Today I (re)watch: Person of interest 1.03

I don’t remember being super invested in this episode, so maybe I will be quick.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

The number of the week is Joey Durban, a dude who works part time as a busboy or something-something, and part time in an efficient bank-robbing gang of ex-military men. So your average dude, of course. But just because he robs banks doesn’t mean he’s gonna kill someone. As per usual, nobody knows shit about who is gonna do or receive the violence. It’s hard being a superhero.

[February 2006] At an airport, John runs into Jessica. Remember, we already know that The Machine threw out Jessica’s number in 2007, so this isn’t too long before that. We learn in later flashbacks during this episode that they have probably been broken up for a while, and she is wearing an engagement ring. His name is Peter. Jessica confronts John about why he left, saying it was because it was easier for him to be alone. He tells her that “In the end you’re all alone, and no one’s coming to save you.” She tells him that if he asks her to wait for him, she will. He doesn’t, and sheds a single dramatic tear as she walks away. Sometimes John really pisses me off but then I think about my emotionally-stunted, coward self and how I would do the same thing so, I don’t know. I piss myself off sometimes.

Harold and John have a dynamic I have come to appreciate a lot. It is fun for me to see them here, with Harold’s guard way up, John still unsure about Harold and his quirks and his machine. But when Harold denies he is exercising just like John advised him too, they are actually a married couple. Three episodes in, and they are already a married couple in my eyes.

At the police precinct, Carter gets called by a colleague because his ‘mystery man’ (John, the Man in the Suit) and his prints showed up at a bank robbery – the first one, where John is just finding out about Joey Durban’s side job.

There are some things I hadn’t thought about the first time I watched this episode, like the discussion on veterans. Now, it might be a mystery to whoever reads this, but not to my friends, that I hate the military. But when it comes to veterans, they are treated like shit when they come back, in real life. I don’t like when people are treated like shit, especially after trauma. Especially after trauma caused by the same systems that later treat them like shit.
Harold is at first skeptical of helping Joey because he is a bank-robbing, possibly-cheating (he isn’t) mess. John simply replies “not every ex-soldier meets a reclusive billionaire”. It is a fair thing to say that John did not kill himself in the pilot thanks to Harold. Not every vet (in fact, none in real life) gets that kind of boost – economical or moral or emotional – when they come back.
Two bankers wanna start shit up with John and Joey at a bar and John isn’t having it. I don’t like the glorification of vets (since it sometimes comes from a glorification of wars as heroism) but being assholes to vets is not okay either.


So anyway, it turns out Joey’s number came up because the gang leader systematically bumps off all the other thieves every few months so that the gang remains “fresh”. That’s a horrible human being right there. At the robbery where they were being set up, Harold arrives just in time to warn John. But then Carter has Harold on tape, speaking to her ‘mystery man’, which will become relevant later on.

This last job also kickstarts the slow introduction of an interesting character, who ordered the mystery items stolen from an evidence box, and ordered every loose end (that’s evil-crimelord for “people involved”) be disposed of. We only know a last name for now: Elias. This is honestly the only actually important thing that happens in the episode.
Carter is on the phone (well, a military walkie-talkie type of thing) with John for the second time in this episode, too.

I like the fact that both of these things end up happening on screen. Whether it is a dream, a flashback, a hallucination, the end to someone’s chapter, or a plan gone wrong, I will not tell.

That’s all for tonight. In the next episode, a rapist (kinda) gets what he deserves! Hurray!


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