Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.15

The number today is Michael Cahill, an undercover cop who is infiltrated in a smuggling ring, so John infiltrates it too. We also get flashbacks of John back when he was working with Kara Stanton, and a major villain is properly introduced. Oh, and we all catch unexpected Fusco feels.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

[2008] Kara and John are in the US – which Kara calls “this godforsaken country” – capturing a “package” (meaning an actual human being, with hopes and dreams now crushed and suffocated by a bag over his head) someplace. We don’t know who the package is, but Kara says it is not being run through Langley (CIA headquarters), and Snow says he is a government employee, and that he tried to sell some US software to the Chinese. Could this be someone selling something related to (SPOILER for season 3) Decima? We never actually learn what this is about. It upsets me not to know, since most things in this show aren’t coincidental or disconnected from the slow reveals. 
Snow tells John he can have some free time while in NYC, but that they’re behind enemy lines and aren’t supposed to be there, so if he was captured he would be on his own.

In the present, Agent Snow visits Carter and tells her he knows a cop is working with John, insinuating that it is her. Joss is looking especially cute today.

115 joss is cute.gif

Since this episode’s number, Michael Cahill, is an undercover cop, Harold and John suspect his cover might have been blown by a corrupt cop working with the smugglers, and that’s why he is in danger. Soon enough, John discovers their theory was right: the ring leader knows someone is a cop, but not who it is, so John pretends it is him. The actual undercover cop shoots him in his vest and puts him in a trunk that they then light on fire. He jumps out of it just in time to not burn to death. Because challenges are what make life exciting.

115 john burned car.gif

Classic Reese.

[2008] The same day Snow tells John he can have some free time, John goes to a bar in NYC, and “coincidentally” sits next to Jessica’s husband, Peter. ‘Cause stalking is not creepy. But of course Kara followed him there, and asks John, with her classic calm tone, if John is trying to scratch an itch, or dissolve his body in acid. Y’know, cause it’s always one of the two. 
She also tells him about the first time she was back in the US while doing the work they did, how she realized they aren’t just walking in the dark, that they are the dark themselves, and have nothing to do with civilians anymore. They leave before Jessica sees them.
I’ve always wanted more Kara flashbacks. Kara is such a fascinating character, and there is never enough of her. (You may have noticed by now that I always want more of minor character ladies. It’s because they deserve more and better and because they are wonderful and magical. All of ’em.)

As Fusco is sneaking into the secret undercover files and destroys Cahill’s, a cop catches him and arrests him. But that’s not it! The cop that “arrests” him is actually part of HR – the dirty cop group finally gets a name in this episode – , so he whacks Fusco unconscious and drives him into the woods. These dirty cops don’t fuck around.
Harold informs John that Fusco has been captured, but they also need to get to Cahill before he gets killed or something, so John has to pick. The choices he has to make all the time break my heart. He chooses to go help Cahill first, and gets to Fusco just in time to save him too.
Fusco tries to report the dirty cop’s death and prove their link to smuggling rings, but John destroys the phone, telling Fusco that he is more useful inside HR. Fusco wants to be good and clean and free, but his journey to redemption is not that simple. My poor child, he has a lot of suffering left to feel.

Fusco: My hands are dirty, always will be, huh?
I’m not crying. I never cry.

It turns out the guy Cahill was after, LOS, is a CIA dude, so obviously nothing of legal consequence would happen to him. But as Mark Snow picks LOS up after he is released from a whole 2 seconds in jail, Snow reminds him that getting caught inside the US is not okay, so he gets him to a van and puts a bag over his head. There is no welcoming party like a CIA welcoming party.

Snow: You know the Agency, they always take care of their own.
Well, that’s one way of putting it. It’s also the same thing Snow told Kara (SPOILER) when he instructed her to kill her partner when he “was compromised”.

Ta-dah. That’s it.


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