Today I (re)watch: Person of Interest, 3.04

I don’t remember liking this episode AT ALL but, who knows, maybe there are treasures to rediscover. (Spoiler: there aren’t.)

I have watched the whole show before, so SPOILERS MIGHT HAPPEN. Big spoilers will be blanked out but references and irrelevant spoilers are going to be out in the open.

We open at the tail end of a case we don’t get to see, and it is adorable. Bear pretends to be sick so they can get close to a veterinarian who is about to get mugged and killed. But the couple of “concerned dog owners”, and Bear, save the day! What a gift.

304 bear

The case of the week for ‘Reasonable Doubt’ is convoluted and has twists at every turn, which should have made for a fantastic episode. Except the number, Vanessa Watkins, is not really likeable enough for me to care if she is a victim or a perpetrator orr what the hell is happening. Also, seriously, Person of Interest writers, another episode where the plot is basically two insufferable rich straight white people wanting to kill each other?

There is like, ONE, gem alone, in this episode, which is Shaw infiltrating the rich white ladies book club to find out more about Vanessa.
I resent Harold a little for doubting Shaw’s ability to do her job (of fitting in with high society ladies). She was an international spy ninja for years, Harold, of course she can fit in any fucking where she wants. I know it’s a passing joke of ha ha Shaw is a grump, but, like, it’s overdone, and she is not grumpy she is just not a walking parade, and she is very good at what she does.

Anyway, one of the friends is talking about ‘forbidden love’, and Shaw asks if, ‘speaking of forbidden love, did Vanessa shoot her husband for having an affair with you?’ Casual Shaw, charming as always. And to make matters better (for me), she pulls a gun on the bunch of insufferable women drinking Chardonnay.

Shaw: Up to me, I’d shoot your sorry ass. Unfortunately, it’s not. I have to protect you because your best friend might be on her way here to kill you. So, what’s this book about?

Shaw makes boring episodes better.

304 stab senior

At some other point she pretends to be about to stab a random worker for being slow at giving them info.
Fusco: Even for you, stabbing a senior would be a new low.
Shaw: You don’t know that.
I love their blossoming weird friendship.
On another end of things, and the only relatively important thing that happens for the entire episode, Laskey appears to be gaining Carter’s trust, as they chat a little about his fiancee, and because Laskey is made to believe John is Carter’s new boyfriend. But then we see Laskey reporting back to Terney, who is HR. So Laskey is exactly as suspicious as he seemed from the get-go. Good to know.
I don’t really recommend this episode pretty much at all, so, here’s the gist of the case: Jeremy (the husband) and Vanessa had planned to fake his death so he could escape some serious debts he had and they could start fresh, but Jeremy double-crossed her by framing her for murder, so he could go have that fresh start with said best friend he was cheating with. And then when Team Machine caught up with Vanessa, she lied to them so she could go kill her husband.
The straights are fucking out of control.

In the end, Vanessa catches up with Jeremy in their yatch – which is called Justice, which is overkill as far as fake-ass symbolism, and I am annoyed by it -, gun in her hand (courtesy of Reese, who thought it was a good idea to do that), and John catches up with them as well. They talk about how big of an asshole everyone is, and John is tired of their shit – has been for some time during this episode – so he hands Jeremy a gun so they are even, and walks away.
We see John walk away from the marina, and hear a couple shots in the background. Did they both kill each other, did Vanessa do both shots, did Jeremy? I DO NOT CARE. #SorryNotSorry. In every season so far, the fourth episode (Cura Te Ipsum, Triggerman) has an ambiguous ending, and I like themes. But Cura Te Ipsum’s ending being ambiguous carried soe intense moral weight, Triggerman’s was not exciting or super significant but it was very intriguing. This one, though, it carries nothing. Nobody cares.

See, normally I would want to discuss about the ethics of that decision, about how in character it is of him to do that. I think it is not very in character but also not completely out. There are a few things that grind his gears, and one of them seems to be when privileged people don’t appreciate life and love and each other, and when people he is very clearly trying to help betray and lie to him. So I guess, fine, it is sort of in character. At the same time, they’re not the worst people they’ve dealt with. He could have turned both of them in to the police.
But also I simply do not care enough. So that’s the end of my review.
I shouted “I don’t CARE!!” at the screen too many times to subject you to more writing on it, to be honest.

Next one is really, really good, though. And full of Shaw feelings, which are some of the best feelings.


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