Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.14

I don’t remember liking this episode at all. The number of the week is obnoxious as all hell. There is some funny banter and hilarity because John and Harry are treasures, and some interesting details here and there, but this one will be shorter I think. The last one was a fucking (epic!) novel so it’s only fair.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

The number Finch gets is that of Logan Pierce, a white guy who is a bratty clown of a human being, but also a genius and a millionaire, co-founder and front person of social networking site, Friendczar. So he is basically the in-universe Mark Zuckerberg. Really, it’s not subtle.

Because Pierce is a tech guy, Team Machine cannot clone his phone, so the only way for John to get ears on Pierce is to literally have his ears next to Pierce. He attends this function, says some random rich guy babble and Logan tells him he is boring. Which, I mean, he was being boring, but that’s rude, man. He treats women like shit and every guy like they’re automatically inferior. I hate this guy a lot.

POI Zuckerberg is bidding at an auction with the most pretentious look of “I have more money than all of you”, and John decides to spend 10 million of his husband Harry’s money just to make sure Logan doesn’t get his way. I wish I had the money to be that kind of petty.

In unrelated but much more important news, Bear is very sad. The entire episode, he is just sad. I don’t like when Bear is sad.


I don’t care if this number dies, just make Bear not sad ever again please and thank you.

[September 11, 2001] Harold is working on something in his office, with his phone turned off, when Nathan storms in, teary-eyed, and tells Harold about the Twin Towers and the planes. He talks about how much money they have made without changing the world at all, which is what they built the company for. He asks what they could do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

*sighs* I’ve talked about this before, that I hate that this series kicks off as a post-9/11 show. It’s now part of american mythology that the world was radically different before and after, like no big loss of life (of their doing, no less) ever happened before, like the horizon was good and pure until the darkness of terrorism suddenly dawned upon them, like they have had no part in building and encouraging terrorist groups in more than one way, or something. It’s a mythology that’s used to maintain pretty corrupt, racist, fascist ideas and systems, and fear. So I hate that a lot, politically.

So Friendczar is awful, all in all. They swallow small start ups whole, make up lawsuits they will never lose, and harass people who try to bring them to court. Not very nice.

Reese is trying to follow Pierce but realizes he’s been hacked and can’t stop or slow down his car. Finch manages to hack into his car in time to save him, and Logan skedaddles. So someone is trying to kill him. I wonder why, if he is only a gigantic dick to a 100% of the people we’ve seen him interact with.
Because they can’t keep up with him, John decides to go for a different approach. He goes up to him, tells him he has a source that says his life’s in danger, but that he can protect him if he lets John stay with him the next 48 hours.

Logan: Sounds like fun. See, I knew you were interesting.

He thinks he is so charming I want to punch his teeth out. He thinks he is better than other 1%ers because he is “eccentric”, but really he behaves like a bratty rich kid. Still a very 1%er thing to do. Regardless… here we go. Nothing can go wrong with telling a tech-savvy guy with a lot of time and resources that you just *know* he’ll be in danger, and you can protect him, without getting paid. That’s not suspicious or intriguing to a bored rich guy, right?

[2009] Nathan informs Harold that the Machine is on its way to the government facility. Once again he voices his regrets over handing over the machine without being able to save the irrelevant numbers. Harold insists that that’s the way it needs to be, and that they can either move on to do more good together, or not together. Nathan is sulks. (Don’t get me wrong, it would eat me alive too. I just like making light of fictional men’s pain.)

There is this website, Alchementary, which Friendczar bought with the promise to launch but instead buried it, and then seems to have intimidated the founder into disappearing. I don’t care, but you might. Finch and Reese at some point think this Alchementary lady might be the one behind the first attempt on Logan’s life.

Because he gives no shits about their investors, or the press, or anything at all, Friendczar board members vote to boot Logan out of his own company.

While chilling in his own apartment with John, Logan starts choking. Someone spiked his drink with something he is allergic to. Who did that? Nobody knows, since apparently hundreds of people have access to his house, and a large number of people know what he is allergic to. Also, I still don’t care.
John leaves Logan while he is sleeping to meet with Harold and strategize, or something. Except… Logan wasn’t sleeping. He was waiting for John to do something so he could follow him.
Who’s surprised? I’m not. I mean I was a little but it makes sense. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for any of their numbers to be curious enough to investigate into who the fuck “just knows” and “just helps” for a living.

Bear is still sad, and Harold points out that it might be because he senses anxiety and stress, which might be due to the fact that John was just in Rikers and then walking around in a bomb vest. This is a small cute true detail I’m glad they included: some more character depth into Bear, who as trained as he might be, is still a dog who gets anxious when his humans are having a hard time.

Fake Zuckerberg is not without clue. He discovered the chip Harold put into Logan’s credit card, and recognized his voice as the guy who hacked into Logan’s car to stop it from crashing and burning. He points out that John took out Logan’s highly trained guard, so he guesses Special Ops, ex CIA for John. He also names John as the muscle and Harry as the very rich hacker (because of his nice suit, apparently). Not bad.
Harry snaps back that they saved his life so he should butt out of their affairs. Which is fair, although not necessarily the end of that. I love when Harold gets sassy, though.

Logan tells John he has a “safe house” far from the city, but it’s actually a bar with great pierogies in Saint Petersburg.


I gotta say, Jimmi Simpson plays Logan Pierce fantastically. He is obnoxious and sexist and entitled, like you would think Zuckerberg is.
Logan invites his lawyer, who turns out to be the one who poisoned his drink, as well as a couple dozen friends to this bar. ‘Cause that’s safe. John zip-ties the poisoning lawyer and says “enough with this bullshit” and walks away. Like we wanted to 5 minutes into Logan talking.

While all of this is happening, Carter is looking into the two cops that went missing many many moons ago, (Stills in the pilot, and Davidson in Blue Code). Both of which trace back to Fusco even though John was the one to kill both. While she is looking into that, Fusco tries to tell Carter about some of the things he’s done and she shuts him down. She trusts that he’s changed but, in her words, “she’s still a cop”. Which is fair, I guess. I don’t know. Fusco is trying. And the two deaths Joss is looking into, I would totally stand by him on. But she doesn’t know what happened and she is still too much on the lawful good end of things so, it’s fair.

Harold gets Logan’s number again, and discovers that Logan wasn’t just a bratty obnoxious rich kid, but a bratty obnoxious rich kid *with a plan.* A shitty obnoxious plan. He needed to act out so that he’d be pushed out of Friendczar, so his non-compete closure would be null and he could go public with Alchementary. So it’s his partner who wanted to off him after all. John arrives just in time to save his ass from being dumped in a river. Like we were, uh, holding our breath.
Logan gifts John a watch, which Finch guesses has a GPS tracker, so he smashes the super expensive watch, and sure enough, finds the tracker. The Machine takes note of this, and marks Logan Pierce as “to be monitored”. Awwh, to protect her daddy.
Ta-dah that’s the whole thing, or so it seems for most of the series. But it’s not! (SPOILER FOR SEASON 5): Did the writers plan this? I doubt they did because they couldn’t have but… did they? Or did they just figure a really good subtle thread to pull from this specific scene? Either way, I dig it.

[2009] Nathan decides to go on with his irrelevant numbers plan. He follows a potential victim, and we see him grabbing a gun as he follows the to-be perpetrator. He hesitates. Does he save her? What happens? Who the hell knows.

Harry researches ‘canine depression’, and my heart melts. He gets Bear a play date so he can be happy and stress free for at least a minute in between numbers and other human drama. Honestly Bear is 1000% more important than Logan Pierce can ever hope to be.

The next one is entertaining, and Zoe is back which is always glorious. And we are super super close to my wife’s debut on this series. Stay tuned.


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