Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 1.23

We have arrived at the season finale! And does this show know how to by Advertise” href=”#99581191″> make amazing finales! I cannot even fully express how happy this episode makes me. Let’s begin.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

The number is that of Winifred Burkle Caroline Turing, a psychiatrist to wealthy, powerful white guys. While John is listening in, one of her patients vaguely but surely threatens Turing. She is such a sweetheart, but she is probably gonna get killed. Right?

123 yellow box.gif

The color of that box is not important at all. In fact, why am I even mentioning it? Nobody knows.

Meanwhile, Fusco meets some of the HR bosses. They are going into (or have already been in) the murder for hire business, and they are letting Fusco in on this one. The intended target? You guessed it, Caroline Turing. But who hired them?

To keep an eye on Turing, John pretends to be a patient, and it is pretty entertaining.

John: You’re saying I’m paranoid.
Turing: Is that what you think?
Caroline clocks John as a former military, and as a protector, right away, which strikes us all as way too on-the-dot, but okay. It’s still funny, and I still would have loved to see the rest of that session.

Because pretty much any of her patients could be paying HR to bump her off, Harold asks for the help of one of my favorite ladies, Zoe Morgan! I squeal every time I see her come back. She is so delightful. She follows Hans, the patient who was threatening Turing, except he isn’t Hans, but some random con man. He was blackmailed into pretending he was someone else, into threatening Turing. It is all very convoluted and strange. It does not remind us of another very convoluted game played by a hacker not too long ago at all. I keep suggesting very outlandish things, right?

Now, there are a couple things that annoy me or confuse me about John and Person of Interest, and they don’t only happen in this episode. John shows up out of nowhere intercepting Turing, and while we know why, she doesn’t, and she reacts significantly calmer and trusting of him than I would if a patient of mine was following me. Then he pulls her out of the hit men shooting at her and orders by Advertise” href=”#31403002″> a hotel room for the two of them. It’s like in Ghosts, when the teenager is supposed to trust being locked inside a hotel room with an older dude she doesn’t know. I know because of time they can’t show us more of a conversation that would by Advertise” href=”#17194418″> make sense out of women trusting these random men showing up, but damn, it’s unsettling to watch.

So anyway, Donnelly and his FBI dudes catch John on camera and so now they’re hunting them down, and the HR hit men are hunting them down too. Everyone is hunting them down. Except Carter, who is sending John messages about where the FBI dudes are, and Fusco who is also trying to help them out of there. They don’t know they’re on the same team though, so they keep staring at each other suspiciously. Oh, you beautiful children.
Carter is sure Fusco is helping HR, so she confronts him about it, with a gun pointed at him no less. These kids.

Carter is ready to fight. For her bro. I love it.

Fusco confesses he’s been helping the man in the suit, along with his partner, who is “like a professor, he’s got glasses and a high dollar vocabulary”. I love Fusco so much, you guys. You don’t even know. He calls Harold ‘Glasses’ and ‘Mr Vocabulary’, and has him as ‘Mr Good News’ on his phone. And he calls John ‘Mr Sunshine’, ‘Wonderboy’ and fucking ‘Captain America’. Bless.
So anyway, now they know they’re in cahoots (I love that word), even if they didn’t know it.

Harold: Hello, detectives. I understand you’ll have some questions, but we’re somewhat short on time.
Oh, Harry. You and your shenanigans and understatements.

In the meantime, Alicia Corwin has been following Harold around, and discovers the library. Sees all the computers, the numbers, the photos. Holy shit.

HR is having a tough time cornering Turing with the feds there and all, so they’re ready to blow up an entire by Advertise” href=”#2243971″> hotel floor to get what they want. HR don’t care, HR don’t give a shit.

John manages to get Turing out of the building, telling her to meet Harold while John holds off both the HR jerks and the feds. Because he is a reckless bad-ass like that? Sure, we’ll go with that.

Someone is breaking character for a sec…

Carter and Fusco help John out of that particular reckless shenanigan, and call him out for not telling them they were both on the same side. But John had his reasons. Reasons that are weird and convoluted and a tiny bit exaggerated, but reasons nonetheless. He detonates the HR car with their own grenade, tells both detectives they should grab a drink sometime, and skedaddles. Classic Reese.

So everything’s good right? Wrong. Corwin catches up with Harold while he is waiting for Turing. Pointing a gun at him and accusing him of things. No one has any chill in this show. She goes on and on about how the Machine kills people, and Harold explains to her that the Machine is a cinnamon roll, and then BAM! Someone shoots Corwin in the head. Harry? No, Harry would never do that. But then who was that?!
Zoe is back in Turing’s office looking for clues, since the person who hired HR is still unknown, and it all seems sketchy to her. (This also means it’s the second time Zoe is instrumental in uncovering the same criminal’s doings, which is very interesting and important to me.) She discovers everything in Turing’s office is fake, and when Zoe tries to go on the office computer, it all fades to green, locking her out and deleting all system files. What the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK, we all ask, flailing our arms. But the music is telling us what exactly the fuck is already: it is the same music we heard when a particularly elusive computer person kept one-upping Harold.

123 its root bitches.gif
I can only express my feelings about this moment, this double-scene discovery of what is going on, thanks to Kramer:

seinfeld kramer cosmo kramer michael richards sudden realization

Root: I was doing this corporate training thing once. I was blackmailing the CEO, long story — but they did this exercise called the trust fall. Where you close your eyes and fall, and wait for someone to catch you. I knew you boys wouldn’t let me down.

Now Root has kidnapped Harold, and John is extremely worried about his husband boss. He goes out to the middle of NYC to stare at a camera and talk to it. I am glad the show is set in New York, because it is one of the few places where no one would even look twice if they saw a man talking to thin air. He asks The Machine to reunite him with his one true love, and then the payphone next to him rings. Aaaaand scene.

When I first watched this episode, I already knew that Amy Acker was Root, and so that wasn’t a big reveal (which is sad, I would have loved to feel all the plot-twist feelings there) but even then, and even with all the foreshadowing (some of which I’ve included in images), I believed Amy Acker was Caroline Turing. Even then, I feel my heart rush whenever I watch the scene where they reveal she is Root. That is good acting, and good writing, right there. Even when I know what’s going to happen, I feel super nervous and excited about it.
And Root is probably my very favorite character in the show, so I am excited to write about her as her character develops.

Wasn’t this fun? See ya next season!



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