Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 3.02

‘Nothing to Hide’ is a pretty interesting episode. A (hot, precious) new Big Bad is introduced, an ethical dilemma is beginning to be explored, and Joss gets closer to a dangerous fellow.

302 team

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

We open with Shaw following Harold, and John catching up with her and calling her out for it. It’s so cute how they are starting to love each other, by being the distrusting spy dorks that they all are.

Carter is visiting Beecher’s grave when she runs into Alonzo Quinn, who is the boss of HR, but she doesn’t know that. She thinks he is just interested in chatting with her because of their shared love of Cal.
Joss then meets her new cop partner, a rookie called Laskey. He seems annoying but harmless. He says he wants to learn from the legendary Joss ‘boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch’ Carter (not his actual words, although that would have been great).

The number The Machine throws us this week is that of Wayne Kruger, the CEO of a creeper company called LifeTrace, where you can find anyone, and all their info, basically. He is having a big meeting with… Aaron Burr Leslie Odom Jr! He is such a babe.

Someone is trying to ruin Kruger’s life, and then kill him. We obviously don’t feel all that bad about this, because that company got people killed by their abusers among other awful things, and this Wayne dude looks like he is probably a terrible human being.

Meanwhile, Shaw is more concerned about food than rich white men in trouble, which I relate to.
Shaw: You can’t expect me to shoot someone on an empty stomach.

302 quail eggs

She is also thoroughly entertained by all the people humiliating Kruger. ‘Cause he is an ass.

Shaw: I gotta ask, though, is this guy even worth our time?
Finch: You know, that’s not a question we entertained when we saved *you*, Miss Shaw.
I respect that, as I appreciate sassy Finchy.

Him not being likeable does make ‘Nothing to Hide’ less interesting personally – even scenes that would have otherwise been nervewrecking, like the elevator about to freefall with him in it, or the hacked car about to crash and burn, aren’t that big a deal, to me, because I’m not as invested in his making it out -, but it kind of is, because it has the feel, the entire time, of something larger than what we are seeing, bigger than just about humiliating or even killing this trashcan nobody cares about. He is being targeted with information, with technology, about his privacy, which is exactly what his company does. He is also being targeted by a group of people who had a class action lawsuit against Lifetrace, but none of them seem to be the leaders/brains of the operation. They seem to have been used for their different skills, but by whom?
Kruger rushes to meet with Peter Collier (Leslie Odom Jr’s character) to try to clear out his name and hopefully make his business deal, and he runs into the guy Kruger thinks is responsible for all the attempts on his life, but then it runs out Collier was the one pulling the strings! PLOT TWIST! And how do we all find this out? When Collier shoots and kills him! PLOT fucking TWIST indeed.

Peter talks about privacy, about a group he is a part of, about security and the government, and calls Peter’s death a lesson, *the first one*.
Aaaaand we have a new Big Bad for the season, guys and gals and non binary pals.

I appreciate this new development ’cause they’re not a Big Bad in the traditional sense, since many a TV watcher would actually agree with them that privacy is important, and side with them were it not for them being adversaries of Team Machine. Maybe some of y’all are siding with them regardless. They seem to be privacy activists of some sort, and that’s legit. Killing people for it is less legit depending on who you ask, but their cause seems to be a good one.
It’s also about time privacy activism showed up in this show, being that the surveillance state is at the center of it. The show has been painting a fairly rosy view of surveillance, because The Machine is pure and wholesome, but humans (like Kruger) are not pure or wholesome, and surveillance has many human components in various capacities – the government, private entities like Decima Technologies and LifeTrace, “concerned third parties”, etc. So this season is a good time to explore the nuances and intricacies of security and privacy.

I will be discussing all of this a bit more throughout the season, but I wanted to state right away how I love when villains are not so clear-cut evil, and who better to watch as the head of anything, really, than Leslie, to be honest. I could look at and listen to his voice all day. Too bad it would have been way too hokey and weird to have him sing in this show.

The fandom is a bit divided on the following episode (for some reason, I don’t know) but Zoe is back for it, so obviously I adore it. See you all in a few days!


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