Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.06

This episode introduces one of my favorite minor characters in the show. What a beauty.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

This episode introduces this episode’s number before Harold and John talk about her, which I am glad about, because a Paige Turco surprise is a fantastic surprise. Zoe Morgan (Turco’s character) is some kind of fixer, and very possibly the target, not the perpetrator.

Harold: Any idea who’d want to take her out?
John: Who wouldn’t?
John, you double-meaning, sly son of a bitch. But also, agreed, 100%.

In this episode we get a little more information on the name that came up on Mission Creep (1.03), Elias. A new murder arrives at Carter’s desk: an old hit man, who was accused (but not convicted, due to bribery) with murder in the 70s, is stabbed with an old kitchen knife. Any guess what the MO was on the murder he committed? Stabbing repeatedly with the same kitchen knife. His victim? Marlene Elias, who had an affair with Moretti, a mafia don who sent the hit man after her. Carter then takes a guess that the killer is probably Carl Elias, Moretti’s rejected son.

Pretty early on we learn that Zoe Morgan, this week’s number, is, in fact, the intended victim. For a job, she is asked to recover a recording for a big pharma CEO who gets blackmailed by some dude who has said recording. But this tape is so important to them, apparently, that they want everyone who touched it or might have touched it killed. At first it sounds like it is an affair they’re covering up, but then it becomes evident that the woman on the recording was going to blow the whistle on the company about some failed drug trials that would kill 3% of the people taking the drug, which is about to hit the market. Harold invests in the company to have more of a chance to look at the people who are threatening Zoe.
Zoe decides to let John work with her on how to get them off her back, and possibly some justice for Dana, the woman in the recording, who was also killed.

John: Where are we going?
Zoe: To do something illegal

Now, when I first watched this show I had a bit of fear that they were going to make me swallow some hetero romance, or a lot of hetero flirting every time John saves a woman. Women do flirt on occasion, which isn’t too far out there, considering this is Jesus Christ (never getting tired of calling him that, okay?) saving their butts. But even though Zoe does come back throughout the seasons, and they have great chemistry in my opinion, the writers went a different, and much better, route with them: they have on and off flirting and sex whenever their paths happen to cross. For two emotionally-unavailable, busy, travelling, secretive people, this makes all the sense in the world. Also for anyone, to be honest. Crotch-friendships can be for anyone.

Anyway, back to the episode. While breaking in to get the FDA trials for the drug, John and Zoe get captured. Zoe tells the CEO she will give him the files if they let *her* go, but also hands John a paperclip while giving him a kiss. John frees himself just in time to meet Zoe and save her, since they were planning to kill her anyway, obviously.

One small thing that bothered me is how when Zoe tells John that he doesn’t know her so why is he giving her career advice, he replies he knows everything about her, and proceeds to list random trivia from Zoe’s childhood. If being a spy (or a decently perceptive human being) should have taught John anything, is that knowing the street a person grew up in means zero about who they are now. I am also always bitter about men who think they know women more than we know ourselves. Anyhoo.

Now, you know how Harold had invested in the company to keep an eye on the murderous jerks? Well, he meets up with the CEO, after all of what happened, to notify him that since the drug trial reports are going public, Harold is selling his shares in the company and is leaving them with a lot less money (I don’t speak investor so I don’t fully understand what “shorting a company” means, but if you really care, you can look it up).
Michael Emerson is such a good actor, and I love when he gets calm-scary like in this scene.
CEO dude: If you’re betting against me, you clearly don’t know who you’re dealing with.
Harold: I know exactly what kind of man I’m dealing with. And I know you don’t care who you hurt to get what you want. I know the only thing you do care about is money. So that’s what I’m going to take from you. Your money. All of it. So you were right, Mr Keller: thanks to you, I never will have to invest in another company.
Get them all, Harry.

Meanwhile, Carter looks into the Elias situation with an old detective who worked the case back in the day. Just when this detective is going to meet Carter to give her more notes on Elias, he gets shot in his own apartment, and they almost get Carter too. That Elias guy sure is something, but nobody knows what he looks like or what he is up to, really. Intriiiiiigue.

We leave this one with some more Paige Turco glory. Her outfit is magical, her hair is magical, and their flirting makes me think maybe I should get me a hot fixer as a sugar mommy. Paige, if you’re reading this, hit me up.
Bless them and the children they would never have (and bless them for that too) but would be gorgeous and smart and resourceful and sneaky as hell. I love Zoe Morgan so hard, folks. So hard.


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