Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.03

Finch is struggling after being kidnapped, while John looks into their newest number: Sofia Campos, the bratty daughter of a Brazilian diplomat.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

Finch is clearly and understandably traumatized since he got kidnapped by Root. John understands this, and assures him that Bear will protect him if anyone tries to mess with him. Who’s a good boy? Bear is a good boy, yes he is.

John gets himself hired as Sofia’s bodyguard by embarrassing all other candidates in front of the diplomat. Nice. Sofia doesn’t look like a very pleasant boss to have – in a very typical bratty rich girl way. She is at a club and starts dancing on a table, and two dudes try to take pictures, so John tosses their phones out. That’s good. But then he grabs Sofia and carries her out of the club against her will, which rubs me in all the wrong ways. She is 21, not 7, and he could have easily told her to get off the table immediately, or something. Carrying her on his shoulders while saying “the biggest threat to Sofia might be me” like she is the one to blame for the men trying to take upskirt pictures is gross.

Sofia has a boyfriend, and John didn’t tell Sofia’s father, so she warms up to John a little. Paloma Guzman is not the best actress in the world, but I like her character.

Sofia goes clubbing again, and some men try to shoot her. (It annoys me that John automatically knows they’re the threat at the club? Before they even take a gun out? And they’re all black?) John kicks their asses, of course, but, why do they wanna kill Sofia? Turns out a group of drug dealers had killed a friend of hers the weekend before, and Sofia and her friend could place them at the crime scene, so now they must die too. Carter finds Sofia’s friend at the morgue, so there is also that.

Meanwhile, Joss decides to keep looking into Alicia Corwin’s murder. Among Corwin’s belongings they find a chip reader but no chip, and she goes to the morgue to look at the body, where she runs into… Mark Snow? Last time we saw him, he had run into good ol’ Kara Stanton, who shoots him in the leg. Snow seems dismayed and powerless when Joss runs into him, refers to his bum leg as “an old mistake, comes back to hunt me every once in a while”. But what is he doing there?

John asks Harold to come out and help him look after Sofia, so Harold tries to leave the library with Bear, but can’t. Poor Harry, he probably fears Root is still lurking about, watching him. John understand though, and asks for Fusco’s help instead. Sofia quickly makes friends with Lionel, which I interpret as her trusting John and by extension his friends. This is nice, especially when comparing it to how she was treating the bodyguard before John. It’s also nice because Lionel is such a delightful human, and I always appreciate him.
The bad guys almost get to Sofia, but John crashes (literally!) into their murder dreams. And they all go to jail! Huzzah! Jim Caviezel has a very awkward creepy smile sometimes, when he smiles with his teeth. Anyway.. Sofia thanks John for all that he’s done for her, and gets ready to leave to Brazil with her father.

A CIA lady visits Carter, since she called Mark Snow’s phone after running into him. It becomes evident to Carter that he’s missing and the CIA knows even less than she does, so she sasses the lady out.
On another part of town, Hersh (Special Counsel’s operative) talks about a chip he removed from Corwin’s body. So, to summarize: Corwin had a chip (on her shoulder! ha ha), she was aware of the chip (hence the chip reader in her room), but no one knows who put it there, or to what end. We later find out

But Snow was also looking into Corwin. Why? Well, Kara has him hostage, in a basement. Strapped with explosives. She is looking into who sent her and John on that mission that almost got her killed. So that’s elaborate, and intense. What will she be up to next? *INTRIIIIGUE*
John tells Harold it’s time to get that beer – meaning, time for Harold to try to be outside. John walks beside him, and so does Bear. Harry feels safe with them both! What a nice, cute family.


Awh. All the Team Machine feelings.


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