Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.14

This one is pretty cute. It has a super awesome kid in it, and a couple of Reese feelings.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

Harold is super spooked after Root hacked into his systems. Poor Harry.

This episode’s number is Darren McGrady, a 14 year old who is out to get the people who killed his brother, Travis.

I am always here for some BDSM humor, y’all. Always.

Carter is now fully cooperating with John and Harold, which by Advertise” href=”#86599849″> makes my heart happy.

Random detective: Since when does the homicide task force want in on a shooting in Crown Heights. Don’t you have something more high-profile to work on, like that guy who is kneecapping everybody? 
Heh. If only he knew. But ugh, of course the white cop doesn’t give a shit about a black guy who was shot and his little brother who is missing. This show is too real some days.

This number is fun, because even though he is technically the perpetrator, he would have gotten himself killed SO fast, so John decided to help him out. Also that kid is pure and wholesome and I want to be his friend. The kid draws and plays music, and is a badass all around. I like him. He wants to hire John to help him take down his brother’s killers. He thinks John is a Ronin.
Darren: It’s like, a samurai with no master. Technically, you should have killed yourself, that’s the code. But instead, you’re out wandering the land, helping people.
Ah, the realness. The John feelings.

John tells him his going rate is 25 cents. And they discuss Sun Tzu. The fucking cuties.

Together, they find out who the killers are and who they work for. Now that they do, John kidnaps one of them by – you guessed it – crashing the hell out of their car.

Meanwhile, Will Ingram is looking into the things his father left, including a napkin that says The Machine, a date, and a champagne cork. It feels unrealistic that out of all his father’s belongings, he would focus on that. But it’s a show, and Will is not a person, he is a plot device, so okay whatever. He tracks down Alicia Corwin since she is mentioned in some of the files from that time. Goddess knows how he tracked her down, since she moved to a small town where there is no signal of any sort. Only the paranoid survive, is one of the mottos of the series. Now that’s a grim thought. And the way we see and hear Alicia in the present day is extremely sad and unsettling and very grim.
Will asks about the cork and the $1 government transaction, so Alicia lies and tells Will his dad was bankrupt and the government bailed him out by getting his patents for $1. Poor Will. But also poor Alicia, she is super afraid and jumpy – for good reason. I wish we got more backstory, more meat to her. She is a super interesting minor character that we never got to explore. Will mentions Harold, not knowing Alicia could not know about him, and Alicia could not run away from that place fast enough. What is that about? *MYSTERYYYY*

Darren gets out of John’s sight and catches up with the killers, and their boss. John arrives just in time to keep the boy from getting killed, with Carter and Fusco as back-up, to stop them all. Fusco even jumps between the kid and a bullet and gets shot in the butt! Quality entertainment, I tell ya.

Fusco catches John up on his Harold investigation. He tells John that Harold has had a ton of aliases, and that the oldest he could find was Harold Wren, which he used to study at MIT, but since there is nothing with that name before that, that name is probably also an alias. Does that mean not even Nathan knew his friend’s real name, then? We learn later on that Nathan did in fact know of the treason charges against Harold, but did he know under what name they came about? Has Harold ever fully trusted anyone, is what I want to know. Is full trust even possible or relevant in this universe? I’m getting all gloomy and weird now, let’s get back to the episode.

Now that everything is good with the world, and Alicia is back in hiding after crushing Will Ingram’s heart, John drives Darren to his new foster family.

Darren: Hey, don’t worry, man. Some day, you’ll find a home too.
And he hands John a drawing of both of them.


I’m gonna go cry about John now. Buh-bye.


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