Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 3.03

‘Lady Killer’ is not groundbreaking or special in any way, but it has some great Team Machine bonding times, and I live for those.

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

Sameen and John are hanging out on a boat! And fighting for who gets to row it! Honestly the straights who had any theories on these two being romantically involved, I ask you: HOW? They are such siblings, the most sibling-y siblings to ever sibling. Look at them, fighting over driving and rowing, side eyeing and sassing each other out.

303 rowing

It is a true delight, a show where two stereotypically attractive different-gender leads aren’t even ambiguously into each other. Even before they got Sameen a clear babefriend, the writers were very clear that John was not going to be it. Also they are hilarious and endearing and amazing as the Mayhem Twins that they are.

And what are they doing rowing a boat? Spying on their most recent number, Ian Murphy. He is an investor and a big flirt, is what they gather. Catch Shaw eye-rolling at him. And then eyerolling harder when she sees him change his looks, his phone, his vocabulary, everything for another date right after the rowing one.
Shaw: Our guy just went from blue blood to hipster faster than you can say “ironic facial hair”
Finch: I don’t understand anything you just said.

They notice he might be up to something, given how he methodically changes everything for very different girls, and keeps records of them and their preferences in folders in his appartment.
Shaw: The guy’s a chameleon. Organized, efficient, sociopathic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
I appreciate this! ASPD-positive nods!

On a different side of town, Hersh! He is back! I like Hersh. Even though he is currently hunting down Root, who he somehow knows is in a mental institution, but he doesn’t know which one. Yet.
And then we move on to where Root actually is. I love these scenes of her with the therapist. They are so eerie and excellent.

Root: By the time you realize what’s happening, I will have transcended this reality.
And I mean, she does, eventually. In a way.

She tells the doctor she is almost ready to leave. Leave where? She doesn’t know. The Machine has *a plan*.
John and Harold come up with a plan to maybe catch this stalker-maybe-killer guy: to send Joss, Sameen and Zoe (!!!! Zoe) as bait. Now, on the one hand I am not a fan of the trope of women’s usefulness being their sexuality, but they balance it off alright by having them (1) wear attractive but not unnecessarily fanservice-y clothing, and (2) show off their weapons to each other with absolute glee and pride. Especially Shaw, she was totally flirting with Carter there.

303 ladies guns

The writers also have them have a fun girls-only time before the mission, and reiterate more than once how capable they are, and how different and individually awesome they are. I love them so much. Goddamn.

Zoe: Joss, relax. Lionel’s upstairs, John’s outside. Shaw is ready to shoot at anybody who looks at her sideways. Let’s go have fun.

Ian picks Carter, and makes dinner for her as a date the following night. Shaw is waiting with a sniper rifle from a rooftop. The entire episode (and her entire time on the show, to be honest), Shaw is just waiting to confirm whoever is the perpetrator so she can shoot people. I personally am here for it.
Before it’s time to shoot anyone, John and Shaw chat about romance and sex. Shaw tells John he knows him and Zoe are “special friends”, but wonders about him and Carter. They’re just friends, John clarifies. So there is your rundown on Jesus Christ’s love life.

And Shaw? “Guys these days have so many emotions. They cry, they want to be held. I just don’t know what to do with them.”
I swear, everything out of her mouth is golden.

At the end of Carter’s date, it’s finally time for Sameen to shoot someone. Huzzah!

303 sniper shaw

It’s not Ian, though.
PLOT TWIST! Someone was trying to kill *him*, not the other way around. Turns out he is weird and fuzzy on boundaries, and overly enthusiastic about research, but he isn’t doing anything illegal to the women he dates. He is just a regular womanizer, not a specifically lethal one. Apparently a rich guy is trying to kill him ’cause Ian is the father of the very rich grandchild, and the rich guy doesn’t like Ian because, well, classism. There’s more to it and you can (and should!) watch the episode, but that is the gist of it. Ian has a son, rich guy has an heir he is willing to kill to keep.

In the end, Team Machine gets the kid’s birth certificate, and Ian gets his son back. All is good and right in their world again:
Zoe goes home with John, Joss goes home to her son, and Sameen has a date with… Bear, of course! She bought Bear gifts throughout the episode and everything. Such a wonderful pair.

303 bear shaw

I love that this show is not focused *at all* on romances, and it makes it very clear. Zoe and John clearly only sleep together when they happen to be both available and it’s always off-screen, Joss clearly prioritizes his son over potential (mediocre, let’s be real) romances like the one that could have started with Ian. Even when he was with Beecher it did not take up much screen time at all. And Sameen has no patience for any of it, and would rather seduce a wholesome pupper, which is a wise choice.
Meanwhile, Root is taking some meds out with the help of the Machine. And adjusting the temperature, and changing the password for it. For some reason. What the hell is she even up to? Then Harold gets her number. INTRIGUE.

The Machine lets Root know Hersh is on his way to where she is, so it’s time for her to leave. The therapist asks her how she intends to escape, and she earnestly describes to him in creepy, delicious detail what is going to happen in the next few minutes: the phone will ring, she’ll punch him in the carotid, the guards are already out from the drugs she put in the vents, and then she’ll just skedaddle outta there.

Except Hersh is already there. So she has to shoot her way out, too, completely traumatizing the mediocre, sleazy therapist who thought she was kidding or delusional. She is neither. What she is, fortunately for everyone, is a good shot.

303 root escape

She is completely unbothered by the doctor being there, terrified. She loads her guns and goes about her very important business of staying the fuck alive.
But before anybody worries too much about what The Machine is thinking, trusting her on God Mode like that, we get to see some of the work she’s been doing with Root. Root is making her way out, sees Hersh on the floor, shot on the shoulder, points the gun at him but then… stops.

303 spare hersh

“I guess you’re the boss.”

It’s really just starting, my friends. The complex relationship that Root has with the Machine. It isn’t just talk that she believes in the AI, and that it is a God(dess). Root is going to be behaving like a soldier, like a believer, like a human tool for all that The Machine cannot do herself. I love it a lot.
I am glad Root is now out of there because she is moving on to a whole lot of adventures we’ll get to witness, but I will miss her conversations with the therapist. Not to worry, she will have other ominous, sexy, amazing conversations with other people in the future.


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