Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.07

An episode where the queer couple has troubles that have zero to do with being queer. Low bar, I know, but I dig it.
Harold plays doctor, a bad lady gets some more meat to her plot, and Leon Tao makes a comeback! What a delight.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

The first number this episode is a delight we are already familiar with: Leon Tao. He gets into goldfarming and is almost killed, but there is another number so John has to blindfold him and take him to the library, where Bear is assigned to keep him in place. Leon meets Harold! They had not met because Harry was busy “hanging out” with Root when we met Leon.
Leon: Huh! You’re the boss! Never figured John here for upper management. (John is a sub and Leon knows it. Don’t even fight me on this.) 

The second number is that of Madeleine Enright, a renowned cardio surgeon, whose wife’s life is on the line of Madeleine doesn’t kill her current patient, a billionaire something something who is very important, or something. So she’s being coerced to be the perpetrator, is the gist of it. Her wife and her are both successful cuties who love each other and that gives me great pleasure to see. Their story is in no way treated any differently than any other story where a number’s lover is threatened. Low bar, I know, but nice.
I don’t like when cute successful queer women are threatened though, and neither does Madeleine. She doesn’t want to comply and kill a patient though. If I must be honest, I would totally kill the billionaire patient then and there if that meant my wife wasn’t harmed. It’d haunt me forever, but not as much as my wife getting killed because I let a random business guy live. 
Since John is trying to determine and maybe kill whoever is behind the whole thing (this British guy? Who knows who John is? But who is he?), and Harold is at the hospital keeping an eye on the doctor, Leon must play detective from the Team Machine HQ, and Lionel is keeping an eye out at the park where Amy (the wife) is.

Leon (on Harold giving Bear dutch commands): Multilingual mutt! Dig it. 
I love this child. Both of these children.


In the meantime, someone kills a security guard and leaves Joss Carter’s card on the body with an address on the back, which urges the queen of my heart to go take a look at that address. And what does she find?

Old pain-in-the-ass, now bomb-vest-hostage CIA dude, Mark Snow. So that was weird. Snow wants to warn Joss, because he knows she has contact with John, and John knows who Kara is. At first I didn’t get why Snow didn’t just tell Carter it was Kara Stanton, but then I figured it was probably to keep the detective safe: if she had investigated Kara, she would have dug herself into a hole and would have ended up dead. John, however, would know who Snow was talking about when he said “she”, right? Joss tells John about what Snow said “she has a big plan, etc”. But, what I am wondering is, did John investigate anything, or try to get to that at some point between this and the massive mess that Kara ends up making? Or did he figure it probably wasn’t important? Because it was, and we never see him worry about any of that enough.

John manages to get Amy out of the park unharmed, and Madeleine and Harold the business dude’s life! Everybody wins. They don’t know who the mysterious British man was or who paid him to bump off the business dude, but who cares anymore. The queer cuties are alive, and that’s all that matters to me.

Leon helped save the good people and that gives me great joy, we get some sense that the Kara/Snow situation is building up to something which is exciting, and an interracial queer couple gets to live queerly another day. That was a nice lil’ episode.


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