Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.05

This one’s entertaining, and brings back a somewhat forgotten arc. And Zoe Morgan! I get to continue fangirling about Zoe. I love fangirling about Zoe.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

The number is that of Maxine Angelis, a reporter whose name has appeared in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments before, on stories from previous episodes. She is now investigating into HR, the dirty cop organization, and into who the big boss might be. This puts her in very imminent danger, and puts John in danger too, since he has to help her without her discovering he is her other developing story: the Man in the Suit. Now, an easy enough way would be to just dump the suit and put on some jeans or something. But I digress.

Donnelly appears again, having just busted a bunch of HR cops. Donnelly and Joss are both looking into who the big boss is too.

A bit of depressing foreshadowing (SPOILER for season 3): another cop warns Joss about looking into HR, since whoever catches the big boss is probably going to die. Simmons, that HR smaller boss, tells Lionel he needs to kill the FBI investigation on the upper management, or he is going down too.

Maxine gets an anonymous tip on who the head of HR is. So she looks into it, #seemslegit, and prints the fucking name. Next thing we know, the guy is dead, he is not the head of HR, Maxine fucked up. The now dead guy was actually going to bring down the HR boss with a ledger that has all the names of dirty cops in town.

Now, to get close to Maxine without being suspicious, Harold sets John up on a date (he even sends flirty texts on behalf of John!) with this reporter. Which is hilarious, because John keeps saying the wrong things. How does Harold help? Well, by calling in my favorite fixer, Zoe Morgan! Apparently by making Maxine jealous (they claim its jealousy about John, but my headcanon is she is jealous he slept with her, who is a queen, and who Maxine really wants to meet), she is more into John.

Because us women really only get turned on by competition? What a bunch of psychobabble crap, but okay.
Now because Maxine is still looking into HR, they are trying to kill her even harder.

To protect her, John takes her to his place, but Harold is there! Hiding in a closet full of guns, because well, it’s John. Of course he has a closet full of guns.

Harold: Did you get a good look at the men who were shooting at you?
John: I tried, but they were shooting at me.

I love the subtle deadpan humor John delivers a lot of the time. Definitely my jam.

Maxine asks John to arrange a meeting (date?) with Zoe, who suggests the boss might be a politician. Maxine and John head out to find the ledger where all the HR names are kept, and they find it, just in time for some HR jerks to try to kill them, again. They get out of it with help from Carter and Fusco, and then the “real” head of HR gets arrested. But he isn’t the real head of HR. So who is? Are we finally gonna see his face?

Alonzo Quinn. A campaign manager who was allegedly Maxine’s friend earlier in the episode. He never had his name on the ledger or the payroll, of course. ‘Cause he’s a smart cookie.
Quinn: Who needs money when you have real power? Politicians come and go, but we’ll be here forever.
He is one interesting, scary dude.

At the end of the episode, Maxine and John finally have a “normal” date, but she cuts it short, to “break up” with him. She is married to her job, and is convinced John still has a thing for Zoe.
Now, to me these both seem like crap reasons, especially since they do have chemistry, and he was really good to her. The writers just wanted her out of the picture, since she was only meant to be a 1 episode character. That’s what I love about Person of Interest when it comes to John, though. They have plenty of opportunities to hook him up with people – and it is pretty clear he does hook up with Zoe from time to time, but it’s not part of the plot or the story, it’s just kind of a background thing that’s alluded to – and to have him date. And a reporter? Who could uncover his real identity any day? That is a plot that writes itself. But Person of Interest doesn’t want that, because that plot has already been written a thousand times. And because romance isn’t important to the show, or to John. Truth is, as much as I adore him, he’d be a terrible “normal” boyfriend, and he knows this. Even when she stays over at his apartment, the writers make it a point to have him say he is sleeping on the couch. Which is important to me not because I don’t want him sleeping with people, but because this is his job, he is fake dating her, and she is vulnerable, and that would be ethically fuzzy at best. Not to mention the “I was pretending but then I fell for you” trope is overused and cheesy.
So anyway, thank you writers for not going there when it could have been easy to. That is all.
Next up, the suburbs! With my sugar mamma Zoe Morgan, of course. She drives a Jag.


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