Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 6.02

Rory gets up on the wrong foot as far as her community service goes. In the meantime, Luke and Lorelai decide some living arrangements. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

I love that Luke was a trekkie and that he argues about Star Wars. Imagine if he discovered fandoms? Oh. my. God.

Rory’s life at the pool house
She is starting her community service picking up trash from the side of the road. She clearly feels out of place, but like, tough. Emily prints out a list of how to interact with “fellow prisoners”, which is as silly-sounding coming from her as you would imagine. She even gives Rory cigarettes to barter with. Dear Lord.
She is also hanging out around the house a lot, since she does not have a job yet. She starts chatting in Spanish with one maid there, who is from Guatemala. Emily sees them and barks at the maid to go away, telling Rory she should not be doing that (treating maids like human beings! how dare she). Next thing we know, they hired another maid. I really really hate Emily when it comes to her employees.

Richard and Emily inform Rory that they can help her get a job of some sort, to which Rory replies that her community service severely limits her options as far as work. But, uh, 300 hours in 6 months would require about 10 to 13 hours a week? That is 100% doable, while having a part time job.  Later that day, the DAR women mention to Rory that they have a job opening, as an assistant of some sort. She decides to take it. Oh boy, more like a bratty brat socialite every day.

Lorelai and Luke’s home
Luke places back his offer on the Twickum house (which he had pulled out) and starts planning what things to do about that house, and about Lorelai’s current house. Lor starts rambling about keeping it for some other thing, and Luke picks up on the fact that Lorelai doesn’t wanna let go, so he suggests they stay and live there.
Liz is trying to get TJ out of the house so she begs and manipulates Luke into hiring him as a contractor for renovations around Lorelai’s house. In classic TJ fashion, he screws up left and right, and sledgehammers an enormous hole in Lorelai’s bedroom as his first decision. Oh TJ.

Paul Anka arrives!
Not the singer (not yet), the dog. Lorelai gets a cute-as-fuck dog – to fill in the Rory-shaped void in her heart – who is afraid of everything. He is the cutest, though! I had kind of forgotten how cute he is.
Luke apparently hates dogs? I don’t trust men who don’t like dogs.


Plus he is hella smart.


Rory visits the diner
And asks Luke how everything is going. Luke tells her that he and her mom are engaged. Later on, because he feels stressed out about it, Luke snaps at Lorelai and tells her what happened. Lorelai yells back, saying no one should have told her anything. She is so unreasonable and so so petty about this. It is not Luke’s fault that they are not talking. And honestly, the no-talking thing is such a bullshit thing, too. Which Luke points out, and I am glad he did. She is not being a mother, she is being a petty high-schooler.

She gets into a fight – probably because of her frustration and hurt that Lorelai didn’t tell her about the engagement – while doing her community service, which is ridiculous because Rory cannot possibly take anyone in a fight. Later that same day, Lorelai is driving by and sees Rory on the side of the road. She stops the car and has a 3 minute bickering match with her daughter. Interrupting her at work, taking out her frustrations over something that is her own fault (they stopped speaking because Lor cut her daughter out completely), possibly getting her in trouble, to achieve *what?* Nothing. Not telling her daughter about getting engaged *is* super hurtful, uncalled for, and seems like an intentional dig. So petty.
Uh. Soon mother and daughter will stop being ridiculous. Soon. Ish.


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