Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.21

We are approaching the end of Season 5. I don’t want to review the last few episodes because they’re so painful in different ways, but I will. There is a lot going on in today’s episode.
Emily is sponsoring a ballet dancer and bringing them home, which sounds a little creepy, but okay, that’s a thing. Luke has competition towards buying the Twickum house off of Taylor, and Lorelai has a pregnancy scare, while Sookie is having her baby. The article where Lorelai makes funny but horribly offensive digs at her mother comes out, and of course Emily reads it. And Rory is nearing the end of her internship shadowing Mitchum, which ends on a sad note for her. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Sookie is giving birth, Lorelai might be preggers
Just as Lor and Rory were going to throw Sookie a late baby shower, Sookie is having contractions and running to the hospital. As they’re deciding baby names, Jackson keeps saying that they’ll save the names for more babies. Sookie keeps saying famous people everywhere, and she is cute every second of it.What is not super cute is that, after giving birth, Sookie announces (not asks) to Jackson that he is getting a vasectomy right then and there. Don’t get me wrong, if she doesn’t want more babies, they don’t need to have them, but springing that on him is rude.
After a party in NYC (related to the magazine article Lorelai did), after Luke rants about big cities and NYC smells – ranting Luke is the best Luke -, after they drunkenly get to Luke’s place and Lorelai wakes up… she realizes they had sex without a condom, and I am guessing no pill either, which is, from the looks of it, a first for Lor in a while (good job having safer sex always woohoo!). Lorelai panics and calls Rory and wonders how she feels about having a baby. It ends up being a false alarm so, whatevs.

Emily buys a Russian ballerina
In a creepier move than is already usual for Emily, her rich friends and her decide to help out the Russian ballet by “adopting” (buying) a ballerina to bring home. She doesn’t like the first one, Pola, because she was “annoying” and “dumb”. So she gets a guy, Mikhail.

Lorelai decides to get the article and the awfulness out of the way so she shows the article to Emily, and Mikhail, herself. Emily decides to stop reading after Lorelai begs her to, and she forgives Lorelai, but Mikhail storms off the house. Why? Because Lorelai thinks Emily Gilmore is like Stalin.
I am so glad they included this. Even if that may not have been why they included it, it is a lesson about making jokes that compare trivial things to awful, historically oppressive things. Lorelai explains and apologizes for making such an awful joke. Good.

Luke isn’t the only one interested in the Twickum house
Guess who else is? KIRK. You read that right. I remember the first time watching this, I flipped out. What? Why? How. But then it clicked: he has been living with his mom all this time, working a million jobs, living a very simple life. It still seems excessive that he would have 250,000 but it is not that far out there, I guess. I would be as angry as Luke was, though.

In any case, both Luke and Kirk meet with the “town elders” at a steam room – of course! old rich white men like steam rooms – and a misterious man under a towel declares that Luke deserves the house because he has been pining for Lorelai since the dawn of time. Hurray for everyone in a small town knowing everything about everyone, I guess.

Rory’s aiming for the summer job
As the semester ends, Rory’s internship might end, unless she gets a summer job at the paper with Mitchum. She seems to be on top of her game and her duties, and she seems to like it very much.
After a meeting, Mitchum sits Rory down to give her feedback. He tells her that he doesn’t think she has what it takes to be a journalist, to put herself out there in that field. He thinks she could make a good assistant.
Now, I have conflicting thoughts about this. My initial reaction, the first couple of times watching the show, was to defend Rory. How dare he talk like that to our precious angelic smart Yalie? Then I had thoughts about, how could he possibly know? Has he read anything she has written? Did he give her an actual chance? No. At the same time, it is not false that she never did or try anything besides what she was asked to do, she never went out of her way to be more than an assistant. It sucks, and most internships suck in that they don’t do much for the interns as far as actual teaching or training beyond getting people coffee and do boring-ass paperwork.
He is still a jerk though, and he could have given gradual feedback – him, or someone else in the office – throughout the internship to guide Rory better instead of just raining on her parade at the end of it. But, yeah. Those are my thoughts. What does make me super angry is him telling Rory that he may have just done her a big favor. Such an entitled jerk. That line right there is where I knew for sure that he was absolutely agreeing with his family about Rory.

But then Rory goes and makes me eyeroll at her beyond what I thought I was capable of eyerolling.
Crying about that, I get. Being angry and disappointed, I get. Stealing a yacht like your rich, petty boyfriend has done before? Really, Rory? And it just gets worse, way worse, before it gets better. Hang on, kids.



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