Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.15

‘Booked Solid’ is a really good episode. It’s kind of overshadowed in my head by the excitement about the following one, but I will try to do this one justice too. It’s pretty entertaining, and both Zoe Morgan and Cal Beecher comes back to me us which is guaranteed to be a good and attractive time. And another goddamn treasure plot-twists her way back in near the end.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

Throughout last episode, you may have noticed a couple of blink-and-you’ll-miss it blue screens with code on them, that look like they could be BSoDs. We get three more in this episode. What did that virus Kara unleashed do to the Machine? Is it dying? Is it resetting? What’s happening to our AI babe? (Do the codes mean anything? Why I don’t know, you go look it up.)


We join John and Harold already on their way to their temporary job at a hotel, to look after Mira Dobrica, this week’s number. Harold gleefully shares random, very specific, facts about hotels with John.

Harold: You find my fascination with hotels peculiar, don’t you?
John: You sharing anything personal is peculiar.
Harold: A hotel is one of the last few places where a person can retain relative anonymity.
I love their bonding moments, and Harold’s obsession (and dependence) with privacy and surveillance in every aspect of his life.

Finch gets John a job as a bellhop, which he sucks at. Harold is the concierge, where he can get access to a computer, and therefore, everyone’s lives, ’cause Harry is a wizard (heh heh). It’s the first day on the job and John is already running into… Zoe? It’s Zoe, my friends! I love Zoe, in case you haven’t noticed in past reviews.

Zoe: I haven’t seen you since the divorce. You working?
John: Yeah. You working? 
Zoe: Always. (Glances at the name tag.) I like the suit. 
It’s lucky they are already somewhere they could easily get a room.

Mira Dobrica, the number in question, is a maid at the hotel, and an immigrant from Albania, who got to the US as a refugee from the Kosovo war when she was 16. Since she basically lives at work, team Machine figures the threat and attempt on her life would happen there. Possible suspects are any of 700 guests, hotel staff, and basically anyone else. Goody.
I like how Mira is towards John, which is hostile and annoyed. While we know that John as a reason to be overprotective and stalker-like of her, she doesn’t know that, and lets him know just how creepy and condescending it looks. ‘Cause it does.

Hersh is back! I like him. He is out of Rikers and Special Counsel reiterates how important it is he finds out who John works for, and kills him. In his usual disturbing and calm demeanor, he breaks into a cop car (to have access to the police radio), and drives away.

Cal Beecher is also back! What a babe. We are led to understand he and Carter have been dating, and Joss proposes Beecher to meet Taylor, her son. Right after, an FBI guy visits to ask Carter if she still wants to join the bureau (which Donnelly had proposed before Kara offed him), and she’s down. The first step is a polygraph test, which she passes relatively easy, by lying on one of their baseline questions so the machine is thrown off.

Carter: It’s just a machine right, how smart can it be?
Harold: Yeah, just a machine.

Harold and John discover a “prostitution ring” run by the hotel staff. I hate when movies and shows do this. Mainstream media always blurs the lines between trafficking and sex work, and that shit costs real sex workers their jobs, their safety and their lives. Are the workers in this episode sex workers, or are they trafficking victims? In the end, when some of the people involved get arrested: did they just criminalize workers, or did they criminalize victims (I phrase it this way because both options suck)? It’s unclear, and that pisses me off too.

So anyway, the jerk manager is not the threat to Mira, and neither is the British journalist who looked drunk the entire time. John spots a few hit men staking out the hotel, waiting for her. To test his theory, he asks Zoe to distract one of them into moving. How? By distracting him with her glorious presence and then graciously spilling her drink on his crotch.


What a treasure.

It turns out, Mira sought asylum all those years ago because she witnessed something that could put this powerful Serbian colonel dude in a very bad place, and they send a military-trained hit squad to track her down.

Fusco arrives to the hotel as reinforcement, to stake out the bar (where one of the military trained spotters is). Oh Fusco, he doesn’t have military training. And he is a recovering alcoholic who ends up always having to cover a bar. And he does it so well! He fares pretty well against two of the bad guys, and arrests all four after John knocks a couple of them out! And then he gets Mira to the police precinct. He is too good and pure for this world.

BUT! There are still 15 minutes of the show to go. Don’t leave me just yet.

As Carter continues to answer question after question with an FBI dude, she is questioned about her relationship with Beecher, and asked if she knows anything about the multiple IAB (Internal Affairs) investigations into him? She looks surprised and appalled. FBI dude says Carter can’t join the bureau because of her association with him.
HOW DARE. Don’t make her doubt her cutiepie boyfriend, goddamnit. She deserves nice things.
She tells Cal maybe she needs more time before she introduces him to her son. Oh, the queen of my heart, she looks so conflicted.

Fusco and Mira are now back at the precinct, and Fusco leaves Mira for a bit to tell Carter she missed all the “fun”. Except the “fun” isn’t over, my friend. An extra hit man we hadn’t seen gives the whole ‘killing Mira’ thing a final go right then and there, but Carter spots it just in time, and just as the asshole is choking Mira, she shoots him twice from across the room.


She’s so good, makes me wanna cry. Queen of my heart.

On another side of town – and plot threads-, Hersh was looking for the right mess to follow with the police radio. And, well, he found it. And he finds John and engages him in a (finally!) fair fight. John happens to be on the team we are (probably, I don’t know your life) rooting for, so of course he wins. Not before cracking a few deadpan jokes in between deadly pan (I’m so sorry) hits.
Hersh: I don’t care who you are, or what you did to get here. All I wanna know, is who you work for.
John (at gunpoint): But that would be telling.

He could have killed Hersh and put an end to this particular bad boy chasing him, but decides to make A Point About Morality (Lui says mockingly) instead.
John (after stabbing Hersh): You have about 20 minutes before you bleed to death. You can either keep coming after me, or get to the hospital. I wonder if your employers would have showed you that kind of mercy.

To wrap the episode up nicely, and after the manager is arrested for being the boss of the “escort ring” (*groans*), Harry buys the hotel and hires Mira as the manager. And after a full day of work, John and Zoe literally get a room. I love how they just fuck whenever they happen to be around each other, with no need to make it A Thing, and without any are-they-dating kind of vagueness to the writing. The writers did exactly what needed to be done with the kind of people they both are, the sexual chemistry they’re all about, and the type of show that they’re in.

But that’s still not it! Special Counsel has yet again failed at what he was planning to do, and looks tired after a long day of failure, and with a new emergency of sorts. He calls Hersh, who is all tubed up, to come to his office ASAP. He calls in his secretary, Ms May, to draft an important letter to the State Department. She’s worked for Special Counsel 2 months apparently, and we’ve only seen her legs before. Because she doesn’t matter. I mean, why else would the writers not even put a face to this woman?


“It’s Root, bitches!” Said she, in her head, probably.

WHAT THE FUCK, you say. I say that too, even though I’ve already watched and rewatched this moment before. It’s Root! What is she up to? Why is she there? What’s happening now?

One of the best hours of Person of Interest is what’s happening now. I am so so excited for the next episode, and now thanks to these last few seconds, so are you (unless you have no soul)!


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