Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.11

[Ooops. That was a longer hiatus than I anticipated. Kept the suspense way too long. I am back!]

With John “out of commission”, Harold is left to teach math in order to work the number of Caleb Phipps, a genius high school student who may be in a few kinds of trouble at once. In the meantime, Carter and Donnelly have four men in prison and he is trying to figure out who is who.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

We open at Rikers, with the four men in suits being swabbed for DNA and their finger prints are being taken. Donnelly reminds Carter that he doesn’t need to ask them anything, he’ll just match the DNA to the blood from the New Rochelle case, and the finger prints Carter took of The Man in the Suit way back in the Pilot. Carter is visibly nervous about this fact, and so am I. What will happen to our favorite broody bro?
Finch manages to call John and assures him that in 72 hours John will walk free, as he has a contingency for this too. Finch has thought about everything, hasn’t he? I am here for it. You know what else I am here for? Joss queen-of-my-heart Carter going rogue for Team Machine: she deletes John’s prints and tampers with John’s DNA samples.

Harold: I have the situation in hand. I don’t want you crossing some kind of line to do —
Carter: *shows him John’s prints* this? I already deleted them from the network too. That line you’re talking about? I crossed it a long time ago. 


Yesssss Carter! Fuck the police.

Meanwhile, Harold gets a new number: Caleb Phipps, a teenager who turns out to be a genius at coding, math, and drug dealing. In computer class, they learn about hackers, including one that hacked Arpanet,thus ensuring the Internet would become an open forum, and got away. Harold smiles. It’s him! He is the motherfucking hacker that got away. I am so pleased.

The kid, Caleb, is super smart, but super depressed. His brother died in an accident right in front of him, his mom drinks all the time, etc. Not having a great time in life, basically. But he has two big projects going on: one, a super impressive program he is coding and planning to sell through his tech teacher; and two, he has built an elaborate drug dealing organization of sorts.

Trying to figure out why Caleb is dealing drugs, what this “trip” he keeps referring to is, why he is setting up a trust, and thinking that the tech teacher is stealing from Caleb when in reality Caleb asked the teacher to pitch the compression algorithm for him, Harold realizes that Caleb plans to kill himself at the exact same age his brother died. So Harry meets up with Caleb just in time, next to the train tracks, and talks him out of it.

211 harry caleb train meetup.gif

Later on, Harold is chatting with Caleb about keeping his code safe, and how things have changed, and he mentions the “hacker that got away” and what he did with a home-made computer.

Caleb: How’d you know he did that with a homemade computer. I’ve read all the research, and no one’s ever mentioned that.
Harold: I must have heard it somewhere.
And you just know, Caleb is thinking what we’re thinking: holy HECK.

On a different side of town, Carter has already switched the DNA samples, and Donnelly is notified that none of the samples match the evidence he has. And he fucking knows they’ve been tampered. The funny part is, he sounds paranoid, and in almost any other case he would be wrong, but he is right. He is a good detective.

At the same time, he never clocks Carter as a “double agent” of sorts. He asks her, given her history both chasing the Man in the Suit, and as a senior interrogator back in Iraq, to interrogate every one of them until they find out the truth.
Starting with *dun dun DUN*


John, of course. Next episode, babes!


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