Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.13

Oh my God. We have arrived to Root Cause. It’s the beginning of one of the best things I’ve seen on TV, my lovelies. It’s so good. We’re still kind of ways away, but it’s already giving me chills.


The initial shot after the opening credit sequence is inside the Machine, and they show a number of inconsistencies and red font, like the Machine doesn’t understand certain data, or knows it’s spoofed or corrupted. INTRIGUE.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

This episode’s number is Scott Powell, a family man who is unemployed, broke and desperate. Harold finds out that Scott has a number of death threats he’s sent to a congressman, who prompted the layoffs that got Scott out of a job.
I love how Finch manages to get into Scott’s wifi by using a Pringles can. John is clearly both amused and impressed by this too. They’re so cute. They respect and admire each other so much more than they currently admit. What a wonderful pair.

John follows Scott because he is sure he’s the perpetrator and is going to murder the congressman, but it turns out he was set up. By whom? Who knows. Someone spoofed transfers and emails and shit. INTRIGUE.
Everyone saw Scott at the crime scene holding a rifle (which had confetti, but only John knows this), though, so now Scott is going to jail.

We are introduced to Donnelly, an FBI agent who will come up again in later episodes. He is currently looking into Scott Powell, and taking him to the federal courthouse, but since John knows Scott is going to get killed there, he throws a grenade at the FBI car and kidnaps him. Classic Reese.

In trying to determine who the hacker was that made everything in Scott’s computer by Advertise” href=”#67123708″> make him seem guilty, Harold walked right into a honeypot installed by this mysterious hacker. Can you imagine, being a genius like Finch, having built the first AI of its kind, and getting hacked by someone without knowing who it is?! Someone one-upped him and I don’t think that had ever happened to him before. Oh, Harry, look at you.

Hang on to your glasses, Harry. You’re in for a ride.

Harold rushes off to destroy his phone, unplug everything, scrambling off. In the meantime we see the shadow of this hacker, presumably a woman, with black nail polish, listening in on Harold. Who is this? Why is she fucking with our sugar daddy? What is going on?!! SO INTENSE. This episode is great.

And if this episode wasn’t amazing already, Harold needs help from someone who knows politicians well, to know who would want the congressman dead, so he enlists, you know it, ZOE goddamn MORGAN! Have I told y’all I love her? Because I do, very much so. She tells Harold the most probable person to have made a kill order on the congressman is a sleaze called Matheson, and helps Harry get some evidence. She is so smooth, so smart, so babely. She looks and acts fabulous every step of the way. #LifeGoals and #WifeGoals, all wrapped into one.

Zoe: If you’re gonna do something wrong, do it right. Bless her. Also interesting that she would say that to Matheson, given how the episode turns out. Matheson didn’t do evil right, but the hacker did, in the end. She always does.

Meanwhile, John is on the run, with Scott, and a hit man chasing them. Scott asks to speak to his wife, so John asks Carter to help them do that. Carter is trusting John a lot here, she has no way of knowing that Scott is innocent except for what Reese is telling her. It is 50% not believable, 50% I love it anyway, so I don’t care.

John finally takes out the hit man, smashing a public bathroom hand-dryer into his head – quality entertainment, right there. When the hacker that Matheson hired realizes she might be found out soon, she kills Matheson – by Advertise” href=”×1366&data_rc=3&data_fb=no&data_tagname=A&data_ct=text_only&data_clickel=link&data_sid=5bfae18a50044f3bcc21bd41ffe6adc9″ target=”a652c_1487231055_wordpresscom_387334″> making it look like a suicide – and skedaddles, like the wind!
… not without contacting Harold first, though.


“I wanted to acknowledge a worthy opponent. And say I’m looking forward to the next time… Harold.”

I did not know this because I don’t speak computer nerd, but apparently ‘root’ is the name of the Uber Admin (that’s the very official technical term, obvs) who can get into and modify any system. Even with just her name she is daring and threatening Harold, who 100% knows this computer nerd fact.

Who is this woman stressing out lil’ old Harry? What does she want? How does she know his name? When will next time be?



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