Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.10

The Machine spits out four interconnected numbers. A CIA agent takes interest in the Man in The Suit that Carter has been chasing.

110 in the beginning.gif

‘In the beginning’. N.I.

John thinks he is at the library (their main base of operations) early and is snooping around, but Harold is there and totally catches him. Oh Reese, all that espionage training and this is the best you got?

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

At first the 4 numbers seem unrelated, but it is discovered that they witnessed the same car crash and took a lot of money out of the car. Now one by one, they’re being killed off.
Claire, the first one, dies before John can even get to her place, and Matt dies from a bomb detonated right by his car — with Finch standing a few meters away.
Now, this feels traumatic enough, but it is more so once you discover that (SPOILER) Nathan Ingram, his friend and colleague, was also killed by a bomb, really close to where he was. No wonder he is beating himself up so much.

I love how John is patient with him and encourages Harold to move forward. Their little friendship moments make me so happy. I also love, about their dynamic, that even though Harold has more of a say – he built the Machine, funds the operation, is the tech and info dude, etc – John takes the reigns from time to time. They follow each other’s leads when it is appropriate and that’s really cool. Even the fact that the geeky hacker is usually the boss as opposed to the hunky dude’s sidekick/helper is pretty good.
I would also like to take a minute to appreciate Michael Emerson. His performance is so subtle, so great. He uses really big words but makes really simple, funny jokes delivered in a really quirky, very Finch way.

The vaguely creepy CIA dudes that are interested in Carter’s investigation are following her, after asking her questions about the Man In The Suit at the precinct. They take her to a diner to tell her about John. Mark Snow (one of the CIA bros) tells her that they were best friends, that he killed his long-time CIA partner Kara Stanton, that he has killed many civilians and is a danger to himself. Now, who will she trust? Them, obviously. She knows nothing except what they tell her. To be honest, we don’t know anything either, at this point. Time will tell.
And the time is THIS SAME EPISODE. John calls Carter to warn her about Matt and Claire’s killers whereabouts, and Carter calls Snow to tell him where John is going to be. Carter looks conflicted, but she is a very lawful person so, what to do?
John saves the two remaining numbers, and later runs into Snow and Evans, in all their stiff CIA-boy glory. Snow offers John a blank slate, which John knows is not possible, so he refuses. So Evans shoots John.

John: I wanted to say thank you, Harold. For giving me a second chance.
Harold: It’s not over, John. I’m close. Just get to the ground floor.
John: No. You stay away. Don’t even risk it.

The end.
LOL just kidding.

The show does a really good job at little things, like clearly differentiating when Harold and John call each other by their first or last name. It’s effective at the pulling of the heartstrings (not that I’m a hard sell). They are slowly but steadily appreciating each other and protecting each other way beyond coworker level. It’s so cute.

John manages to escape thanks to Harold hurrying to his rescue at the parking lot (his look of worry when he listens in on Carter telling Snow about John!! My heart!!!). Carter catches up to them, but sees their faces, has some sort of change of heart, and lets them go.

I will probably say this again several times throughout the reviews but, the soundtrack for this show is really good. ‘When Things Explode’ by Unkle is a really good fit for all of my feelings right now.

That is all.


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