Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 2.18

The case-of-the-week is not amazing (not bad, but not amazing), but Leon is back! And the HR plot moves along, in very sad and stressful directions.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

‘All In’ opens with the absolute treasure of a human being that is Leon Tao. He has scammed some scammers who hire a woman to seduce him, and want to cut out his intestines and make him wear them as a hat (their words, not mine.) Upon realizing these men intend to kill him, Leon points out they’d better run. John and Bear (I love it when Bear helps!! I know I keep repeating myself but I love it so much!!) storm in and un-cuff Leon. I wonder, does Leon ever try to figure out why John and Harold know and intervene everytime he’s about to get killed? Or is he like Fusco, who just rolls with it? Either way, god bless Leon Tao.


“We gotta stop meeting like this, Leon.”

Lou Mitchell is the number they get next. Lou is a retired man who spends all the time he’s not picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, playing baccarat. Harold ‘splains baccarat to John, which is a little offensive.

John: I was an international spy, Finch. I know how to play baccarat.

Lou keeps gambling and losing, gambling and losing. He is on welfare, has all the debt, and is still playing. What gives? What gives is this asshole owner of the casino, Makris, is using elderly gamblers to launder his cocaine money through the casino and the pharmacy he owns. I would explain, but it really doesn’t matter. He is blackmailing old folks and taking everything they have, so I want his head.

Beecher is still trying to prove to Carter that he is a good guy, and invites her to dinner. But Szymanski – the organized crime cop that has helped her before with Elias related things – gets accused of being a dirty cop just as he was about to testify against the Yogorov brothers, by a Narcotics cop. Carter confronts Beecher and asks if it was him, but he wont say shit. Why are all the good cops doubting and aiming at each other? HR, that’s why. Alonzo Quinn wants in with the Russian mob, wants good cop Szymanski out of the picture, and is using his godson Beecher to do it all. What an evil trashcan.

Carter asks Fusco about Beecher, but Fusco doesn’t know if Beecher is dirty or not. I have spoiled this for y’all already, but at this point we don’t know either. We just want to believe that cutie patooty is capable of no harm.

Seeing that there is a scam happening with the number, Harold enlists Leon’s help. Yay! Harold stakes out Lou in the meantime, but does it rather poorly. The old man catches and confronts Harold and then gives him the slip.

Harold: When he deposited my keys in a a tank full of crustaceans, I got the distinct impression that he didn’t appreciate being followed.
Oh, Harry. You’re not a great spy.

John and Harold put Lou on a bus someplace far while they try to bring down Makris, the evil casino guy, with the help of no one other than Leon! Again! What a joy. Leon pretends to be a big spender playboy so that Makris will pay attention to him instead of Harold, as he tries to get into their real (money laundered) accounts so they’ll have proof of his shady shenanigans. So Leon just has to gamble a lot and be loud as fuck.
John: A million? Do you really trust Leon with that kind of money?
Harold: Absolutely not, but that’s the cost of doing business.
Well, okay then.
Finch is now inside with the servers, Leon is winning and having tequila shot. Everything is going great. Except… Lou is at the table next to them. He decided why skip town and be safe when he can try to win some money back and maybe get killed?! Not gonna lie, I like him, and I would probably at least try to do the same. I’m totally going to be that stubborn old person (hell, I am one now some days).

Harold decides to let him be that person and not only that, he stakes Lou so that he can win bigger. The only problem is, Makris notices, spots Leon as a fake, and decides to play Russian roulette with all their asses on the line. Oops.
He points the gun at John, it’s a miss.
He points it at Leon next. A second miss. The odds are worse and worse.
He points it at Harold, who says something ominous and depressing and before we find out, John can’t take the thought of losing his one true love, and flips the fucking table. Makris tries to shoot him multiple times but he… misses? Lou cheated by taking the bullet out of the gun before they even started playing, and then punches the asshole in the nose. Nice. I like when the numbers participate, too. Fun for the whole family.

After turning the bad guys in, Leon is still thinking about the woman who seduced him and broke his heart.
Leon: It’s always the same story, you know? You find a girl you like, she’s tall, she’s pretty. And it turns out someone paid her to handcuff you to a bed so they could murder you.
John *smirks*: Same old story…

Since Lou was trying to get money to be able to buy his and his dead wife’s favorite diner, Harold gives him a super fancy watch he could repair and sell. You know, the watch Logan Pierce gave him a couple weeks ago and he stepped on? I like little nods to previous episodes.
Chatting with this week’s number, Harold catches some feelings about Grace. As you know, that whole thing doesn’t really pull at any heartstrings I might have left for hetero romance, but John tries to comfort Harry, and I live for their cuteness and companionship.

Back to Carter and the situation with Szymanski (which in my opinion deserved a lot more screen time than the POI, as fond of Lou as I was), she traces back the money that was used to frame Szymanski, which makes it possible to get Internal Affairs off his back, and let him testify against the Russians. Terney, a cop that sometimes helps Carter, seems not super into it, for some reason. And Fusco warns Carter that if someone is out to get her friend, they might be out to get her next. Oh Fusco, y0u depressing foreshadowing son of a bitch.

Meanwhile, Alonzo Quinn meets with Szymanski and the district attorney, and goes on and on about how he and the mayor are very interested in helping them.
And hen shoots them both dead.
Terney comes in the room and asks his real boss, Quinn, where to shoot him. In the shoulder, Quinn says, and the frame-up is complete.

The Big Bads – Root is out there playing secretary still, Ominous British Man and his virus are still wrecking havoc somewhere, HR has now resurfaced for good – keep piling up, and on the next episode, we find a little bit more about a couple of them. And about a precious cupcake who we want on our side, too.


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