Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.19

This episode is intense! We find out a lot about Elias, and about Carter as well.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

Harold receives five numbers this time: the heads of the 5 families of La Cosa Nostra, so obviously it has to be Elias targetting all of them in order to become the ultimate crime lord. Only Elias would attempt to pull that sort of shit.

John: I don’t know, Finch. We could let the trash take out the trash.
Harold: I know they encouraged a certain moral flexibility when you worked at the CIA, Mr. Reese, but I like to think we are reaching for a higher standard.
*John smiles at his sassy nerd of a husband boss*

John is trying to figure out how to babysit mafiosi, while Fusco tries to juggle working undercover in HR, working with John, and his (actual, regular) day job. Simmons tells him about HR’s business with Elias, and warns him about something big that is about to happen. INTRIGUE.

Harold: Mafiosi don’t take kindly to people who approach them unannounced. They’re like feral dogs that way.
John: No time for anything but the direct approach, Finch. Besides I’ve always been good with dogs.

Yes, he is! I can’t wait for my favorite TV dog to appear! Not yet though, not yet. Back to the episode in front of me.

In the meantime, Carter knows that Elias is up to something because his bank accounts are all being emptied out, but she doesn’t know what, and she isn’t answering any calls from John or Harold. Oh, Joss. She tries to offer the mafia dons protection and almost gets killed in the process.

In this episode we get a bunch of Elias flashbacks: one from 1983 when he was a little kid who got mocked for being a “bastard” child, one from 1991 when he was working for Moretti, trying to get to know his father.
I like that this show gives us episodes here and there that explore our villains’ past. It’s a ballsy and fun move as a writer, and I dig it. Some of these villain-centric episodes are better than others, but this one I like a lot. Elias was just trying to be validated by his father, and all his father did was dismiss him. He still does, to the present day. But oh will he pay for that.

This is possibly the first episode in which we see Joss Carter holding and shooting a gigantic gun. Bless those episodes, bless those scenes. Bless bad-ass women with big guns.

John and Harold discover that Elias’ men are following HR’s families. Why? To be able to blackmail them, probably. But Elias also has a guy who goes after and kidnaps Carter’s son. Because they are crime lords and seem to not have a soul. John rushes to the rescue but not in time to stop them. And so Elias calls Carter, calm as all infuriating hell, to tell her to give up the dons in exchange for her son.

Joss: You know I can’t do that. Might as well kill them myself. 
Elias: If you’re up to it, that would be extremely helpful.

Such a jerk, but I can’t help but like him. And you will learn to love him too. You just wait.

To figure out where Elias is keeping Carter’s son, Harold meets with Simmons and tells him about his family being followed by Elias’ men, urging Simmons to cut ties with Elias.


I don’t know why Simmons would do this, but he agrees to help, fearing for his kids. Even dirty cop assholes have kids.

[1991] Young Elias is taken for a walk in the woods by Moretti’s men. He thinks this is a meet-up with his father, but Moretti doesn’t even have the balls to be there himself. Elias manages to shoot both men and escape, though. He talks about them being weak jealous idiots, and how he doesn’t need that dragging him down. The look on his face is terrifying, and so so good at telling us who Elias grew up to be after that: ruthless, vengeful, clever. Terrifingly good at being bad. Like RiRi and I

Harold gets the location of Taylor (Joss’ kid), and drives John there. Harry was even willing to learn how to fire a weapon to save the lil’ dude! Harry hates guns (it’s very few times in the entire show that he is sort of ready to pick one up…) and he is willing to do whatever he can to help!

119 finch gun.gif

My heart is all mushy and full of emotions. John tells him it’s okay, that he can be the getaway driver. ALL THE EMOTIONS.

John comes to Taylor’s rescue, punching and shooting Elias’ men all over the place, and he gets Moretti out too.

Moretti: Are you here to rescue me, or shoot me?
John: Today, rescue.

I love how John knows this guy is a total asshole and that he might have to shoot him some day, but not until he has to. And he never gets to.

Joss and Fusco (whose trust for each other is building! it’s all coming together!) arrest Elias, and John brings Taylor to his mom. All is good with the world again.


Except… As Elias enters the prison, and Ne Me Quitte Pas starts playing (the soundtrack in this show is fucking brilliant, I tell ya), Moretti gets a call.

Elias: I just wanted to say goodbye. I wish I could have been there. 

And then Moretti’s car explodes with him and his son inside, and we see Elias calmly listen to it happening, and hand the phone to a guard, who clearly knows him. Elias is less than bothered or impressed by where he happens to be in this moment.

Elias’ reign is now a fact, friends, behind bars or not. And boy, are we in for a ride.


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