Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.18

Only six episodes left in season 1! Fun fun fun. This week’s number is actually two people, both named Jordan Hester. Or more accurately, one is the real one and the other has stolen the other’s identity, so John and Harold must determine which is which, and who is about to be in trouble.


I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

We start off by learning the unlikely fact that Harold was the one who invented social networking sites, to gather information for The Machine to use. I find the idea hilarious, though, so I accept it.

They have two people to follow, and they are one teammate down (since Carter isn’t answering their calls after John gave Moretti to Elias), so Harold must run around following the woman Jordan, while John checks out the man Jordan.
At first it looks like Hester (the guy) is using the woman’s ID to cook and sell ecstasy, so Harold accompanies Jordan (the woman) to try to keep her safe. She insists on going home to pick up some things before going to a safe house… and then she drugs Harold. Because she is the actual drug dealer! They fucked up! And now Harold is on E! This is the kind of quality television I dig:

Meanwhile, Agent Donnelly (the FBI guy we met in Root Cause) is back, now interested in catching the Man in the Suit, and asks for Carter’s help, since she is the one who started that investigation. I like Donnelly’s passion, but he is way off sometimes. He thinks John is working for Elias, or is a hit man to the highest bidder.

John continues to treat Fusco like crap, which makes me chuckle but also feel bad for him. My buddy Lionel is trying his best. He is even the one to discover what is really going on with the identity theft situation, letting an innocent man free, and tracking down the impostor’s past crimes. He is so underrated and undervalued, my beautiful pup of a man.

The episode ends with John bringing Harold (who is still high) back to the library, so he can sleep it off.
Harold wants to bond with John, though, telling him to ask anything, but John declines, because Harry would regret it later, since he is a Very Private Person ™. I love that John will have him followed, will snoop around the library, etc, but draws the line at interrogating him while intoxicated. I guess because the former is technically fair game, and also a way to exercise his spy game, and the latter is taking advantage in a really cheap way. That’s no fun.

And now for some heartache:
John: Good night, Harold.
Harold: Good night, Nathan.
Harry misses his business partner! And is beginning to trust and feel close enough to John now! This is beautiful and painful.

The following episodes are all really really really fun. See you next time.


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