Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.09

This is a fucking solid and legit hour of television. We get long overdue in-depth time with Joss Carter, we get the beginning of a beautiful friendship, we get a domestic abuser getting a little bit of what he deserves..! It’s a great time.

109 carter picture.png

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

[2004] We open in a flashback, in Iraq, where Carter is the boss interrogator. She is going to interrogate a man who delivers explosives.

We get so many clues from voice recordings The Machine reviews – because those are the pieces of data that are gathered which lead to the numbers Harold gets. I like this a lot about Person of Interest. All these bits of information by le” href=”#90991088″> make more and more sense as every episode develops. Here we have a man’s voice telling someone else that “she” has to go, “but it’s gotta be clean”. A “she” is being taken out, in a way that will look legal. If we pay attention (or maybe I’m just saying that ’cause in hindsight it seems obvious) we already know at this point that the man’s voice is Elias’, and that the title screen showed Carter at the end – which is where they show the episode’s irrelevant number – so Elias must be out to get Carter.

We go directly to the precinct, where a domestic violence victim is back, but not pressing charges, again. Carter gives her her card in case she ever wants support or help. Carter then gets called to a crime scene, where a kid who witnessed a shooting before got shot on the street, and Carter knows it was the original shooter shutting him up.
So now Harold and John have three front-runners in a race to kill the boss of my heart, Joss: Elias, Eddie Kovac (the domestic abuser), and Hector Alvarez, the shooter who killed the witness. Being an honest detective sure looks fun.

109 carter bab.gif

Boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch

[2004] Carter is interrogating Yusef, the explosives distributor, and convinces him that she cares about his family, which she seems to genuinely do, but at the same time, anyone can memorize dates and names from a file and that doesn’t mean you care about a person. And fuck this show for putting my Joss Carter queen of my heart as a soldier AND a cop, the two professions I hate the most. Anyway. He gives her the location of the explosives left.

To try to get some of the murder contenders out of the way, John visits Hector’s shop and shoots his way in with a (fucking) grenade launcher. I love every time a grenade launcher happens in the show, I don’t know why. I swear I was incredibly anti-gun before this show. I still am in real life, but Person of Interest just has a way with me. Not much to do.

John steals some guns Hector is running as well as a car, and shoots a bunch of his crew in the kneecaps or shoulders. Classic Reese. This also reminds me that, he is not wearing his suit for most of this episode. If only he wore different clothing every episode, he would not have ‘Man in the Suit’ as a common denominator for most of the shenanigans that lead to people finding him out. But it’s fiction, so I guess, whatever.

After Hector goes into hiding, Carter finds his location. At the same time, Mrs Kovac (the DV victim) calls her because her husband is screaming with a gun in his hand. John takes care of Mr Kovac (by roping him to the ceiling, which is satisfying) and by le” href=”#73373153″> makes sure to stay close to Carter when she arrests Hector. But Elias is still a problem, and he personally delivers Joss some creepy white flowers with a card that reads “Our deepest regrets on the loss of Detective Carter.” Jeez.
John is visibly shaken during this case, and Finch asks him why. John explains that what they’ve been doing for a few months, Carter has done her whole life: trying to prevent bad things from happening. He clearly roots for Carter 100%.

John: Some people the world just can’t afford to lose. My heart melts. Send help.

Elias sends Carter’s confidential informant to shoot her, and he does, but since Reese warned her that someone wanted her dead, she was wearing a vest, and John shot him before he could finish the job. Phew! That was intense.

[2004] After Yusef (the guy Carter interrogated) leads them to the explosives, the other soldiers notify Carter that he didn’t make it back, because “accidents happen”. She gets angry that they are playing God, deciding who lives and who dies. They remain grade A assholes, and tell her she is all alone. HOW DARE.

John hunts down a police captain and threatens to kill all the people if anyone touches Carter. So that’s over for now.

Carter sits with her son at a diner, while John listens in from afar. She knows he’s got her. But I also like the fact that she can hold her own. Most women in the show can. John keeps suggesting they (Zoe, Carter, more to come) be more careful or whatever and they’re always like “Dude, I got shit to do” and carry on with their badassery. As one does.

Yay, we got Carter!


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