Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 6.01

Ooof. Season 6 amirite? Last time we checked, Lorelai had proposed to Luke, Rory was moving into the pool house with her grandparents after dropping off Yale, having stolen a yacht.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Luke & Lorelai sitting in a tree, e-n-g-a-g-e-d (that actually kinda rhymes too!)
Luke says yes, of course. They toast with zima in the town gazebo. Awwwwwh. We know, we know.
The town seems a little concerned that Lorelai proposed to Luke and not the other way around. I say fuck that. I love that it was her who proposed.

Mrs Patty: *She* proposed…
Babette: Yeah, well, thank God he’s got a good ass.

Kirk is now in the business of selling dead women’s rings and also teases Luke about it, saying how he pities him for having Lor steal his moment. But who cares what Kirk thinks.

300 hours of community service
Richard’s lawyer brags about himself and how he’ll get Rory out with no more than 20 hours of community service. But when they go to the courthouse, the judge voices her exhaustion with rich kids viewing the world as their playground (damn right!) and gives her 300 hours to be done in no more than 6 months. Ah well.

Rory’s now in the pool house
We see the first steps into the grandparents and Rory living together. It is a bit awkward for Rory, but it seems okay for now. Richard gets her a lawyer for the boat incident, and calls Lorelai to let her know. Lorelai is very snarky and makes it known she doesn’t care. I don’t think that’s useful, and it looks like throwing a fit, but okay.
Paris visits and also questions Rory about the Yale thing, but Rory stands her ground, telling Paris that it is her life, which is, well, true. If people close to her actually asked her what was going on or opened up a dialogue with her, that would have probably helped Rory and their relationships with her a lot more, but hey, judging works for some. Not most, though.

What I do not like, is how easily she gets comfortable with that rich girl life. Logan’s friends (including Riki Lindhome! I didn’t remember she was on Gilmore girls!) throw her a “for she’s a jolly good fellon” party, for fucks sake, which seems to me like the very epitome of white privilege, and mocking the prison industrial complex, which is gross. Anyway.

Emily sends Lorelai a message that she will be picking up Rory’s stuff from her house, so Lor sends Michel to let Emily into her house. She also does not even attempt to put stuff in boxes or in bags or anything. Then, after Emily left Lorelai notes and voicemail messages, Lorelai decides to barge into her parents’ house in the middle of the night to drop off the rest of Rory’s stuff. Lorelai is upset, we get it, but she is acting like a child. What is she accomplishing with this? Literally nothing. This kind of passive-aggressiveness is what I’ve heard freshman roommates do to each other, not 40-year old grown women. Jesus fuck. And she acts like it was some kind of ploy deviced by Richard and Emily to get Rory to “be like them”. Regardless of whether or not it is kind of true – Rory is getting to be more and more like a rich brat socialite as the seasons progress – it is not really something the grandparents planned. And Rory is not a puppet, or a child.
While I really don’t like when Rory and Lorelai fight, I like that it is very real. They are very close, and love each other so much, so obviously when they fight, it hurts. They are both flawed humans, and they fuck up. One of the things I love about this show is how the “strong female characters” (which this show has a TON of) are allowed to be unreasonable, insecure, stubborn, petty. All of them, but since the show focuses on mother and daughter, they get to be more of all of that. It’s refreshing, even on my nth rewatch.

Next episode includes a lot of changes: Rory starts her community service, Lorelai gets a dog, Luke and Lorelai make some house-related decisions.


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