Today I recap: Gilmore girls, season 5

I need to be honest that I like the first 4 seasons more than the last 3 – I think it is mainly because there is a lot more drama in the last 3 -, but I still do like this season a lot. Especially once Dean leaves. In light of all the news about the revival (!!!), and that Jared Padalecki is coming back for it, I hope he comes back just so that everyone throws tomatoes at him. It’s unlikely that that’s his role, but a girl can dream.

Now let’s recap! Starting with my least favorites: On #5 I would put But I’m a Gilmore (5.19), because the Huntzberger fam sucks. At #4, We Got Us a Pippi Virgin (5.05) because Dean is there and Luke is a dick and everything is kind of boring. For #3, Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller (5.01) because Lorelai and Rory are fighting and that makes me anxious. At #2, I would say Say Something (5.14), because every time I rewatch that dream sequence of Lorelai, I cry. And my very least favorite is A House Is Not a Home (5.22) because it took me forever to write that review because I knew how stressful it is.

Now, my favorites! Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant (5.06) would go at #5, because a lot of little funny moments happen throughout. At #4, But Not as Cute as Pushkin (5.10) would be next, since I liked Rory showing Anna around and all those shenanigans.


This insult is now an integral part of my vocabulary.


My #3 would be Pulp Friction (5.17), because Tarantino, and Luke and Lorelai just getting back together is also fun. For #2, Wedding Bell Blues (5.13), despite the drama that makes me nervous, it is a really solid and entertaining 100th episode. At #1, despite me maybe, I would put You Jump, I Jump, Jack (5.07) – rich kid shenanigans sounded fun, okay? Let me live.

Woooooop. That’s it. I anticipate the next two seasons will be super interesting to review, since I haven’t watched either of them more than once, maybe twice? See ya babes there.


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