Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.20

It’s Rory’s first day as an intern at Mitchum’s (Papa H) newest newspaper. Logan is invited to a Friday Night Dinner which has Richard and Emily thrilled, and Lorelai, well, she is less happy.


SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Rory is an intern now
I relate to her first day at the internship very much. My first day on my first internship was nothing like hers (mine included sex toy perusing & conversations about the word ‘moist’) but I feel like it would have been if it had been an office or something like what she is doing. She doesn’t know when she is supposed to take breaks, or who anyone is, or what her job is, and she is wearing uncomfortable shoes.
I also relate to doing an absurd amount of researcher on her boss, which I did too. She went overboard though, with a tower of books on everything Mitchum Huntzberger has ever written about, an indepth knowledge of everything he has ever done and said, etc. A little creepy, but endearing. She even calls Logan in the middle of her day to ask him to help her know him better, which he tries to do, even though he does not know him or bond with him much. She admires Mitchum, which is sweet but also terrifying because he is kind of a dick, as we will discover as the relationship between Logan and Rory continues.

Emily and Richard must meet Logan
I mean, they’ve met him. But they must re-meet him. They demand he join them for Friday Night Dinner, which encourages Lorelai to invite herself too, since she wants to know him as well. If I were Lorelai I would have told Rory to take Logan to Stars Hollow and have a more chill evening just the three of them instead. But whatever.

Tsk tsk. You don’t know he is straight. He could be bi. I know he is bi in my dreams.

We also learn in this episode that some friend of Richard’s wants to meet up with Lorelai because he is interested in doing business with her or something. We learn that this businessman knows about the inn because of the article – THE article, the one that, last we heard, wasn’t going to get published because Lorelai compared Emily to Stalin – which comes out soon.

Richard and Emily are really into this dinner with Logan. Right before they arrive, we hear them talking about the possibility of buying land in Martha’s Vineyard, talking about how it’s great for marriages and kids. They are so creepy, so ahead of themselves, so desperate. They keep telling the two babefriends that they’re perfect and praising everything Logan says and does. They freak me out. They also keep making digs at Lorelai, putting an onion in Lorelai’s martini, keeping her out of the conversation, making everything super uncomfortable for her. It’s not even the fact that they’re making Lorelai never want to come back to dinner with them, but they’re also failing at their manners rulebook by having all this pettiness in front of their precious Logan.
But Emily and Richard will not stop asking Logan about whether or not he likes Cape Cod for weddings, whether or not he likes kids. It is so intrusive, and so very creepy.

As part of a Life & Death Brigade (you know, the frat-type group Logan belongs to?) inside joke, Logan takes a knickknack from Emily’s living room and leave a knickknack from a previous rich person’s house in its place. Emily, being true to herself, immediately notices, and pounces on her maid. Lorelai, who saw Logan take it, asks for it back and tells Emily she found it. Lorelai looks at both Logan and Rory with a really disapproving face. Now, I get not being super into a rich kid’s shenanigans, but c’mon. He is taking silly things from other rich people’s houses. It’s not the biggest deal. And Lor acts like she would never make fun of her parents or like it is a huge offence or something. It feels like she is taking how her parents are treating her and projecting that onto Logan, which is unfair at this point. He is not his family, and he is not her family either. Wow, I am defending Logan, this is interesting.

Emily: Have you lost your mind?
Lorelai: No, nope. Still sloshing around up there.

After Logan and Rory leave, Lorelai tells her parents about how Rory was treated at the Huntzberger’s house. She handles it super wrong though, telling them about other things that she knows they won’t care about or believe her about. She voices her concerns and doubts about how legit the internship is, and if it is just a ploy or a buy-off. If she wanted to make a point about the family treating her daughter badly, that’s fine, but she could have stuck with that. Would have saved us all a lot of time between now and when they finally realize what was happening. The grandparents are so good at gaslighting and passive-aggressive awfulness so of course they were going to ‘win’ this one. Especially since they don’t seem to care about Logan’s rich kid shenanigans – oh, if Lor knew he sinks other people’s yachts and throws himself off of tall buildings on pretentious outdoor parties! – or anything other than Logan being rich and how cute their kids would be.
That was so uncomfortable to watch and think about. Let’s move on.

The episode ends with Sookie and Lorelai talking about the business dude and how he is interested and open about options for the inn, and for them. They talk about travelling, consulting, and how great that would be.

Sookie: I can picture us in the south of France. Ohh! Topless.
Lorelai: At work?
Sookie: On the beach.
Lorelai: Much more appropriate.

Sookie can’t leave because of family, but Lor could. She is considering it..!


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