Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.10

The episode’s general vibe is good but not extraordinary, but waaaait for it. The ending is pretty damn good and nerve wrecking.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

This episode starts with a wholesome, regular family moment: two parents bathing their child.

210 washing bear.gif

Family is a beautiful thing.

Then we run into Beecher being a big hot flirt with Carter, who then gets called by Donnelly to discuss The Man in the Suit. Donnelly, bless his heart, thinks John is a killer for hire. For a Chinese intelligence company. This is important. I think this is the first time Decima Technologies is alluded to, even if they don’t give them a name yet. So the FBI vaguely knew about them, but could never catch them in their shadiness. Bummer.

Abby Monroe is this really smart kid who seems to be up to some sketchy things now, or something. She steals some building plans and her boyfriend steals some explosives. Who knows what the hell is happening. John doesn’t know, so he pretends to be Marshall Jennings to find out.

Carter: “Marshall Jennings”? You took his star.
John: He wasn’t using it anymore. It’s great, Carter. Flash a badge and people tell you everything.

Carter and John’s banter in this episode is really great. What’s not really great is John and Harold not respecting Joss’ boundaries around technology and privacy. Joss is too good, too pure, even for them.

It bothers me that with women John and Harold usually assume they are the victims. Not because I want all women to be the bad ones, but because like with Abby, they’re all like, “but she looks so sweet!” So I’m like BITCH I COULD CUT YOU WITH MY STILETTO. Anyway, moving along.

John confesses to Harry, and us all, that he felt something weird recently: he felt happy. John is happy, because of his job and his friendship to Harold and Bear. Whether you ship them as friends or as husbands, this is a really sweet moment. I may have said this before but I will again: I appreciate that this show lets its male characters appreciate each other. It’s a show about gun-toting vigilantes and yet it manages to at least partially stay away from toxic masculinity by treating women with respect, not making homophobic jokes or uncomfortable comments, and showing affection between men.

Back to the episode, I love how assertive Abby is. “Not what I asked” “Get out now” “I didn’t ask for that.” It turns out the charity she used to work for, where she met her boyfriend, is stealing money and conning veterans, and that’s why they want to steal their stuff as well as evidence of what the charity is doing. I support it.

On a different note, Harry rides the back of a motorcycle and loves it. Headcanon: with this new information, John decides to take Harold on rides every other day.

Lionel is checking out Beecher for Carter (which is kind of invasive and condescending, since Carter can take care of her damn self) and sees him chatting with Alonzo Quinn. Quinn is his godfather, apparently.
And Donnelly finds a way to track The Man in the Suit in his shenanigans, and he tells Carter about it: his phone. Through some FBI technology I do not understand, he is now able to track him down if he uses his phone. THE PLOT THICKENNNNNS.

Meanwhile, John goes after Abby and her boyfriend so they won’t get killed by the hit men the charity hired. They get their explosives on, they get the documents they needed, everything is fine. Except hit men are shooting at them, and the FBI is on its way to John, directly. And John is an overdramatic sap with a hero complex who had to save everyone before his own ass.

John: Not gonna make it, Harold. Sorry I screwed up. But I meant what I said yesterday. So thanks, Harold. It was fun.

Harry’s eyes water as he listens in horror and shock to what might be his lover’s last words. I stare in horror and despair even though I’ve seen this episode and what happens at least 3 times. You stare in horror and disbelief at my extremely bland writing. Everyone is horrified.
But then, as my blurry vision comes back to normal and I stop weeping… Donnelly, Joss and a bunch of SWAT team-type people come down to the vaults to check out The Man in the Suit and…

210 four men in suits.gif

There are four men in suits! Of course, we know three of them are the hit men that the charity had hired to take out Abby Monroe and company, but the FBI doesn’t have to know. I love this because it kind of mocks the concept of having “tall, fancy suit” as one of the only things to go on in pursuing a suspect. Donnelly looks so exasperated when he sees there are 4 men. It’s such a great scene.

Donnelly has them all arrested. So that’s a turn of events.


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