her engagement to marry her boyfriend. Okay, okay. Is it just me or is inviting someone who just introduced herself as a new girlfriend to your family’s house a bit much? They’re 22-23! Who does that? Especially with a family like Logan’s. That’s just absurd. Also intrusive since Hope didn’t even check with Logan first. He seems to be fine with it, since he is now rolling with the whole “boyfriend” thing – which does not have to include parent dinners, but okay, let’s say it does. Maybe it is precisely because he has never called any woman his girlfriend that he doesn’t know the hell that awaits Rory’s poor, poor soul.

Paris has a sick boy at home.
When Paris gets back to her dorm, she finds Doyle laying in her bed, with a really bad cold. Turns out he was also not avoiding her or disliking her, he was just ill.
While I get it that a lot of us do that sometimes, exaggerate or overthink things that in reality mean nothing, I don’t like how the people doing this in each and every piece of media I can think of are women. In my experience, the neediest, weirdest over-thinkers have been men. Moving on though, because Doyle is sick and Paris seems to be terrified of catching whatever he has, despite being pre-med (and constantly reminded of that fact), and that’s fun to watch.
Paris brings him Nanny to take care of him. Am I the only one who is a big unimpressed that Doyle and Paris had slept together for not long at all and he went to her dorm expecting her to take care of him? Who does that?
I’m glad Paris confronts him about what their relationship is, and hopefully explains what her expectations and needs are. Boys shouldn’t just get Nanny and saunter away without having a normal conversation like fucking adults. They end up establishing they are in a committed relationship.

Sookie needs to stay in bed
And someone has to make the dinner. Because, classic Sookie, she does not delegate, so nobody in the kitchen knows how to do what she does. Lorelai is freaking out about that so he enlists Luke to help cook dinner.
Of course Sookie is not at peace with this, so he calls Luke again and again to question him on his methods, like he hasn’t been running a diner for I don’t know how many years. Oh, Sookie, you sweet, adorable, hormonal mess. She also didn’t check applications for her temporary replacement. I know it’s cute because it’s Sookie, but that’s beyond unprofessional if you’re running a kitchen. Not to mention that doubting his skills and annoying him and interrupting him would be super ungrateful of someone who is running an inn kitchen for you for free because you wouldn’t properly train your staff. Anyhoo. I still love her, because my sweet babe does not know how to not be the boss of her own damn kitchen always. It’s creepy, but endearing.
After she steals food from Luke’s kitchen (because while it is Sookie’s, he is running it, for free, to help her), moves herself to one of the Inn’s rooms to be able to sneak in food,  and is told several times to stop it, she gets upset and calls Jackson. My poor lost babies. Everyone gets upset but then everyone makes up. Because Sookie needs bed rest.

She is a Gilmore, and yet…
Rory and Logan go to the Huntzberger’s family dinner. There are crickets because Josh (Hope’s fiancee) is boring and because the family is boring and because their house is ugly. Maybe that last part is not part of the reason but I needed to throw that in the mix of things that are uncomfortable to watch.


But then Grandpa H gets pissy. He slams the table and declares that bringing undesirables into the family is a discussion that must be had. Now, because Hope is engaged we all think they must be talking on poor silent Josh, but no!
They are talking about Rory, and how unsuitable she is to be Logan’s wife. Wait, what? Yes. They are worse than Richard with his uncomfortable, unnecessary questioning of Dean back in season 2. They have literally started dating 2 minutes ago, Rory is 22, why is everyone talking about marrying into the Huntzberger business?! And how are Grandpa H and Shira (Mama H) attacking her, calling her less than them, bringing up Logan’s exes? Aren’t these people supposed to at least pretend to have manners? The only thing I can think of is that they clearly think themselves so above everyone, so above Rory and her family, that they can talk like that on a first meal they have together. It is even more ridiculous since we know that even within this elitist, classist bullshit universe, Rory is of ‘good breeding’ (god how I find that term disgusting), Rory is smart and capable and pretty and would make a wonderful wife to Logan. She could run the business with him if she wanted to. This entire thing is so unpleasant.
As Logan rightfully stops them on their tracks and stands up from the table to leave that hot mess, Mitchum (Papa H) Huntzberger arrives. He seems completely unaware of the happenings of the night, seems pleasant to Rory, and surprised that everything is the hot mess that it is.
After dinner, Logan is not talking much and everything is awkward. He drops off Rory without much said, and she calls Lorelai to tell her about that dinner, and about her fears that that may make Logan reconsider their relationship. Lorelai is right to be upset at the Huntzbergers, and worried about her daughter, and she tells Rory that she is worried because the other night her daughter was drunk and crying on the bathroom floor. I get it, but at the same time, who hasn’t drunk-cried over insecurities that have more to do with us than the other person, the actual situation that is happening? Anyway. Logan comes back to Rory’s room to apologize for leaving like that, and to take her to dinner. Good boy.

The next day, Papa H (I like calling Mitchum that, sorry) shows up at the Yale Daily News to talk to Rory, to apologize for his family’s behavior, and to make Rory an offer: an internship at a paper Mitchum recently bought. At first she says no, because he is only doing it out of guilt, but then Mitchum tells her that it’s still an opportunity, even if it was true that he only offered to apologize. He is right, too. So she says yes.
In the next episode, Rory starts her internship, and the Gilmore grandparents demand a dinner with Logan, which goes, well, a bit uncomfortable.


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